How to quickly wash white sneakers: effective ways

Posted by: 18.11.2017

Bright sports shoes quickly get dirty during workouts or walks in the fresh air. To keep her always in perfect condition, you need to know how to wash white sneakers so as not to spoil their appearance.

We wash insoles and laces

Before you wash your white sneakers, pull out the laces and insoles. They need to be cleaned separately:

  • pour in a small basin of hot water;
  • dissolve in it oxygen bleach;
  • soak the laces for 30 minutes;
  • wash with soap.

Wet the insoles with warm water, take a brush and rub it with soap. Scrupulously process each insole, rinse with soap suds, let it drain and spread out to dry on a flat surface. Do not forget that the insoles of sneakers can not be dried on the battery. From this they shrink and deform.

Preparation of shoes for washing

Before washing your white sneakers, brush them to remove dry dirt and dust. Wash the soles of the ground under running water, stones stuck in the treads and remove frozen pieces of dirt with a match or a toothpick.

  1. If black stripes appear on the soles, rub them with a paper eraser. It cleans well such pollution.
  2. A yellowish shade on the sole is easy to clean by wiping their surface with a cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover.
  3. It is possible to return the whiteness by dissolving a large amount of bleach in water and placing the soles of sneakers on it for 1 hour.

After they should be rubbed with a brush, rinsed under running water and proceed to the general wash.

Washing of sneakers from fabric

There is no one way to wash white fabric sneakers from dirt. They are well tolerated in the washing machine typewriter, so you can safely put the prepared shoes in a special bag and load into the drum.

  1. Pour a high-quality cloth detergent into the tray and select the sport mode.
  2. If it is missing, click on the “delicate wash” button, turn off the spinning, drying and set an extra rinse.
  3. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not higher than 40 ° С. When there are light reflectors and other fragile parts on the shoe, wash it with your hands.

How to wash white sneakers

If needed to wash white nike sneakers, the top of which is made of mesh nylon, you can also use a washing machine. Being afraid to spoil an expensive thing, soak each sneaker in soap solution for half an hour. Gently brush the surface with a soft nap brush and rinse thoroughly with soap. When white shoes have persistent dirt and stains, they should be bleached with special means.

How to remove spots

Remove local dirt easily tooth whitening paste without impregnations. To do this, wet the brush, squeeze a thick layer of paste on it and clean the stains on white shoes. Thus, it is easy to put in order fabric inserts in which dust is constantly clogged. After the procedure, remove the remains of the paste with a damp cloth.

How to wash white sneakers so that they shine clean again? Prepare an effective remedy yourself. Take:

  • 1 Art. l high quality laundry detergent;
  • 1 tsp peroxide;
  • 1 tsp vinegar.

Connect the components. It should make a pasty mixture. Scoop it up with a brush and go over the shoes, paying special attention to the stained spots. If you need to wash the sneakers with a mesh, do not use this method to avoid damaging the thin mesh material. Use soda, quenched with lemon juice. Fluffy foam qualitatively removes resistant stains.

If the traditional methods of contamination do not wash off, get a Vanish stain remover, treat the traces of dirt with it, dissolve the 2 cap of the product in hot water, soak the sneakers for 2 hours and wash it manually. This will help whiten athletic shoes.

How to dry

Washed sneakers leave in the bathroom so that they run out of water.

  1. Fill the shoes with paper napkins. So she does not lose shape during drying. And put away from the hot battery. As wipes get wet, replace them with new ones.
  2. In the summer, sneakers dry well on the balcony. Choose a spot in the shade to avoid yellowness, and set them to dry.

Important! Do not use automatic machine dryer, do not try to dry the product with a hair dryer. This will ruin your shoes.

Cleaning leather sneakers.

White leather shoes look impressive, but quickly lose their gloss with constant wear. If you are looking for a way to wash white leather sneakersKeep in mind that they are not recommended to be washed and soaked. From this soft skin becomes rough and yellow.

  1. To wash the white leather Nike, remove from them the laces, insoles and gently dislodge the dust from the shoes.
  2. Take a sponge, soap it hoz. soap and clean the surface of the product.
  3. Stains can be rubbed with a toothbrush with a soap solution. After cleaning, clean the soap with a damp cloth.

Natural skin is easy to clean with a special paste. Mix:

  • 1 Art. liter. starch;
  • 2 Art. l of milk.

Apply a thick mass on shoes, leave for a quarter of an hour and rub lightly with a sponge. Remove the paste with a damp cloth.

When the skin dries, polish it with a colorless cream, return the washed shoelaces and insoles to the place and enjoy the perfect look of your shoes.

How to clean paint stain

If paint gets on your shoes, do not waste time. It is easier to remove the stain before it dries.

  1. It is possible to wipe off the paint from the fabric sneakers with a cotton swab soaked in “White spirit” solvent.
  2. When it is not at hand, take a nail polish remover.
  3. Before use, be sure to test the product on the inside of the tongue. If the appearance of the fabric has not changed, gently brush the edges of the blot and then the center of the stain.

It is easy to spoil the skin with aggressive methods, therefore, for cleansing, prepare a gentle composition of 1 tsp. soda dissolved in 100 ml of water. Try to scrub the paint. If the blot has not completely disappeared, take the shoes to dry cleaning or paint over the stain with special white skin color.

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