Properly and methodically we iron a shirt with sleeves.

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Well-washed and ironed clothes say a lot about a person. Neat appearance gives it a fresh and presentable, increases the importance in the eyes of others. A shirt is considered an essential attribute of the wardrobe of any man, and in some cases a woman. This piece of clothing is a link between a jacket and trousers. It completes the image in a natural way, therefore, in order to learn how to iron a long-sleeved shirt, you first need to deal with the intricacies of this difficult process.

How to iron a long sleeve shirt

Preparing a workplace for ironing

An important attribute necessary for high-quality ironing is an ironing board. This “workplace” must be carefully prepared. An even, stable device of sufficient length and width is the key to a properly conducted event. How to iron a long sleeve shirt, including a collar? Here an iron with a steam generator is useful. His compartment is filled with distilled water, which will help to avoid the appearance of yellow stains on the fabric.

Temperature conditions are set depending on the type of fabric. Making sure that there are no burnt areas of burned matter on the sole of the iron, you can safely begin work. The first step is to smooth the neck area. First, a hot iron pass on its seamy side, then the front part is treated. All movements are made from the corners to the center, preventing the occurrence of lumps.

Ironing a shirt with comments. How to do the right thing?

How to iron men's dark-sleeved shirt? In this case, the processing is done only from the wrong side, so as not to provoke an unattractive sheen. It is important to monitor the movement of the iron. It can not be left for a long time in one area, so as not to burn the fabric. If the ironing board does not have a special stand for the sleeves, you can use a towel rolled several times. As they fill up the sleeves of a shirt, you can safely get to work.

Specialist recommendations:

  • Simplify the task of handling slightly damp laundry. If the thing is dry, it is sprayed with a spray.
  • How to iron the sleeves of the shirt correctly? The lower part of the iron must be clean, to handle contaminated soles using a special pencil. Wet gauze will help prevent yellow stains on the fabric.
  • How to iron a white shirt with an iron? Any fabric, especially light colors, must be clean: high temperatures “drive” dirt into the fabric. To clean it in the future will be difficult.
  • The collar will be in great shape if it is treated with starch.
  • How to stroke a long-sleeved shirt without arrows? To prevent the formation of folds will help a special solution, prepared from a fabric softener, vinegar and water. They are filled with a spray device and process the material, then proceed to work.

Advice! How to stroke the sleeves of the shirt on the sleeves without arrows? Women's shirts require a more careful approach. Complicating the work is the presence of many decorative inserts and details. For smoothing small elements use the spout iron.

Different fabrics - different ironing modes

How to iron long sleeves shirt? Linen and cotton products are ironed while they are still wet. Silk needs careful handling: high temperatures are fatal to it. Smooth unpleasant consequences will help a damp cloth or a special ironing net. Woolen clothes are ironed out from the inside, so the material will not shine. The clothes that have slightly sat down after washing are moistened and affected by acceptable high temperatures. So, it will return to the previous size.

How can I stroke a shirt without arrows on the sleeves?

  1. Cotton allows the iron to heat up to 110, 150 degrees and steam.
  2. Viscose can withstand up to 120C without the slightest wetting of the fabric.
  3. The combination of cotton and flax prefers intense exposure to steam and an iron temperature up to 230 degrees.
  4. The pressed matter is ironed without steam at 110C.

Important in the ironing - a clear adherence to the steps.

Proper ironing men's shirt with long sleeves - what is it? The main secret of a competent ironing is the exact knowledge of technology and consistent performance of work.

  1. The cuffs are smoothed first. Unbutton the buttons and unfold it on the wrong side. Gradually, the iron is moved there, carefully bypassing the seams. The treated side acquires a pleasant smoothness.
  2. The sleeve is laid out on the board seam up. First, iron one part, gradually moving to the other side. Then they fold his seams and gently pass over the cuffs, moving towards the shoulder.

Attention! Immediately after processing the sleeves, the product should cool down. So, the shirt will be protected from further collapse.

  1. How to stroke the sleeves on the shirt and how important is it to use the cuffs? This part is given special attention. Even without taking off her jacket, she periodically appears to the eye and immediately catches the eye, so the cuffs should look immaculate.
  2. Then go to the main part of clothing, starting from the side with sewn buttons. Following the middle and the opposite part are ironed. The back is processed, starting from the side line, gradually moving on a flat surface of the board. The central part is turned inside out, engaging and flirt.

At the end of the procedure, using a coat hanger, a shirt is hung in the closet. Excessive close contact with nearby clothing should be avoided to prevent the appearance of creases.

Laying shirts - smooth, without folds

How to stroke the sleeves of a shirt without arrows, you can look at the video. And in order to lay them right after ironing, it is important to know the basic rules.

  • Spread the shirt on a flat surface, fasten the buttons.
  • Taking the shoulder line, wrap one side, leave the sleeve in a straight position. Do the same from the opposite side. It is important to pay attention to ensuring that the sleeve is parallel to the fold line in the side section. The folds carefully straighten.
  • When folded, the product takes the form of a rectangle with perfectly flat lines, which is folded again. Shirt is ready, you can clean the closet. Beautiful, even stacks are made from shirts of the same size.

So, the basic rules of ironing and styling shirts voiced, it remains only to apply them in practice, consolidating the skill in real life. In this simple way, even a difficult, time-consuming and patience exercise will turn into an easy everyday procedure. Your shirts will become a model of tidiness, cleanliness and look amazing!

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