How to wash a bra properly: tips, advice, cautions

Posted by: 02.11.2017

Modern women in their wardrobe have more than a dozen bras used for everyday wear, sports or elegant sets with exquisite trim for special occasions. Making, sewing, choosing fabrics and accessories for a given piece of clothing is a whole science! But the care of the bras requires no less knowledge.

Products designed to emphasize the femininity and dignity of the figure, often play the role of "second skin" of a woman, and this means that they are subject to increased requirements not only during manufacture, but also during care. Questions about when and how to wash a bra are relevant for young girls and experienced hostesses. Keeping this attribute of femininity clean is the guarantee of a woman’s health, comfort and attractiveness. Improper care of the linen threatens not only the loss of visual appeal, the violation of the integrity of the fabric, but also the deformation of the product, which leads to the discomfort of the owner when using it. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow tips on caring for an intimate wardrobe item.

The main rules of washing bra

It should be remembered that acquiring a body thing, the question of whether to erase a bra immediately sounds silly.

  1. Immediately after the purchase, it is necessary to refresh the laundry, because the path from the manufacturer to the tender body of a woman was a long one: a manufacturing factory, storage rooms, trade pavilions and contact with the bodies of the challengers is not excluded.
  2. It is necessary to erase a bra after every third dressing, and with increased physical or sports loads more often. The sweat absorbed in the fabric, fat is a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria and a source of unpleasant smell.
  3. To know exactly how to wash a bra, you should carefully study the instructions given by the manufacturer on the label and strictly follow them.
  4. In case of severe contamination, before washing, soak the product, but avoid things that are significantly different in color in one container of the neighborhood.
  5. In order not to be mistaken with the choice and to answer the question of whether it is possible to wash bras in a washing machine or do it manually, it is necessary to take into account the presence of bones, foam rubber, the composition of the fabric, the availability of lace trimming, rhinestone.

How to wash a bra

Which wash to prefer: machine or manual?

The dilemma that stands before every woman regarding the care of the laundry is solved individually. Hostess, relying on their own experience or the advice of friends, make an informed choice how to wash the bra. After studying the instructions, it is worth preparing everything necessary for washing, taking into account the degree of contamination of the product, its color, material. Lace lingerie with exquisite trim stasis should not be sent to a washing machine, because the result can upset the owner of expensive clothes. Not every woman is ready to part with a seductive accessory, therefore, preference in this case should be given to hand washing, sparing means.

How to wash a bra by hand

Those who do not want to trust the bra should prepare a wash basin or other container for work. In order not to worry about how to properly wash the bra manually, you need to rely on the instructions on the label, use water of the desired temperature (most often it does not exceed 40 degrees). Dissolve the detergent in the water, foaming it, put the product on the 15-20 minutes for dirt to come off. In particularly polluted areas, you can use an old toothbrush, rubbing them with pre-soap.

To wash the straps also use a toothbrush. But do not stretch them when washing, so the main thing here is not to overdo it. If the straps are decorated with stones or rhinestones, then manipulations are made on the reverse side, so as not to lose the “jewels”.

If the question is how to wash the bra by hand, light it up completely, then you should not forget about the models that have seals in the cups (foam rubber, silicone). They can not be twisted, because you can damage the structure, which will lead to creases and deformation of the product. In several waters, the bra is rinsed and squeezed gently, then placed between the cloth, which easily absorbs moisture, leaving it for some time. Then the cup straightened and hung out on the dryer, avoiding clips on the fabric.

Following the step-by-step instructions, “how to wash the bra by hand,” even an inexperienced hostess will keep the laundry in perfect cleanliness, maintaining its aesthetic appeal for a long time.

How to wash a bra by hand

We correctly erase a white bra

Particularly noteworthy products are white. Nothing emphasizes the dignity of the figure and the cleanliness of the owner, as such underwear. But how to wash white bras that extend their life? Indeed, one speck or “mourning” on the straps of an intimate wardrobe item is enough to blur the impression of a woman. It is recommended to take care of white linen by hand. Housewives should refrain from aggressive bleaching agents that contribute to the deterioration of the fabric, and shabby clothes - this is the worst decoration for a woman.

