How to wash white socks in a washing machine - the best tips

Posted by: 23.12.2017

Socks - perhaps the most important piece of clothing of the modern man, which is easiest to pollute. This is especially true of white socks, which after a few hours after putting on can become gray and even completely black from dust and dirt. In this case, the question arises of how to wash white socks at home as efficiently as possible. With white things there are always a lot of problems in terms of care, and even socks are not an exception. It’s not at all scary if you still don’t know how to wash white socks at home with your hands or in a typewriter - the manual will help you learn how to wash socks.

Proper preparation before washing socks

First of all, before washing light socks and any others, they must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, dust, sand and other possible stains that may cause problems during washing. After that, you need to carefully sort the products by color before you wash the socks from dirt. Black and dark socks can be washed with jeans and other things, whereas before washing white socks and light socks, you should put all the colored things out of the drum that can dye white fabrics. It would not be superfluous to sort the socks by material - for example, it is recommended to wash wool socks only by hand.

If it is more or less clear how to wash white socks, washing colored socks raises questions. In order to prevent such items from fading, they are recommended to be washed either separately from white things or by hand washing. Hands should also wash woolen or very heavily soiled products. Separately, before washing the light socks at home, you must postpone children's socks - they should be washed, as well as any children's clothes, should be carried out separately from clothes for adults.

How to wash white socks at home

Hand wash socks at home

The question of how to wash dirty socks by hand, is quite common. Of course, you can put them in the basin with warm, soapy water and rub them with your hands, but it is not always the case that you can clean socks of dirt, dust and harmful bacteria. How to wash white socks in this case? There are several options:

  • Laundry soap. One of the most effective tools available that will bring clean socks. It is enough to soap dirty socks with soap and rinse with warm water, then repeat the procedure a couple of times. After this, you only need to dry the washed socks and put it on.
  • Digestion In the question of how to wash white socks quickly and at no cost will help digestion. It should immediately be said that it is better not to apply this procedure to woolen socks - they will not be able to survive it properly. How is digestion performed? Pour into the pot so much water to fill it a little more than half. After that add soap, laundry detergent and a quarter of a lemon to water. Next, you need to bring the water to a boil and put socks in it. It is necessary to boil the products for 15 minutes, after which the socks are washed by hand and dried thoroughly.
  • Boric acid. How to wash bright socks, if a simple soap does not bring the desired result? In this case, you can try boric acid. How to wash white socks with boric acid? It is enough to immerse the white socks from dirt before immersing them in the boric acid solution. The concentration of the solution - one spoon of acid per liter of liquid, you can find a tool in any pharmacy at an affordable price. Soak socks should be on 2-3 hours, after which they must be washed.
  • Lemon juice. How to wash heavily soiled socks, if boric acid is not at hand? In this case, lemon juice will come to the rescue (you can substitute citric acid diluted in water). It should be dissolved in water for soaking, and then left in it socks for 2-3 hours. When the soaking procedure is completed, the socks will remain to be washed. You can also treat the stains with lemon juice.
  • Table vinegar. Another sour remedy than to wash white socks at home. You should dilute a small spoonful of vinegar in a liter of water, then soak socks in the 30-40 minutes you have prepared in the solution you have prepared. This is recommended before washing your white socks by hand or in a washing machine. From such exposure, pollution loses its power and is more easily removed.
  • Ammonia. How to wash white socks, if there is practically nothing out of improvised means? You probably can find ammonia in your home medicine cabinet. It is enough to dissolve the entire 2 tablespoons of ammonia in water to make it softer and more efficient for washing socks. Things should be kept in solution for 2 hours before washing white socks at home. If there is no liquid ammonia at home, it can be purchased at any pharmacy for a low price.

How to wash white socks from dirt

These are the most effective and proven ways to wash white socks off black soles and other stains. You already know how to wash white socks by hand, however this is not all that needs to be dealt with. Below you can learn how to wash white children's socks and adult things, and how to return the color to them.

Literate machine wash socks at home

In the question of how to wash socks does not arise problems - you can use regular laundry detergent. Before you wash the socks colored at home, as well as white socks, they must be rinsed in warm water to remove dry dirt and dust. Only after that the sorted socks are placed in the washing machine. Also, before washing the white socks in the washing machine, it is recommended to add a few large tennis balls to the drum of the device - they will reduce the harmful effects.

You can also give a few more practical recommendations before washing the socks off the shoes in a typewriter:

  • It is recommended to wash white socks every time after putting on - they can be worn for no longer than a day.
  • Cotton socks can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees, wool socks - up to 30 degrees.
  • Do not forget to include a double rinse in a typewriter before washing baby socks.
  • How can you wash white socks with a good effect? Add a good bleach when washing.

Now you know how to wash white socks by hand and in a washing machine, but what to do if after washing or as a result of prolonged use the product has lost its whiteness? Let's try to restore it!

We return to white socks the original whiteness

You can call several recipes at once, with the help of which you can return bright white color to socks:

  • Chlorine. If you see yellow or gray on your toes, you can remove it with chlorine. Before using this recipe, make sure that the socks are not made of cotton. If all is well, dissolve a couple of tablespoons of chlorine-containing agent in 2 liters of water, add a small amount of washing, and then soak socks for 24 hours in the prepared solution. After such a soak, it remains only to wash the socks as usual - they will be a dazzling white color.
  • Turpentine. Even the most washed-out white socks can be restored again with such an effective tool as turpentine. In 10 liters of water, 3 turpentine spoons and the same amount of detergent should be diluted. Next, in the composition soaked socks on the 2-3 hours. After that, you need to wash them.

Also for bleaching socks, you can use hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and special bleach. Do not forget to regularly wash white socks so that their color will always be dazzling white!

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