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What and how to grow at home. Step-by-step instructions on how to start, what plants to choose, how to prepare the soil and where to place a home garden.

My garden

It is impossible to imagine a classic country plot without your own garden. It is on this land gardeners grow many crops - vegetables, grains and berries. Anyone who has done this at least once will no doubt say that personally grown products are much tastier and healthier than those bought in a store. However, keeping your garden is not easy, as it requires not only physical strength, but also a certain amount of knowledge. Do not worry if you do not understand the garden, but you want to start growing crops - you will find all the necessary information on our portal!

The section offers you a lot of useful and valuable materials, information in which relates to the arrangement of your garden on a country site or on a window sill of a country apartment. You will find articles about exactly which crops you can grow yourself, exactly how you need to do it, how care for certain vegetables and other crops is carried out, when you need to harvest, and even that is not all! Constantly new articles and recommendations are added to the section, so check back regularly to see if you are interested!