What is meant by delicate washing and how to wash delicate things

Posted by: 09.01.2018

In order not to update the wardrobe every time due to the fact that things lose their original attractive appearance and bright colors, it is necessary to properly care for them. This is especially true of cleansing from various contaminants. Many textiles require special care, called delicate. Delicate washing is primarily a gentle cleaning of the fabric from stains in a washing machine, which provides for certain conditions for processing the product: temperature, spin and more. others

The nuances of washing delicate fabrics

In the question of how to wash delicate items, you should pay special attention to items made of lace of various weaving. Patterns should not only remain in integrity after washing, but also keep their shape. How to wash delicate things from lace? It is best to use a solution of washing soda and water (half a tablespoon to half a bucket).

What does a delicate wash mean?

Asking what a delicate wash means, it is worth considering that the process of treating “sensitive” fabrics must necessarily include soaking. Lace, silk, satin, cashmere and any other similar fabric, which is washed in a delicate mode, must be soaked for several hours. It is recommended to wash delicate fabrics in special bags. You can take the usual pillowcase (without bright patterns, cotton). Before you turn on the delicate wash, small lace products, such as napkins, should be sewn onto the white fabric. After ironing, they should also be ironed without being removed from matter.

Gentle wash: tips experienced housewives

Many young housewives are interested in the question, delicate washing - this is what, and how to choose the right means for cleaning fine fabrics. Today, the choice of household chemicals is wide, you can choose a powder, gel or liquid for any material. However, there are means proven over the years that are not inferior to substances from reputable manufacturers. For careful washing, you can use the following:

  • A few tablespoons of glycerin, which helps to give softness to the product, the substance will protect the thing from shrinkage if it is added to the water during rinsing;
  • A solution of peroxide and water (half a glass / 4 liters) - an ideal tool for cleansing lace products.

What is a delicate wash?

Silk after washing does not necessarily iron. You can leave the product in the refrigerator, wrapping it in a regular package. Favorite thing will look like new. Delicate washing in a washing machine also requires some knowledge of the cleaning process.

"Careful" mode in the washing machine

The cycles of delicate washing, time and speed in different washing machines may vary. However, all models of the “automaton” have some similarities:

  • Delicate washing in a washing machine means that cleaning always takes place at a low temperature, to eliminate the likelihood of dyeing products and losing their color (depending on the model, the temperature varies from 30 to 40 degrees);
  • Delicate washing means that the process takes place in a large amount of water, since the mechanical effect on the sensitive material is minimal;
  • Delicate washing implies that it is not only cleansing, but also drying, the number of revolutions during the spinning process is always minimal, and in some “machines” in the gentle mode, there is no spinning at all.

Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of a specific washing machine to clean "sensitive" materials. Many manufacturers separately include in the functionality of the machine the possibility of washing products made of silk and wool. Some delicate models imply cleansing of delicate synthetic or cotton items. Therefore, before washing delicate things in a typewriter, you should carefully read the section in the instruction on the appropriate mode: how hot the water heats up, how many turns the speed reaches, and for what fabrics this cleaning is provided.

Do not confuse hand washing with careful. What distinguishes hand washing from delicate? When cleansing from hands it is possible to damage the structure of a thin product, having a significant mechanical effect, which when washed in the “machine” in the appropriate mode is reduced to zero. Squeezing is also not recommended, all moisture should come out of the product on their own. Delicate products are ironed only in the “steaming” mode and inside out. Wool should be ironed with a layer of wet gauze over it. With proper care, your favorite things will not only not lose their original appearance, but will also delight for a long time with their pleasant texture and bright colors.

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