How to stretch clothes, sat down after washing - save your favorite things from trouble

Posted by: 08.04.2018

There are frequent situations when, as a result of ignoring the manufacturer’s advice on a clothing label, a thing seriously sits down, loses its original shape and attractiveness. It would seem that what to do if after washing the jacket of the village - many people simply give up and throw away the spoiled thing, and it’s good if in the future they no longer repeat their mistakes. However, if after washing the thing has sat down, this is not a reason to say goodbye to it completely, because clothes can be restored at home. It does not matter if you have not previously encountered such a problem and do not know how to stretch a woolen item after washing - this guide will help you understand how to return the shape to woolen things after washing, as well as how to wash things so that they do not sit down. Get ready to memorize!

How to restore the stubborn thing after washing

Rules for proper restoration of clothes after shrinking

Before you restore a woolen thing after washing, you must be familiar with the following rules:

  • Woolen things are better restored after shrinkage, if in addition to wool, the material contains cotton or viscose. Without them, you can also stretch clothes, but it will be more difficult to do.
  • If the wool thing sat down after washing, it can only be restored in cool water, the temperature of which should not exceed 30 degrees. Wool is afraid of high temperatures, may deteriorate from them.
  • In the process of processing woolen things you can not change the temperature of the water, otherwise the fibers can pile.
  • How to restore the stranded thing after washing? To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to use only those detergents that are intended for this type of fabric, in this case for wool.
  • In no case can not unscrew the woolen fabric, since this is a very deformed its fibers.
  • If the wool sets during washing, it is necessary to carry out the push-up after processing only with dry towels.
  • To dry the woolen product treated after shrinking is necessary only in a horizontal position.

How to stretch the thing that has sat down after washing

Repeat these rules each time before stretching the jacket after washing to avoid big mistakes - they can cause the thing to really be thrown away. Now you need to figure out what to do if the wool thing sat down after washing, and what methods of restoring your favorite clothes can be used at home. Read on, and you will learn what to do if the pants sat down after washing, as well as how to restore wool fabric.

9 home-tested ways to stretch clothes that have sat down after washing

I wonder how to restore the woolen thing that has sat down after washing? You can choose one of nine ways that you like. Each of them will allow you to return your clothes to their original form, choose:

  1. Pour warm water up to 30 degrees into a capacious container, and then immerse the product that needs to be stretched into it. Leave it on 10 minutes, gently squeeze, lay out on a flat horizontal surface and cover with a terry cloth on top. This method of how to fix a dry thing after washing is suitable not only for wool, but also for other fabrics, therefore it is considered universal. This method will also be suitable if trousers are washed after washing.
  2. How to stretch the wool after washing, so as not to damage the delicate material? Pour into a container approximately 5 liters of warm water no hotter than 30 degrees, add to it 3 spoons of ammonia, 1 a spoonful of regular alcohol and the same amount of turpentine, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous solution is obtained. Put your item in the prepared solution and leave it in it for 40 minutes. When time passes, rinse the thing in water of the same temperature and lay it out horizontally for drying, cover it with a towel.
  3. How to stretch the thing that has sat down after washing, if alcohol was not at hand? You can use hydrogen peroxide, which is easy to find in the first-aid kit. To do this, dissolve a couple of tablespoons of peroxide in liters of water in 10 and carefully dissolve it. Next, lower the stretched clothes in a container with a solution and gently rinse them, while evenly stretching into different shapes, thereby giving things the right size. When finished, leave the clothes in the solution for 2 hours, then dry as described above.
  4. What to do if the coat has sat down after washing, and there is no peroxide? You can prepare a special solution that will work just as well. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve the powder intended for washing wool in water. Next, in this solution, the product is soaked for 15-30 minutes, rinsed in clean water over time, gently wrung out, put in a bag and left for a day in the freezer. When the 24 hours pass, the item must be removed and dried at room temperature. The product will be restored in size.
  5. If a wool item has gone down after washing, and the scale of the problem is not very large, the use of ammonia can solve the problem. For this it is necessary to dissolve ammonia in water, and the components must be in equal amounts. The stretched product should be immersed in the solution for 120 minutes, after the indicated time has passed, rinse with the same temperature in water. It will accurately restore the size.
  6. What to do if the wool has sat down after washing, and the clothes are white? You can use milk to restore the original size and shape. Just soak the stretched thing in milk for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly in water whose temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
  7. So, the jacket sat down after washing, what to do if nothing helps, but you really want to keep the thing? There is a proven recipe, which is quite simple to use - dissolve 2 grams of baking soda in 20 liters of cold water, stir thoroughly and immerse the stretched product in the solution for 12 hours. When time passes, the thing must be washed and immersed in a new solution that includes 10 spoons of tartaric acid per 2 liters of water. In the second solution, the clothes should be regularly turned over so that the liquid covers it evenly. When the 2 hour passes, remove the item, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  8. Wool sat down after washing what to do? First, turn the clothes on the wrong side, put it on a flat horizontal surface (preferably on an ironing board), then iron it with a warm iron in the steaming mode. At the same time it is necessary to simultaneously stretch the thing in the right directions.
  9. There is another unusual way to cope with the disaster, if after washing the jacket of the village. It is necessary to wet the thing spoiled in the course of washing in cold water, wring it out and put it on. It is necessary to walk in the cut of clothes until it is completely dry. After that, it should be hung vertically and wait for 2 hours.

If the jacket has sat down during the wash, you will not panic and think about throwing the thing away. Also you know that do if the jeans sat down after washing, since the above tips are suitable not only for woolen clothes, but also for other fabrics, except that the maximum water temperature can vary somewhat in a big way.

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