How to stroke a chiffon dress so as not to spoil it?

Posted by: 29.03.2018

A chiffon dress is a worthy detail of the wardrobe of any modern woman or girl. As a rule, such dresses are worn for especially solemn occasions. For example, going to a restaurant or a theater. Of course, after a long hovering in the closet, the chiffon dress hesitated slightly. How to stroke a chiffon dress, without harm to the material? If you do not comply with the correct technology of ironing, the elegant dress or blouse will be covered with unsightly stains, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of.

How to iron a blouse or chiffon dress correctly?

If you wash dresses, scarves or blouses by hand, you can avoid having to iron them with an iron. If you hang clothes from this material on hangers in the bathroom and turn on hot water, then under the influence of steam, it will smooth out and you will not have to use the iron. Similarly, you can put in order and other chiffon products.

How to stroke chiffon

But with a pleated dress or skirt, this number will not work. Most often for the tailoring of such products it is chosen chiffon, but there are other materials. Let's look at how to stroke chiffon with large, medium or small folds.

Comments on the secrets of ironing chiffon

If you are planning a particularly festive event, then the skirt or dress should be not only well ironed, but also washed. In order for it not to lose its shape, you should sweep the folds with stitches, and pack it in a special bag for washing.

You can wash your hands or in the machine in the delicate wash mode. The procedure is performed with the addition of air conditioning. How to stroke a chiffon dress with pleated skirt? First of all, you need to sweep the edges of the folds before washing. After it they do not touch. This will cope with the task much faster. The degree of heating of the iron is chosen depending on the type of material.

A few nuances:

  • It is much easier to iron the pleated product when it is still a little wet;
  • If the skirt or dress is made of silk, then it should be ironed from the wrong side (do not need to be moistened, otherwise stains may appear);
  • In order to smooth the knit skirt, you will need gauze in two layers. The ironing process is more like steaming, not ironing;
  • As a rule, silk products are rarely ironed, but if you need to do this, they do it from the inside out, using gauze.

How not to iron and dry chiffon

First of all, you need to decide what you should NOT do with chiffon things:

  • In the process of rinsing you do not need to make great efforts;
  • It is impossible to press a chiffon thing in a centrifuge;
  • Use iron for steam ironing not worth it. After contact with steam, ugly stains may appear on the product;
  • In order for the temperature not to be too high, before ironing, you should carefully read the label;
  • If it is necessary to iron a dry product, it is moistened with a wet towel. No need to rub it with an iron;
  • It is strictly NOT worth drying chiffon blouses and dresses on or near the battery, or in the bright sun.

How to stroke a chiffon dress

Ironing chiffon dress or blouse is easy!

How to stroke a chiffon blouse or skirt? In order to do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • It must be turned inside out and spread out on an ironing board;
  • The movement of the iron should be from the center to the edges. The iron should slide smoothly;
  • Gauze must be used. After one section is smoothed, you need to raise the gauze and make sure of the quality of work, then move to the next.

Note! Hot chiffon clean in storage in the closet is not worth it, you need to give it time to cool. In addition, it is not necessary to moisten gauze (of course, if the dress or blouse is still wet, if it is dry, the gauze is moistened and properly wrung out).

  • If the clothes are heavily wrinkled, they are covered with gauze or a napkin and steamed;
  • Chiffon curtains most convenient to put in order special steamers;
  • Before you start ironing, you need to pay attention to the sole of the iron. There should be no damage on it, otherwise arrows and hooks will appear on the dress;
  • Chiffon should NOT be wetted with a spray. This can lead to the formation of stains and streaks, in addition, such a fabric can be burned;
  • In the process of washing the product cannot be rubbed. This leads to the fact that it deforms and is easily damaged during ironing;
  • If contamination is strong or stains cannot be removed with sparing means, it is better to use dry cleaning services.

So, to bring a dress, a blouse or a nice scarf made of chiffon in order can be easily and simply. The main thing is to do it. We hope that our advice will help you to look always attractive in your favorite chiffon dress!

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