How to quickly and effectively wipe the ballpoint pen from clothes?

Posted by: 01.04.2018

Since olden times, stains from a writing pen have brought people a lot of inconvenience - since the time of the use of pens, which required regular refilling with ink. Today, the scale of the problem has not diminished - both schoolchildren, students, and adults regularly put pen stains on clothes. In this regard, the great relevance is the question of how to wash the ink ballpoint pen with clothes. You can call a lot of tricks, rules and secrets that will remove pollution without any traces. After a few minutes, after reading the manual, you can easily wash off the ink of a ballpoint pen!

How to wash the ink ballpoint pen with clothes

5 excellent anti-stains

Ways to wipe off ink ballpoint pen can be listed for a very long time. Below you can see the most popular and popular, as well as proven methods in the people. Use any:

  • Acetone. Means to find that is not difficult. It is recommended to use acetone only for washing clothes of light tones or white, as this tool is capable of eating away color. To use it, moisten a cotton swab in acetone and rub it with a pen stain on clothes. This procedure must be performed several times until the ballpoint pen marks have completely disappeared.
  • Lemon acid. A good tool that can be used both in pure form and diluted in water. Stains are impregnated with liquid, left for 30-40 minutes, after which the item is washed manually or in a washing machine, depending on the material from which it is made.
  • Glycerol. How to wash the ink ballpoint pen with a shirt, if citric acid is not on hand? You can use glycerin. This tool should be applied to the stain, then leave it in this condition for 60 minutes. When the time is up, the thing should be washed and rinsed in salt water.
  • Turpentine. How to wash the gel ink from clothes that have already managed to be absorbed into the fabric? Turpentine - an aggressive and powerful tool that can cope with any pollution. Apply this substance to a cotton swab, apply it to the stain and hold for 30 minutes. Clean and wash the thing.
  • Mustard. How to wash ink from a ballpoint pen when there are no special tools on the farm? Dissolve mustard powder in water and apply cooked gruel on the stain. Leave the mixture on the stain should be at least 24 hours, then remove the remnants of mustard and wash clothes thoroughly.

These and other ways to wipe off ink from a ballpoint pen are sure to help you cope with stains. If from the first application you could not achieve the desired result, repeat the procedure.

Remove stains from ink pens

People who prefer to use ink pens, will not always be able to achieve results in the fight against stains with the help of the above tips. In such a situation, the following methods are necessary:

  • Alcohol. To remove stains, you can take both ammonia, and ordinary alcohol, preferably technical. The liquid should be applied to a cotton swab, which should be carefully and vigorously rub the ink stain. If necessary, carry out this procedure several times.
  • Spoiled milk. How to wipe off ink from a ballpoint pen if there is no alcohol? Saturate the ink stain with sour milk and leave for a few minutes. To increase the effect, additionally pour a spot of lemon juice. After some time, wash the thing well.
  • Starch. Not only starch is suitable for removing ink stains, but also any other absorbent, such as talc. Sprinkle with a spot of selected powder, then cover the treated area with a dry cloth and wait until the spots are completely absorbed into the powder. After that, the clothes are washed in a washing machine to finally get rid of ink stains.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. How to wash ink from a ballpoint pen from clothes when there are no stain removers and other means suitable for this purpose? You can use hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in any home medicine cabinet. Peroxide should be mixed with ammonia, and then apply the resulting solution to a cotton pad. With this disc, the stain is thoroughly wiped off, left on the 30-40 minutes, after which the clothes are sent to the wash. The ink will definitely disappear!

Now you know how to wipe the ink of a ballpoint pen. Try these recipes yourself to remove the gel ink. Than to wipe the spots you already understand well - use the acquired skills!

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