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Any dacha has household buildings, it can be various buildings that perform a specific function. We will consider the classification of such buildings, as well as how to build them correctly. This process,...

Country houses

A country house is by no means the only option for building on the summer cottage, although it is the most popular. There is a mass of additional buildings that are able to expand the functions of the villa and make it comfortable:

  • Pavilions - buildings designed for meetings, tea and leisure, either by yourself or with your company.
  • Sheds are small technical buildings where inventory, fertilizers and various things are usually stored.
  • Verandas are extensions to the main residential building where you can place a summer kitchen or a recreation area.
  • Garden swings - design for recreation, entertainment and leisure activities (for example, for reading).
  • Baths - a traditional element that is often found in country houses and is great for relaxation.

Even this is not all possible options, because there are still fences, swimming pools, cabins, country toilets, cellars, farm buildings for keeping animals, and many other options that cannot be immediately remembered.

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