Ecological washing: alternative methods of washing without the use of detergent

Posted by: 16.02.2018

Modern housewives are increasingly looking for an alternative to the usual washing powder. There are many reasons for this - someone cares about the environment, someone worries about the harmful effects of chemicals that make up the product on the health of the household, but for someone it is a way to save the budget. In fact, washing without washing powder with plain water or with the addition of natural products was successfully practiced by our grandmothers. That is why you can safely use the good old recipes without reducing the quality of cleansing clothes from stains.

Why is it better to replace the laundry detergent with something else?

Widely advertised detergents always contain chemical products: surfactants (synthesized surfactants), various bleaches, fostfaty, etc. Remaining after washing in clothes, the chemistry not only enters the body through the skin, but also gets inside when breathing. According to researchers, the ingredients that make up the detergent can cause serious harm - cause an allergic reaction, reduce immunity, slow down the metabolic processes. In addition, laundry detergents inexorably ruin the environment - getting into natural water bodies, chemicals activate the growth of algae, which litter the water area, and when decomposed emit dangerous gases. Washing powder without using natural products will help preserve your own health and the environment on the planet.

Ecological wash: mustard

Mustard powder is really a universal and necessary means in the household. Our mothers and grandmothers used mustard to wash dishes, clean and even to wash their hair. If you need to learn how to wash clothes without powder, you should immediately remember about mustard. By the way, it is suitable even for washing things made of wool or silk.

To prepare the laundry detergent, you will need 1 a liter of water and 15-20 gr mustard - you just need to stir the latter in water and leave for a couple of hours. The resulting liquid must be carefully drained into a container with hot water, without affecting the sediment. Mustard, settled on the bottom, should be again filled with water and repeat the procedure. Wash the things in the “mustard” water obtained, then rinse thoroughly. In water intended for rinsing you can add liquid ammonia (for wool material) or vinegar (for silk) at the rate of a teaspoon per liter.

How to wash without powder in the machine

Ecological wash: salt

Ordinary table salt, which can be found in every home, can also be a worthy alternative to laundry detergent. Washing with table salt is great for calico and flaxen clothes, both monophonic and color. The latter, by the way, retain the brightness of colors even after numerous washes.

To learn how to wash without powder using table salt, you should read the following recipe: salt is taken in the amount of 1 tablespoon (with a slide) per 1 liter of water. In the resulting solution, things must be soaked for 60 minutes. Then you need to wash clothes in salt water and rinse thoroughly - things will be absolutely clean.

Washing with salt is suitable for lightly soiled things, in this case it will not work to remove persistent stains. However, salt allows you to preserve the structure of natural material, thereby prolonging the life of your favorite things. In addition, this method is extremely economical for the family budget.

Wash without powder

Ecological wash: soap root (soap dish)

On the market or in a pharmacy, you can purchase a tool such as soap root or soapworm. It is convenient and practical to wash things made of wool or silk material in infused water at the root. For 1 kg items you will need an 50 soap root.

The first step is to chop the soap pot (for this you can take an ordinary hammer). The resulting pieces of the root must be filled with boiling water - 0,5 L is enough for this amount of soapwort. The solution is infused for a day, during this time the liquid must be mixed several times. The resulting mixture is boiled for an hour, cooled and filtered. Malynyanka can be filled with boiling water again - despite the fact that the second solution will be less concentrated, it is quite suitable for washing. The resulting soap should be poured into two containers with warm water and wash things in two stages. After that, washed clothes should be rinsed in cool water.

It is important to remember that washing without powder using a soap dish should occur immediately, it is impossible to keep the washing solution - it deteriorates too quickly.

How to wash without powder

Ecological wash: horse chestnut

How to wash without powder in a typewriter will help to learn such a common plant as horse chestnut. It is used in many areas, including for washing. Harvested and dried chestnut need to grind in a coffee grinder. Pre-worth to remove the brown skin - it has coloring properties.

The crushed plant should be poured into a container, pour hot water and beat up to foam. This solution can be used for both hand and machine wash. The best effect can be achieved by soaking things in this water.

How to wash without powder

Ecological wash: beans

A decoction of beans is ideal for washing wool items. It will take only water, in which the beans were cooked, the very same product can be eaten safely. On 1 liters of water, you will need 200 gr of beans, boil it in a closed saucepan until done. The broth must be drained and added to the water for washing. For woolen things it will be useful to add to the water when rinsing ordinary table vinegar - 1 table spoon on 1 l liquid.

Wash without washing powder

How to wash without powder in a machine with soap nuts

Despite the fact that the Indian soap nuts went on sale not so long ago, they have already won a whole number of fans. Indeed, for those who are looking for how to wash without a powder in a washing machine, soap nuts have become a real magic wand. They do not require any additional efforts - it is enough just to put the nutshells into the bag and throw them into the washing machine before washing. They can also be used for ordinary hand washing, for which the shells are added directly to the water.

How to wash in a machine without powder

Other detergents without powder

To date, there are special ceramic balls for washing, manufacturers of which claim that with them the machine washes powder-free no less efficiently. They perfectly clean clothes and are completely safe to use.

The new generation of home appliances is also not lagging behind the eco-friendly fashion - how to wash in a typewriter without powder will be prompted by special steam units. Such washing machines are already gaining popularity in Russia due to the lack of the need for the use of powders and other laundry detergents - the processing and cleaning of linen is due to a pair. In addition to a simple practical function, such washing also disinfects clothes, destroying bacteria. Of course, how to wash without a powder in a washing machine are most often interested in people with sensitive skin or allergies - for them such household appliances can be a real salvation. Steam is able to dissolve the remnants of washing agents in clothing fibers, thereby neutralizing substances that are hazardous to health.

In order to simply refresh things, you can run a regular washing machine, they say, empty - without adding any powder. Slug removes stains with such a wash, of course, will not disappear, but the clothes will become fresh again, and unpleasant odors will be eliminated. In order to destroy traces of coffee, berries, etc. On light products, you can use the good old method - boiling with soap-soda mixture. Soda and salt are taken in equal proportions. The boiling time of laundry can reach 2 hours - it all depends on the material and the degree of contamination. It is necessary to carefully read the instructions on the clothing tag in order not to spoil your favorite thing. Some materials do not tolerate high temperatures.

As you can see, it is quite easy to do without laundry detergent - there are many ways to do eco-friendly laundry. It is not difficult to choose the most optimal method for yourself, but the effect of such a healthy lifestyle will not keep you waiting. The lack of chemistry will certainly have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, eliminate problems with the immune system or allergies.

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