Washing baby clothes: basic rules and tips

Posted by: 12.01.2018

As soon as a baby appears in the family, parents seek to create the most comfortable conditions for it. The theme of cleanliness in such a house comes first. Washing baby clothes raises many questions related to the selection of special tools, the choice of mode and method of washing.

Basic rules for washing baby clothes

According to most experts, baby clothes should be washed qualitatively, but not brought to fanaticism. Modern tools can easily cope with even the most difficult of pollution. They are fully adapted for delicate baby skin, and the content of substances that can cause allergies, they are reduced to zero. In addition, there is a mass of proven folk methods, how to wash children's underwear.

At least until the age of three, baby clothes should be washed separately from the adult. Before reaching the same age, it is recommended to use only children's products.

Approximately the first year of a baby’s life there will be a large amount of washing, so it’s better to stock up with the necessary means in advance.

Lovers of starched things will have to give up their habit. This is again connected with the features of high sensitivity of children's skin.

Wash mom's clothes should be the same means as baby clothes. This is an additional measure that will allow you to avoid allergies.

If time permits, organic stains should be washed immediately. This will greatly facilitate the process of their removal. Or at least soak in a soap solution. If you try to wash soiled clothes immediately, you can save yourself from a big mountain of clothes and children will always have clean clothes to replace.

washing baby clothes

Washing children's clothes depending on age

There are no strict rules about how, up to what age and how to wash clothes for babies do not exist. But most pediatricians agree that after a child reaches the age of three, the process of washing things may hardly differ from an adult.

The first 2 – 3 months of a baby’s life its skin is only beginning to adapt to the external environment. The protective functions of the skin do not work yet, it is very thin and easily damaged. At this time it is very important to carefully choose the fabric of linen. The priority is cotton and bike. Washing the newborn's clothes should take place in warm or hot water with a small addition of hypoallergenic baby soap. After it is important to rinse the clothes several times to completely get rid of soap traces.

Excellent antibacterial and softening effect gives ironing with the effect of steam. Need to iron both sides of clothing. Particular attention is paid to the wrong side, since it is this part that has direct contact with the body.

The following 3 of the month can be used to wash children's clothes with special detergents adapted for babies. Rinse is also important. Ironing is so thoroughly optional, but some moms try to steam laundry up to 6 months.

Starting with the 6 months, not only washing powders can be used for washing, but also special conditioners that are designed to soften fabrics. To remove difficult stains at that age and younger, use soaking in warm, soapy water properly.

Between the ages of 1 and 3 of years, baby washing requirements are a little easier. It is allowed to use various cleaning products marked “baby”.

Washing children's clothes depending on age

Special detergents for washing baby clothes

Manufacturers of baby detergents and cleaning products claim that they can be used from birth. This result is achieved by a special formula of drugs, which allows you to gently wash the stains and not harm the material.

There are the following groups:

  1. Laundry soap. The most proven tool in the fight even with heavy spots. You can buy it in almost any store and the risk of developing an allergy to it is minimal.
  2. Baby soap for washing. A modern tool that also gently removes dirt and does not harm the delicate skin of the baby. Some manufacturers offer to buy ready-made soap chips. It can only be used for hand washing. When using chips in a typewriter, it will quickly disable the equipment.
  3. Baby washing powder. Unlike adults, it does not contain phosphates and sulfates, optical brighteners, as well as the minimum number of other components that can cause allergies. At the same time they contain a sufficient number of active elements, such as enzymes, to remove dirt.
  4. Bleach The basis of it should be hydrogen peroxide. It can be used only for natural fabrics and after the baby has reached the age of six months.
  5. Flavors. According to experts, it is better not to use such preparations for children. Chemical odors can cause an allergic reaction.
  6. Stain removers. They contain a large number of enzymes, which allows you to get rid of even the old spots and at the same time do not harm the delicate skin of the newborn.

Soap for washing baby clothes, as well as any other means must have a hypoallergenic sign.

Soap for washing baby clothes

Hand washing baby clothes

Many are interested in how to wash clothes of a newborn in manual mode. The safest products are household, baby soap or powder.

