Ways of washing wool and felt berets

Posted by: 19.02.2018

The beret is a convenient and practical headdress. Like all wardrobe items, it eventually becomes polluted and the question arises before its owner: “How does it take to properly wash?”. Before washing, you should learn all the subtleties of this process, otherwise you can spoil the hat, and you have to buy a new one.

How to wash felt takes at home?

  1. It is necessary to wash it from felt in cool or slightly warm water. Its temperature should not exceed 27 degrees.
  2. After washing the product can not be twisted by hand. Just lay it on a terry towel and leave for a while so that excess moisture is absorbed.
  3. Housewives often use a bowl of soup to dry the felt beret. She allows to dry a headdress without folds.
  4. How to wash a felt beret with an arrow? If there is an “arrow” on the beret, then use a small load for drying. To do this, fold the product "cake" and press down with a heavy object. Do not use iron for this purpose - it leaves ugly shiny stripes on the surface.

How to wash takes

How to wash takes from felt: a few more ways

  1. You can not wash the felt thing, but simply clean it with a solution of ammonia. Dampen a coarse cloth and wipe the product. Wipe the headgear with a clean, dry cloth. Additionally, “go around” with a toothbrush and leave for a while so that it dries well.
  2. Strongly polluted places should be cleaned with pumice, having previously processed it in table salt or bran.
  3. Grease stains are easily removed with purified gasoline. Wipe a dirty place with it, and then additionally “walk” with a brush dipped in a solution of warm water and ammonia.

How to wash felt takes at home

How to wash a woolen beret at home?

  1. If the headgear is very dirty, soak it for a couple of hours in water with the addition of ammonia. On pure 6 l need 2,5 Art. spoons of alcohol.
  2. It is advisable to wash the headdress from wool by hand. Washing in a washing machine (even in delicate mode) can lead to deformation of the headgear.
  3. For washing wool products suitable liquid soap, shampoo or a special powder for wool.
  4. Water temperature should be 30 degrees.
  5. In pure water, dilute the cleaning agent, and then put the wool product in it.
  6. Make a few crushing movements. Do not stretch or twist the bead.
  7. Transfer the dressing to a terry towel so that it absorbs excess water.

How to wash wool beret at home

How to wash takes fur: useful tips

Vinegar and starch are used to clean the fur beret. From vinegar you can make a weak solution, and then thoroughly comb the pile with a comb dipped in the prepared tool. Starch can be sprinkled with fur, and then gently comb comb. Things from natural fur cannot be washed in the washing machine. This adversely affects their appearance.

Erase takes

Wash velor and angora wash

The most reliable way to clean products made from these materials is hand wash. Water for washing can not be heated very much. The optimum temperature is 30 degrees. Pour water into the basin, dissolve in it a cleaning agent - shampoo or laundry detergent. Wash the item very gently, gently twisting it with your hands. If there is a stain on the surface, use soap. Lightly rub the polluted area, and then rinse in clean water. If there are stains, rinse additionally.

How to wash a woolen beret so that it does not sit down

Is there a knitted beret in your wardrobe and does it get dirty? If it is knitted of wool, then it should be washed by the same rules as other wool products. It is better to use hand washing. Allowed and washable in the washing machine. It is necessary to set the mode for woolen things. Carefully wash the hats with a pattern, otherwise they may form an interesting abstract pattern.

As you can see, you can clean your favorite wardrobe item in different ways. The best option is hand wash. If there is a strong pollution, it is recommended to treat them with soap, pumice, salt, ammonia, etc. First, try to clean a small piece that is not very noticeable, and then proceed to cleaning the entire headdress.

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