Choosing a lawn mower to give: gasoline or electric?

Posted by: 11.03.2018

The lush vegetation on the house next to the site, the good owner wants to pacify and turn into a pretty green lawn. It is no secret that for this you need to use a lawn mower. How to choose the right tool for this job?

Features of the choice of lawn mower

First you need to clarify that the lawn mower is called any tool for cutting grass. However, there are three varieties: the mowers, the trimmer and the lawn mower itself.

The easiest and most low-powered tool is the trimmer. They are a long handle with a mechanism attached to it. Trimmers cut grass fishing line. They are suitable for cleaning excess vegetation under trees and on uneven lawns. Trimmers can run on gasoline or from the mains.

Knives are the cutting element of motokos, although you can also use a fishing line. Motokosy have more power and cope with weeds with a strong stalk. These tools are heavier than trimmers, make a lot of noise and spend a lot of gas.

The most voluminous and heavy tool for cleaning the grass - lawn mower. It is made in the form of a trolley with a large cutting part and a handle, like a stroller. Despite its size, the lawn mower is a very moody tool. It badly processes sites with an uneven relief. In addition, before working, you must make sure that there are no stones in the grass, otherwise the lawn mower will refuse to work.

Lawn Mower

Motor mowers and lawn mowers are also gasoline and electric. Petrol tools are the most powerful, but also quite noisy. In the set to the most powerful lawn mowers often include headphones, because the roar of the motor is unbearable.

Power also affects the performance of the tool when stones are hit. Weak and medium power engines in such situations simply stall. It is enough to remove the interference, and you can continue to work. Lawn mowers with maximum power do not stop and try to crank the stones. This leads to deformation of the knives and the repair of the tool, rather expensive.

If we talk about choosing a lawn mower for the garden, then you first need to explore the relief of the suburban area. Most often it is uneven, and in some areas it is also rocky. Therefore, it is logical to assume that a powerful lawnmower in the form of a trolley will not work. The ideal tool for giving would be a motokosa or a trimmer. It is better if the farm has at least two types of lawn mowers.

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