How to wash white and other pollution on white?

Posted by: 25.02.2018

White things are considered the most branded, although they always look elegant and fresh. What to do if there appeared various stains and dirt on white, how to restore the former whiteness and purity of this material? How to wash stains from white at home?

How to wash white with clothes

How to wash white things?

Is it possible to cope with stains on white clothes, what tips will help to become a real expert on washing white laundry? In this case, it is important to follow certain recommendations:

  • do not mix white and colored things in one wash, even if the fabric is slightly different from the main color;
  • the optimum temperature for white fabrics is no more than 30 degrees;
  • in case of serious contamination, it is recommended to soak white things no more than 4 hours, first you need to fill them with water and add a little bleaching powder or Vanish;
  • For whitening yellowed fabrics, concentrated gels and tablets are used, which are placed together with the linen in the drum of the machine;
  • in order to wipe the stain off whiteness, it is best to re-bleach it with a solution of turpentine (per 10 liters of Art. liter of funds);
  • white cotton products can be boiled in order to remove yellowed spots;
  • washing white products will be more successful if the water is softened by special means, for example, Kalgon, Domol or table soda;
  • when removing various stains, it is necessary to follow the rule - the fresher the pollution, the faster it will be possible to eliminate it.

How to remove the stain of juice or fruit on white?

The usual shampoo will help to cope with this problem, it is enough to apply plenty of liquid on the stain and thoroughly wash the thing manually or with the help of a washing machine. It is important to conduct such a wash immediately after contamination.

How to remove the stain from fat?

It is enough to apply a copious amount of salt or chalk to the fatty blob, then carefully rub the stain and shake off the remaining agent. Clog up dirt with dishwashing balm or liquid ammonia solution.

How to remove the stain of paint on white?

Eliminate watercolor stain paint or gouache for drawing is easy enough, you need to soak the thing in cold water and wash. If oil contamination, then this paint is best removed with alcohol or acetone, thoroughly blotted material.

Eliminate red wine stains on white?

How to wash white is serious enough pollution? In this case, it is important not to panic, but immediately wipe the stain with salt, but when you come home from a party, soak your clothes in AMWAY bleach (spoon per liter of water), leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

How to wash white things from the blood?

If the stain is not old, it is enough to wet the pollution with cold water and remove the stain, you can still add shampoos or peroxides in order to get one hundred percent result of cleaning the product.

How to remove stains from cosmetics?

Immediately apply dishwashing detergent to the contamination, hold 30 for minutes and wash in the usual way, with the addition of powder or balm for washing white things.

How to eliminate grass stains on white?

This is a rather laborious pollution, so that they can be cleaned with high quality, you need to put ordinary vodka or 40% alcohol on the stain and rub the product thoroughly. If the pollution is outdated, then soak the thing for an hour in alcohol, and then wash it with shampoo.

How to remove stains from deodorant?

This is the problem of 21 century. To remove such stains, it is necessary to treat the fabric with vinegar and wash it with a machine or hand wash with the addition of powder or gel to bleach the material. And it is best to buy deodorants that do not leave marks on clothes.

How to remove the stain of whiteness?

Is it possible to wash the whiteness? Practice shows that it is difficult to do, and sometimes even impossible, because the whiteness is intended for disinfecting and bleaching products, contains chemical components (hypochloride, calcium hydroxide), which do not just change color, but burn it out.

So, the best way to get rid of whiteness stains will be to mask contamination, for example, applique or embroidery on a damaged area, or to paint the whole material in a different color.

Before washing the whiteness, you can also try to “save” the thing with a stain remover or hydrogen peroxide, soaking the cloth in the liquid for 5 minutes and rinsing with cold water.

How to get yellow spots on white?

Here's how to wipe white spots if they turn yellow:

  1. Take aspirin 2 tablets, crush them into powder.
  2. Stir with water at room temperature.
  3. Apply to the stain with a cotton pad.
  4. Leave the tool on for 2 hours, and then wash in the usual way.

Now you know what to wash white and other pollution on white at home. Follow the above recommendations and enjoy the whiteness of your products!

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