The subtleties of the care of lacquered shoes

Posted by: 11.11.2017

The wardrobe of every woman of fashion contains shoes with varnish, a stunning view of which is relevant at all times. Sandals, shoes, ankle boots, boots always look advantageous on the legs. But, alas, not all know about the intricacies of caring for surfaces made of lacquer, which negatively affect the appearance of your favorite pair of shoes, shortening the life of the product.

Features of shoes with lacquered finish

For the manufacture of shoes with a polished surface, high-quality chrome leather is used, which is coated with a special technology by means of a glossy finish. The smooth surface gives the impression of strength, but it is deceptive. Thin film is susceptible to temperature extremes. At minus temperatures, starting at –5 degrees, it can crack, and above + 25 it can melt. Keep in mind that patent leather shoes are not suitable for everyday use, but are designed for exceptional cases. Do not tolerate stylish clothes for legs and wet weather, and water procedures should be carried out carefully, not carried away, but only gently wipe the capricious coating.

Lacquer shoes care

Caring correctly for varnished surfaces.

Taking into account the exclusivity of the material, the care of lacquer leather shoes requires special.

  1. After the walk it is necessary to clean the surface from dust, dirt or splashes on the same day. To do this, use a damp cloth soft texture, then wipe dry velvet. To extend the life of your favorite pair of shoes or shoes, the owners can use not only store tools to care for lacquer shoes, but also every hostess on hand. The polished surface is periodically recommended to wipe with a cotton pad dipped in warm milk. It revitalizes and nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity.
  2. Glycerin, vaseline or refined vegetable oil (walnut, soybean or sunflower) is applied to a clean, dry surface to soften. The product is left for 20 minutes, after which it is necessary to gently wet the surface, getting rid of excess fat with a velvet cloth. The upper layer of the shoe is ground.
  3. It is forbidden to use a brush for cleaning, which may permanently damage the appearance of the surface.
  4. Care for lacquer shoes at home is possible with the help of a product prepared as follows: combine the whipped yolk with a teaspoon of any vegetable oil and a tablespoon of turpentine. Coat a varnished layer of shoes or shoes with this mixture. Periodically carried out procedures will allow to keep the leather product in perfect condition for a long time.

Correct defects on the lacquer surface

Over time, the glossy surface loses an attractive shine, cracks appear. Care for lacquer shoes at home will help to restore its former attractiveness. The available means in each house will help to save the situation:

  1. The dull lacquer surface will shine again if rubbed with egg white. The stunning effect is noticeable immediately, even if the shoes are fairly well-worn.
  2. Onion juice returns a glossy shine to the surface. It is not necessary to squeeze it out; wipe the top of the product with a sufficiently juicy incision.
  3. The appeared cracks are painted over with a cosmetic eyeliner pencil, which is shaded and polished.
  4. If there is a clue, you should pick up the nail polish to match the color, gently apply it on the back side, straighten the film and press this area.

Lacquer shoe care products

Care products for lacquer shoes: comments of experts

To save the product, the owners should use special tools for the care of lacquer shoes, which are water-based, and the usual it is better to give up, because their composition can ruin the product. On the shelves of shops are widely presented products that help to keep perfectly smooth surface of your favorite clothes for elegant legs:

  • nourishing oil for patent leather with emollients, giving a high gloss and elasticity to the top layer;
  • metallic beeswax based liquid;
  • nourishing cream with special softeners with softening effect;
  • polishing aerosol to create a protective film;
  • Polish for cleaning varnish shoes.

Small tricks that prolong the life of lacquered shoes and shoes

  • We recommend wearing lacquer boots or boots 10 minutes before going out in cold weather, so that the temperature difference does not adversely affect the appearance of the shoe.
  • Store polished shoes should be at room temperature, in a cardboard box, excluding contact with each other. Pre-shoes are better to wrap in a newspaper or stocking, if there are no special covers, and put fabric or paper inside to preserve the shape.
  • Eliminate the daily use of patent leather shoes every day, giving your beloved couple a rest.
  • Means for the care of lacquer shoes to purchase in specialized stores where you can consult with experts.

Owners of shoes with a surface that requires special attention should be aware of several conditions that will help preserve the appearance for a long time. So you can not:

  • dry lacquer shoes with electric drier, hair dryer, near heating devices;
  • take care of universal means for shoes;
  • wear in snowy, rainy weather;
  • Use brushes, coarse cloth to clean the surface.

Caring for polished shoes is troublesome, but the reward to the owner will be the immaculate look and admiring glances of others. Actual at all times lacquer shoes complement the business or evening look.

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