Thing sat down after washing - what to do in such a situation?

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Sometimes breaking the rules can lead to disastrous results, which also applies to washing clothes. If you ignore the instructions of the manufacturer of clothing on the label, you can pay with a thing that, if improperly washed, can deteriorate, and, in particular, sit down. What to do if the dress sat down after washing? What to do in this situation? The question of what to do if the thing has sat down after washing, many hostesses are asked, since this problem is widespread quite widely. Many recommendations can be made about what to do if the dress has sat down after washing, as well as how to return the clothes to their previous appearance. Try to follow these tips to give your things a chance to recover.

What to do if the thing has sat down after washing

Why things shrink

Why does clothes sit down after washing? Many ask this question, but there are several reasons for shrinking:

  • Wrong choice of speed and nature of the spin, or its use when it is prohibited.
  • Incorrect temperature setting, strong deviation from recommended values.
  • The nature of the fabric - natural materials are prone to shrinkage more than synthetic fabrics.

The wrong choice of temperature adversely affects the structure of the fabric, and this effect is further enhanced by the mechanical action of the drum of the washing machine. What to do if the thing sat down at the wash, for which you chose the wrong temperature and spin modes? Get ready to memorize the best tips.

8 ways to get clothing back into shape

You can immediately call 8 proven ways to stretch clothes that have sat down after washing. You can choose one of them, or several at the same time, if in your case there are difficulties:

  • If the shirt has sat down after washing, try soaking it in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then remove it from the tank, shake well and unfold on a flat horizontal surface. Before you leave the thing to dry, it is necessary to stretch it with your hands and give the desired shape, after which, in the process of drying, occasionally correct the thing to maintain its shape. If the jacket has sat down after washing, in any case, after soaking, do not squeeze it with your hands.
  • This method also involves soaking in cold water on 10-15 water, but further steps are different. You will have to get wet clothes and put it on yourself. If the dress has sat down after washing, wearing wet clothes until it is completely dry will allow it to take on the exact shape of your body. It is not recommended to use this method if there is a risk of catching a cold, therefore in poorly heated rooms with drafts, it is better not to experiment.
  • You do not know how to stretch a woolen dress after washing? Wool - very fastidious fabric, which will have to tinker. To stretch it, pour liters of water into the 10 tank and dilute the 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in it, then bring the solution to a homogeneous state. After that, gently place the wool product in the solution and soak for 90 minutes. Next, carefully remove moisture from clothes (but do not wring out) and lay things on a towel to dry.
  • How to stretch the shirt after washing, if it is made of blended fabric or synthetic? And for this case there is an effective way. Soak the product for 15 minutes in cold water and place in a washing machine. How to wash a thing so that it stretches? Put the mode of delicate washing, at the same time set the number of revolutions to the minimum value, do the same with water temperature, and do not add powder either.
  • What to do if after washing the village of clothing made of cotton? In this case, a solution of vinegar, whose strength is 3%, can help you. Soak a soft cloth in such vinegar, put the dried thing on a flat horizontal surface, and then treat it with a sponge moistened in vinegar. After processing, the item must be hung on the hanger.
  • How to stretch clothes, sat down after washing, by folk methods? Perfectly all the same vinegar, but the technology of its use is somewhat different from that described above. You need to mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 10 liters of water, then soak the clothes in the prepared mixture for 10-15 minutes. After soaking, dried clothes should be gently squeezed and hung on the hanger for drying. While the thing dries, regularly give it the correct shape and size.
  • Not sure how to stretch the dress after washing quickly and safely for the garment itself? You can go on the other hand and affect the thing heat. It would seem that too high a temperature is one of the reasons why things sit down while washing, but with the right approach you can achieve a positive result. Soak it in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then shake off the water and lay on a horizontal surface (you can put a towel). Now you need to iron the thing with an iron through the fabric, at the same time giving it the correct shape.
  • What to do if the blouse sat down after washing, and you can not iron it? You can use the power of steam. To do this, first soak the item in cold water, then hang it on the hanger and steam it from the steam generator. At the same time do not forget to simultaneously give things the desired shape.

Now you have an idea of ​​what to do if, after washing, your clothes have lost their shape and become smaller in size. It would not be superfluous to learn how to prevent shrinkage - this is easier than to figure out what to do if the T-shirt has sat down after washing. So, how to increase the likelihood of successful washing clothes with simple care guidelines?

Preventing shrinkage of clothes

Even if you know what to do, if the shirt has sat down after washing, and are ready to challenge shrinkage, you will not be hampered by the knowledge of how easy it is to prevent such problems. Listen to these tips:

  • Before washing, always carefully read the tag attached to the garment. It always contains all the information necessary for proper washing. Unfortunately, there is not written how to stretch the dress in length after washing, so try to avoid problems.
  • Learn to properly care for clothes, especially for those that are made of delicate fabrics. Try to wash clothes at a water temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  • When buying woolen clothes, try to choose a model with a size one more than what you need. This will allow you to insure and not get damage, even with shrinkage of clothing.

If you do not want to constantly wonder what to do, if after washing the village is a blouse or other thing, take time to properly care for your wardrobe. It is not enough just to throw things into the drum of a washing machine and naively expect a positive result - take a little time to study the rules now, so that later you will need it more than once. Knowing what to do if the thing has sat down after washing, you can handle even the most difficult situations and prolong the life of your things.

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