How to wash white things right?

Posted by: 16.02.2018

White is one of the main and universal colors that are found in the wardrobe of modern people. Such things are often used in everyday life, for which reason they get dirty pretty quickly. That is why the question of how to wash white laundry in order to wash stains from it most effectively is very popular. To spoil white things is much easier than it might seem at first glance, therefore, it is necessary to approach the washing of such clothes with full responsibility in order to avoid possible troubles, including ultimate damage and unsuitability of underwear for socks. How to and how to wash white clothes, to forget about the unwashed stains? Need to figure it out!

How to wash white clothes

7 main rules of washing white things

How to wash white clothes in order not to spoil your favorite things? Many hostesses ask this question on thematic forums, but can not always get a plausible answer. In this regard, you can give 7 valuable recommendations, following which will allow you to achieve the desired result:

  • Before as wash white things, remove from the drum of the washing machine all things of a different color. Remember - white can be washed only with white. Even dull color shades can leave paint stains on white linen, which will result in products losing their whiteness.
  • Maintain the correct temperature throughout the wash, which applies to both manual and automatic procedures. White laundry should be done at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees. If the water is hotter, the laundry may fade and become more gray.
  • Do not forget to soak laundry before washing white things. The soaking procedure will give you a lot more - the stains will lose their strength, and removing them during washing is not difficult. For greater effect, soak clothes should be at least 3-4 hours with good powder.
  • Use bleach to make your laundry look more attractive and fresh. How to wash white things? Try to use proven tools to bleach products - poor-quality bleach can lead to the opposite result. If possible, use liquid bleaches in the form of concentrated gels and tablets.
  • What is the best way to wash white things? One of the few cases when it is better to send things to the drum of a washing machine than to start hand washing. It is not always possible to wipe the stains from white things with your hands, as this will have to work very intensively and for quite a long time.
  • Boiling is your friend. Is it possible to wash white things in the machine, we have already figured out, but how can you wash clothes in an alternative way and more efficiently? For these purposes, you can use boiling. It is enough to pour water into a large pot, add a little bleach and whiteness there, then put white clothes into the solution and put on the fire. When the water boils, turn off the fire and allow the laundry to lie in the pan for 20-30 minutes. The final stage is a rinse of white linen. Try boil clothes before washing the white laundry. You will definitely notice that after washing the linen has become cleaner than usual.
  • What water to wash white things? It is desirable to be relaxed - you can make it so with the help of special tools that are added to the drum of a washing machine or a basin for hand washing. If the softeners are not at hand, you can use ordinary soda.

How to wash white

Already these tips on how to wash white things properly will be enough to cope with even the most serious contaminants. However, this topic is more multifaceted, and many more useful tips can be given on how best to erase white things with excellent results, doing well with various types of stains.

Remove different stains from white things.

Before washing white clothes, it is recommended to establish the nature of stains, on which the chosen product will depend on and the rules for proper washing. Most often in practice there are spots:

  • Fatty. How can you wash white things from fat? First you need to try chalk. It must be thoroughly crushed and rubbed with the resulting contamination powder on the fabric. Chalk absorbs fine particles of fat, which prevents the spread of stains deep. After this treatment, you can wash things in the washing machine to completely get rid of stains.
  • Fruit. How to wash white things so that they are snow-white after fruits and vegetables fall on them? It is necessary as soon as possible to soak the product in warm water, while pouring on the stains a large amount of detergent. After the soak for 20-30 minutes, you need to wash the thing as usual in a washing machine. There will be no trace of fruit and vegetable stains.
  • Herbal. The stain from the grass on the white thing is like a knife to the heart. What can be washed white things from green spots? There is a great way - pour plenty of alcohol or vodka on the spot, then leave to soak in for 10-15 minutes. When the stain is well soaked, it remains only to rinse the thing in cold water and wash it with your hands or in a washing machine at 30 degrees.
  • Blood / Wine. You do not know how to wash white things from stains of blood and wine? If there is blood on your clothes, you should wash your clothes under a stream of cold water, then soap with soap (or a good shampoo) and rinse several times. Stains of wine should first be rinsed under cold water, then rub with alcohol and rinse again a few minutes with 2-3. In both cases, after rinsing things need to be washed.
  • Cosmetics. How to wash white things, if they hit the cosmetics or nail polish? You must use household solvent or nail polish remover, which is designed to remove these substances. Under the stain it is necessary to lay a few dense pieces of paper or napkins, then with a cotton swab soak the spot with acetone or solvent. After soaking it is necessary to wash things in warm water or a washing machine. Unpleasant smell should not alarm you - it will fade from clothes quickly enough.

At what temperature do you wash white things? This question has already been answered earlier, but there are nuances in this matter. For example, delicate white fabrics should be washed in water that is not hotter than 30 degrees, whereas clothes made from cotton can easily withstand even long-term boiling without losing their shape. For this reason, before washing white things with whiteness or without it, look at the label on the laundry - there the manufacturer always indicates what temperature to wash white things so as not to spoil them. Also on the tag you can find out and other information on the care of specific linen.

Now you know how to wash things well in white. Try to remember these recommendations and always follow them in order not to be disappointed after each hand or automatic wash.

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