How to wash the blouse and return her perfect whiteness

Posted by: 18.04.2018

Light clothes are in the wardrobe of every woman. It improves the complexion, emphasizes the shape and speaks about the good taste of its owner. Unfortunately, the fabric tends to turn yellow. You need to know how to wash a blouse so that it retains its crystal whiteness and freshness.

How to wash a blouse

Bleach cotton blouse

Before washing your blouses, carefully read product labels to determine the type of fabric. If you choose the wrong way, you can finally spoil things.

The easiest way to wash organic cotton. To freshen up a white blouse, it is enough to soak it with high-quality powder for a couple of hours and wash it in a washing machine or by hand.

  1. If the material is yellowed, you need an oxygen bleach.
  2. Dissolve the right amount of funds in hot water, immerse the clothes in there and leave overnight.
  3. In the morning you will need to rinse it with clean water, dry and iron.

Inexperienced housewives use Whiteness to bleach natural fabrics. This is not worth doing. Chlorine eliminates stains and yellowness, but eats away the fibers of the material, so the thing quickly deteriorates and becomes unusable. Modern industry offers many gentle effective means that quickly return the white color to the white blouse. You can use:

  • "Vanisham";
  • Oxygen bleach Bos;
  • "Persol";
  • Swan;
  • whitening soap "Ushasti Nyan."

Linen or cotton blouse calmly withstands boiling. Dissolve in 5 l of water over 1 a spoon of soda, salt, detergent and soak the product. Boil it over low heat for about half an hour, rinse and dry.

  1. If you are interested in how to wash a white cotton blouse using a folk method, get hydrogen peroxide.
  2. In the 5 liter of hot water, add the 50 ml product and leave the item in the solution for 2 hours.
  3. During this time, peroxide will destroy the yellowness, without spoiling the natural fabric.

To return the white sparkling color to the jacket, after usual washing with powder, immerse it in a special solution for half an hour. To prepare in a small bowl with warm water, pour in 5 spoons of salt, pour in 3 l peroxide and a spoon of sal ammoniac.

We erase silk

A silk blouse requires special treatment. Before bleaching it is necessary to wash it with liquid detergent for silk items.

Rinse your clothes and prepare a bleaching solution. In a ten-liter basin with warm water, dissolve:

  • 8 spoons of sea salt;
  • 10 g of pyrophosphate;
  • 10 g ammonia;
  • 2 spoons of hydrogen peroxide.

Soak the silk blouse gently on the 4 hour. Wash it is not necessary. After the time has elapsed, rinse the product, it will turn white.

A simple way to wash a white silk blouse is oxygen bleach. It should be used according to the instructions, soaking thing after normal washing powder.

We wash synthetic blouses

In order not to spoil synthetic items, wash them in water no higher than 40 C. Blouses refresh the ordinary laundry soap and high-quality powder well. If the fabric is yellowed, add chlorine-free bleach to the soap solution and soak the clothes for an hour. Wash and rinse thoroughly.

  1. Grayed out things are bleached with salt. Add in 10 l of warm water 600 g of salt, leave the blouse in the solution for several hours and then wash it with powder for white fabrics.
  2. Yellowness is easy to remove mustard. Dissolve a bag of mustard powder in 10 l of water 100, soak the synthetic material and wash it in an 2 hour.
  3. Combine 5: 5: 2 to remove stains, alcohol, tartaric acid, and citric acid. Apply the resulting slurry to the dirt, rub into the cloth and wash it off in 15 minutes.

Fresh greasy stains from blouses can be removed with chalk. Powder them blot and leave for an hour. Then brush the fabric and put it in the wash.

How to eliminate difficult spots

How to wash white blouses soiled with a ballpoint pen? First you need to use a triple cologne. Moisten cotton wool in it and gently wipe the blue mark. After a few minutes, rinse the fabric under running water, soap your clothes host. soap and wash. If the stain is not washed off the first time, the procedure can be repeated.

  1. Drops from wine or fruit juice with a white cloth are cleaned with ammonia.
  2. Sprinkle fresh blots with salt for 10 minutes.
  3. In a glass of water dissolve a spoon of soda and ammonia.
  4. Soak the cloth in the solution and after half an hour wash it with powder.

If the material is not afraid of heat, a simple recipe is suitable for cleansing chocolate stains. In 5 liters of very hot water, combine 2 spoons of flour and half a glass of liquid soap. Foam, soak the product for an hour, rub the blots and rinse.

Hostess a note

Here are some guidelines on how to wash a white blouse:

  • wash white things separately from colored ones;
  • sort clothes by fabric and choose the right wash mode;
  • Do not use bleach regularly. It is recommended to be used once in the 3-4 wash;
  • always soften hard water with soda;
  • dry your clothes completely before hanging them in the closet.

Use these tips and you will keep the blouse white for a long time.

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