Country cottage area Country cottage area
What and how to grow at home. Step-by-step instructions on how to start, what plants to choose, how to prepare the soil and where to place a home garden.
In the house, in some cases, an unpleasant smell from a septic tank may appear. We understand what to do with it, and what are the causes of this phenomenon?
Landscape lighting is designed to create a comfortable environment in the dark time on the site, as well as to ensure the safety of movement. Properly used lighting can successfully emphasize the advantages of home and house territory. Professional ...
Any dacha has household buildings, it can be various buildings that perform a specific function. We will consider the classification of such buildings, as well as how to build them correctly. This process,...
Every lover of flowers, making out a flower bed, would like her to always be pleased with their flowering. Unfortunately, some beautiful flowers, bloom not for long. Although there is a way out of this situation, it is necessary to create a flower garden, where ...
Learn how to protect plants in the area from all kinds of insects and parasites. Ways and means of protection. Preparation of special solutions for spraying.
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Country cottage area

Practically every person in adulthood dreams of his own country plot, where one could quietly engage in farming, animal breeding and other dacha affairs. If you already have your own dacha, this section of the site will provide you with invaluable help! Here is a collection of useful tips for summer residents. Here you will find articles on a variety of topics - growing and caring for plants, home gardening, rules for building objects on a suburban site, landscape design, pest control and much more. Pay attention to all articles of the section to become an experienced owner of the problem!

Even if you consider yourself an excellent summer resident and already know many things that others can only guess, you will still be interested in the portal. Regularly there are new instructions, tips and just interesting articles from which you can learn for yourself a lot of useful information. Come here as often as possible, so as not to miss the new useful publication on the arrangement and maintenance of the summer cottage, the choice of equipment for its maintenance, as well as other topics that are interesting to each summer resident. It is possible to share and exchange views with other users in the comments to the articles of the section.

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