We stroke the jacket at home in the right ways.

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Even under the condition of careful and careful storage, the jacket can lose its shape, and the whole can become covered with unpleasant folds and wrinkles. That is why the owners of genuine leather jackets before the beginning of the season of wearing a question arises about how pat the jacket at home. The problem is that with the wrong approach, ironing the jacket becomes a real test for inexperienced owners, which can lead to even more unpleasant consequences. It is important to understand how to iron a leather jacket with an iron and without it. If you are also interested in this actual question, read this guide.

What to do first?

Before ironing a leather jacket with an iron, try a more benign method, especially if you have recently purchased clothing and have never used it. The essence of the method is that under the influence of its own weight, the jacket will stretch and thus get rid of creases and folds. It is enough to hang the jacket in an even vertical position in the closet, making sure that it does not come into contact with other items of clothing. It is necessary to allow the jacket to hang for several days, so that it can smooth itself out. This way of stroking a jacket without doing anything has two drawbacks - this is a rather lengthy process, and it is effective only for clothes made from thin leather. Thick jackets will not be smoothed.

How to iron a jacket

4 Proven Ironing Techniques

How can I iron a jacket if the sagging method did not produce the required results? Choose one of the four methods below that have been tested in practice:

  • Water bath. Dial a hot water bath to emit as much water vapor as possible. After that, hang a leather jacket on the hangers directly above the bath, so that the steam completely envelops the clothes. At the same time, close the room itself tightly to maintain the required temperature in it. It is enough to hold the jacket for 20-30 minutes in this condition so that all the creases and wrinkles smooth themselves out under the influence of moisture. This tip on how to iron a leather jacket is only suitable for products made of thick leather. It is important to ensure that no water gets on the surface of the jacket - it can ruin the look of the product.
  • Steam generator If you are wondering how you can iron a leather jacket locally, use a simple steam generator (steamer). For these purposes, you can use the steam supply function on the iron. Just treat the crumpled places on the jacket with the help of steam - it is enough to make several steam injections for a few seconds to soften the crumpled place. Under the influence of steam folds will become softer, and you will not be difficult to stretch them. The whole procedure will take no more than 20 minutes.
  • Iron. Can I iron a leather jacket with an iron? Yes, only with great care! Ironing should be done at the lowest possible temperature without using the steam function. You can not directly iron the product - the jacket should be covered with wrapping paper or cotton cloth. Also, do not press the iron hard on the jacket - just a little effort. Be careful.
  • Table press. Available not for everyone, but an effective method of ironing leather goods. Typically, such equipment is used in special stores that provide ironing services using the press. However, there are also home modifications of desktop presses. It is enough to pinch the jacket in such a device for a short time in order to completely get rid of wrinkles and creases. Very fast!

Now you know how to iron a leather jacket at home, but that's not all you need to know!

Use of humidifiers

If you are not in a hurry and want to stroke the jacket simply so that it does not hang mint in the closet, you can use the following tips on how to iron a leather coat:

  • Humidifier. You can buy a high-quality humidifier in a store that sells products for the care of leather goods. It is enough to use the product according to the instructions (put it on a jacket or coat with an even layer and wait for absorption) in order to get a completely smooth thing without extra labor costs.
  • Vaseline. Alternative to the humidifier, which has the right to exist. So, you can smear all the folds and creases found on the coat or jacket with a small amount of vaseline, wait until it is absorbed and bring the product to fresh air for natural drying. This method of how to iron a leather jacket at home, can not be called fast, so use it when not in a hurry.
  • Peanut butter. This is the preferred option when you are not able to use a special humidifier. Walnut oil should be applied as described above - to process all the creases and folds, then allow the clothes to dry. The use of peanut oil does not have any harmful effect on the skin, so you can use it without worrying about the fate of a leather jacket or coat.

Do not forget before you iron the leather coat at home, slightly wet the folds, so that they are more amenable to smoothing. So you will achieve greater effect.

helpful hints

The following tips will allow you to keep your leather clothes in proper shape longer:

  • Do not use iron for pressed leather or clothing with extruded pattern.
  • Keep your leather coat or jacket in limbo only. Do not fold things several times, as this leads to the formation of creases.
  • Do not use a hot iron with an iron, even if you are in a hurry to put on a leather jacket - this is a high risk that you will never wear it again. The skin does not tolerate hot!

Watch out for your leather goods and iron them properly and efficiently! Now you know exactly how to do it.

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