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Landscape lighting is designed to create a comfortable environment in the dark time on the site, as well as to ensure the safety of movement. Properly used lighting can successfully emphasize the advantages of home and house territory. Professional ...


Under the landscape design refers to a special kind of art, which is a painting on the canvas of nature. This phenomenon combines both elements of construction, design and architecture, as well as many aspects of botany, crop production, history and even philosophy. The advantages of landscape design include simplicity, practicality, convenience, aesthetics and beauty. This is an excellent solution for a summer cottage, with the help of which it is quite possible to turn a gray and nondescript yard into a real work of art.

In this section you will find numerous articles, recommendations, instructions and tips that one way or another relate to the theme of landscape design. Here you will learn about the varieties of this decoration for country plots, about the options and ways of arrangement, about non-standard ideas of unique design of country land. Examples of landscape solutions will help you to imagine how this art looks in practice. Reading articles and tips will allow you to avoid common mistakes that are often found among novice gardeners who are set on fire to diversify the look of their own country plot in the country.