Washing Newborn Clothes - Rules and Tips

Posted by: 29.01.2018

Newborn babies are very sensitive to external influences, which can be particularly attributed to clothes that need to be properly washed. Many mothers simply do not know how to wash baby clothes for newborns and how to do this, considering that washing such clothes is not much different from regular washing. This is the wrong approach, because such a thing as washing the things of a newborn is a very delicate process, which must be approached with all responsibility. In this guide, you will learn how and how to wash children's clothes in such a way as not to cause skin irritation to the child and not to give him many other inconveniences.

how to wash baby clothes for newborns

What you need to know before the birth of a child?

Before the question of how to properly wash baby clothes of a newborn, the question usually arises about the proper preparation of things before being sent to the hospital. Some women believe in omens and do not buy clothes until the baby is born, but this is not entirely correct - you need to prepare things before the newborn is born. Here are some tips:

  • Be sure to wash purchased items before sending to the hospital. This is necessary to remove starch (manufacturers often add it to clothing to improve its appearance), which can have a negative effect on delicate baby skin. How to wash things for newborns in the right way, you will learn below.
  • Use for dressing the newborn clothes from delicate fabrics. What soap do you wash? Ordinary? Take it away before the child grows up - all things for the newborn should be washed only with baby soap that is safe for the baby’s skin.
  • After washing things for the newborn, be sure to carefully iron them from two sides - the heat will finally kill all the remaining germs that can cause illness (the newborns have very weak immunity).

Do not forget about the processing of new children's clothing. If you do not know the best way to wash baby clothes - wash them with special baby soap, or use the tools listed below.

Preparing for the wash

It is imperative that before washing baby clothes for newborns, a young mother should do a little training, which includes the following mandatory steps:

  • Buy a separate laundry basket in which you will fold the baby's things.
  • Pre-sort things by color - white separately, color separately.
  • If stains are not old, carefully wash them with soap and a brush before washing.

Of course, to prevent the formation of stains is much better than washing children's clothes, but it is almost impossible, because children are trying to get dirty. Therefore, almost all mothers and the question arises how to wash baby clothes for newborns most effectively.

How to wash baby clothes for newborns

Choosing a detergent

How to wash clothes for newborns? There are many answers to this question, but not all will be correct. So, when choosing a detergent, you should follow the tips:

  • Do not use adult washing powders - they contain too much chemistry.
  • When choosing a baby powder, pay attention to those compositions in which substances such as chlorine, phosphate compounds and surfactants are absent - they can be very harmful.
  • Look for an inscription on the packaging of the product that indicates use for children.

If you still do not know the best way to wash things for a newborn, take a few small packages of suitable products, and then test them on individual things.

Plain soap - is it possible?

Many young mothers are actively searching the Internet for information about whether it is possible to wash children's clothes with household soap. It is possible, if used correctly. Here are the advantages of ordinary soap:

  • A good soap contains a minimal amount of harmful chemistry that can badly affect a baby’s skin. Before you wash the clothes of a newborn with soap, be sure of its quality - it is best to take baby soap, of course.
  • A good, regular soap allows for a high softness of the fabric, while many powders and other products make things coarse and hard. Baby soap even better copes with the task of ensuring the softness of the fabric, if possible use it.
  • High-quality soap, even with frequent use does not spoil the structure of the fabric.

If you have a question about how to wash baby clothes with a soap, take baby clothes. The usual can also have a positive effect on the tissue, but in some cases it can provoke an allergic reaction in the newborn baby and harm the skin.

7 highly valuable washing tips

So, you have already decided how to wash the clothes of a newborn in a washing machine? Then it's time to learn how to wash things newborn. The following recommendations will help you:

  • If your washing machine supports baby washing, choose it.
  • For effective washing of things of the newborn it is necessary to set the temperature from 60 to 70.
  • Before washing clothes for newborns, remove adult items from the car.
  • Do not use for laundry conditioners, which have a very sharp smell.
  • Avoid the use of bleach - they can cause allergies in children.
  • Before washing items contaminated with feces, thoroughly clean them with a brush.
  • Use extra rinse while setting washing machine mode.

Is it possible to wash things of a newborn in a typewriter with adult clothes? It is not recommended to do this, as baby clothes can get a wide range of germs with an adult - they will only be harmful to a weak body. Try to separate the days of washing children's and adult things, for convenience, you can make a special schedule of washing clothes.

Wash baby's diaper

Washing diapers is a separate topic that deserves consideration. Instead of buying new diapers in huge quantities, it is better to wash them in a timely and correct manner. You already know how to wash things for a newborn, but how to do it? Follow this instruction:

  1. Rinse the diapers in cold water to clean the urine of the newborn.
  2. Prepare a warm soapy water solution (40 temperature), then soak things.
  3. Leave the diapers soaked in the solution for 15-20 minutes, then rub them.
  4. Remove the items and rinse thoroughly in warm water three to four times, the last rinse to be performed using cold water.

Also, diapers can be washed in a conventional washing machine, using the washing mode of children's clothes. Than washable things newborn in a typewriter? Take baby powder.

Iron or not?

The question of whether to wash new things for newborns is not worth it - this is a mandatory procedure. But is it possible to iron the washed things of the child? Yes, it is very desirable, because:

  • Ironing has a detrimental effect on microbes living on the surface of clothes.
  • Ironing relieves clothing from sharp folds that can damage delicate skin.

If you care about the health of your baby, the question of proper ironing of clothes and linen should interest you no less than the question of how to wash things for newborns.

helpful hints

Even if you know well how and how best to wash the clothes of a newborn, the following tips will definitely not hurt you, as they will prolong the life span of children's clothes:

  • After washing, rinse the clothes thoroughly to wash off the soap and powder. Otherwise, the skin of the baby can react to the impact of funds rash.
  • If possible, wash your clothes with soap nuts. They do not contain harmful substances and are distinguished by high environmental friendliness due to their natural origin.
  • Wash things immediately after they get dirty - it will be rather problematic to wash out the fecal matter that has eaten into the tissue and urine even with good intentions.

Pondering the question of how to wash things for a newborn, choose only high-quality and proven products recommended specifically for washing children's clothes (you can usually find out from the inscription on the package with the product). Take care of the delicate skin of your baby and follow the recommendations given in the manual for washing clothes of newborns. This is the only way to protect your child from possible skin and health problems.

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