To correctly answer the question of how to wash a white bra, you should:

  • soak the bodice separately from the colored things to avoid staining;
  • use proven detergents designed for white things;
  • if you decide to machine wash, then make a tab after things of light colors, because the remaining water in the machine after black things can affect the shade of your favorite product, giving it a grayish color.

Attention! It should be remembered that such things are worn only under clothes of light colors, because often poor-quality fabrics dye the product, and it is already impossible to give it its original appearance. Knowing how to wash a white bra, any woman will look luxurious in such underwear.

Preparation for washing

For a successful result, the preparatory stage is important, so the inventory must be prepared in advance. If the question of whether to wash the bra in a washing machine, the hostess, having studied the label, received an affirmative answer, then you should take care of the condition of the product.

  1. It is better to place the bra in a special plastic container or mesh bag for washing, but in the absence of them you should not give up, because a pillowcase with a zipper will do. Models with seals in them are not deformed.
  2. The product must be buttoned, because hooks can catch on other things, damaging them in the process of washing.
  3. Pre bodice with soiling or stains soaked for 20 minutes, then sent to the typewriter.

Is it possible to wash a bra in a washing machine

Soak, choice of detergents

Following the recommendations of how to properly wipe the bra, the hostess should carefully consider the choice of laundry detergent and means for soaking. The composition should not include alcohol. 1 A tablespoon of store liquid per 3 of a liter of warm water is enough for soaking. The women-craftsmen can prepare the mixture on their own, for this you need a glass of hot water, a teaspoon of baby shampoo and a couple of drops of essential oil as a flavoring. This volume is suitable for soaking in a bucket of water.

To preserve bright colors, it is recommended to add a few drops of vinegar.

Attention! It is strictly prohibited to soak for a long time, which leads to tarnishing of fabrics, the appearance of rust on hooks, underwire and adjacent fabric. How to wash a bra with stains? For bleaching it is necessary to exclude oxygen, optical and chlorine-containing products.

How to wash a bra in a washing machine

Technology designed to facilitate domestic concerns, actively help the hostess in domestic issues. Today, yes you can answer the question, is it possible to wash the bra in the washing machine. But! .. not every machine is able to adequately cope with the task.

  • The equipment of the latest models is equipped with a mode that allows you to achieve the desired result.
  • You should know how to properly wash a bra in a typewriter so as not to send underwear to a trash after an unsuccessful procedure. To do this, select the delicate mode, detergents, correctly determined by the duration of the process.
  • Temperature conditions must comply with the requirements on the product tag.
  • To fasten the product on all hooks.
  • You should know how to wash the bra with bones. Without a special container here is not enough, because a dropped bone can damage not only other things, but also the machine itself.
  • Pre-bookmarking is to exclude things that can color the product.
  • How to wash the bra in the washing machine, what things can still be in the drum, is of great importance. It is advisable to select lightweight products (from delicate fabrics), because massive and coarse can affect the quality of washing and deform the model.
  • If there is a bag for washing clothes, the spin is applied at the usual speed,

How to wash a bra in a washing machine

How to wash a bra with pushap

Seals used by manufacturers in the cups, are able to transform the shape of the breast, to give the desired volume. But such models need special care, because improper manipulations lead to wrinkles, which further disfigure the product, depriving the owner of comfort. It is impossible to “chew” when washing such a bra, but how to wash the bra in the washing machine correctly?

It is necessary to minimize the deformation of the cups, and know how to wash a bra with push-up. To do this, insert the cup into one another, straighten them and use a special ball with holes where the bodice fits. Such a device will prevent the appearance of wrinkles, drags during the spin cycle. After washing to get the model, straighten and dry in the unfolded form.

Bra Care Tips

The recommendations of experienced hostesses how to wash a bra in a washing machine should be heeded and not abused bleach, conditioners, which affect the elasticity of the product. Underwear should not be worn, so at least twice a week it is washed. Decorative elements, lace, as well as exclusive models force the hostess to abandon washing in a typewriter.

It is not enough to know how to wash a bra, it is equally important to properly dry the product. Therefore, it is recommended to use a towel, which fits the model, to remove moisture. Having sustained the bodice for about half an hour, it is straightened and spread on a horizontal surface to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Lace models do not fasten with clothespins, it is enough to fasten all the hooks and leave them in limbo.

After studying the advice given, any hostess will know how to wash a bra with underwire, with push-up, without spoiling a favorite product.

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