Washing algorithm:

  1. Soak. If there are difficult spots. It is best to blur the right place and leave for 20 – 30 minutes.
  2. Washing. Places where there were stains intensely rubbed, then you can completely wash the entire thing. What drug to choose, the will of the parents. Most importantly, it should be adapted for children's clothing.
  3. Rinsing. This stage is as mandatory as the wash itself. It must be produced with the utmost care. Change the water until it is completely clean. Even a small amount of powder or soap can cause irritation.
  4. Drying. It is best to do this in direct sunlight. This will serve as an additional disinfection. If this is not possible, it is necessary to create such conditions so that the right amount of air flows to each item.
  5. Ironing. Necessary for the smallest. Things kids older than six months can not be subjected to hot processing.

There is no need to avoid washing the clothes for children. Modern technology completely replaces hand washing, and even boiling.


How to wash baby clothes in the washing machine

The washing machine not only copes with the washing of children's clothes, but also makes life much easier for young parents. The main thing is to know which mode to choose. Most models already have a program such as children's laundry. Consider its features:

  1. Temperature. To determine the temperature at which to wash baby clothes, you need to understand that the main task is to get rid of not only stains, but also bacteria. Therefore, the machine washes clothes for babies at 90 ° C. But a slight downward deviation is allowed. Some things in order to avoid their damage it is better to wash at 60 ° C.
  2. Spinning Irrelevant. Plus, high revs in the fact that the laundry dries faster, which means that you will not feel a shortage of clean diapers. Clothing on the way out or one that contains decorative elements is better to press at low speed.
  3. Rinsing. To improve the quality of washing, be sure to set the extra rinse mode.

In addition, it is necessary to choose the desired mode, clothes with stains must undergo additional processing in the form of soaking. Traces of childhood feces pre-soap soap and let lie 20 – 30 minutes.

Do not forget to pay attention to the labels on clothes, they will tell you how to wash baby clothes in a typewriter.

As for ironing, I want to add about its necessity in the first months of life. To answer this question, you can contact the midwives. Their opinion agrees that double-sided hot treatment is urgently needed at least until the umbilical wound of the newborn is completely healed. This will help avoid infection.

How to wash baby clothes in the washing machine

Grandma's Tips

At a time when there were no special children's powders and, moreover, automatic washing machines, our grandmothers found many other ways than to wash baby clothes. These methods are perfect for children who are prone to allergic reactions, as they do not imply the use of special chemicals. Consider the most effective and simple:

  • boiling. It was considered the best way that helped not only qualitatively remove all stains on the fabric, but also disinfected. For this, a large pot or bucket is well suited. The amount of water was taken at the rate of 1: 10, i.e., 1 kg of dry laundry accounted for 10 liters of water. For such an amount of liquid, half a piece of ordinary laundry soap, not white, is sufficient. It needs to be grated. Then dissolve the chips in warm water and put underwear there. Water must completely cover the product. After this, the container is put on a strong fire and brought to a boil. As soon as the water boils, the fire needs to be made smaller. In this mode cook things about half an hour, stirring occasionally;
  • laundry soap and soda. Before boiling clothes soak in water with the addition of soda. 3 Art. l substance on xnumx l water. Soak the 5 – 30 for minutes, then boil it in the usual way;
  • potassium permanganate. Perfectly removes stains from white clothes. Add boiling soap and 1 – 2 manganese crystals to the boiling tank. Boil 30 – 40 minutes;
  • salt. Salt water in a complex with high temperatures gives an excellent effect. In 10 liters of water, dissolve 3 – 4 Art. l regular salt and boil things 40 – 60 minutes.

Important! Boiling is used for washing clothes made only from natural fabrics that tolerate high temperatures well and do not shed. Add things you need only in warm water. If you drop the product immediately into boiling water, the spots will only stick to the fibers and it will be much more difficult to remove them, and in some cases it is simply impossible.

Grandma's Tips

Do not forget that it is important not only to wash and wash children's clothes properly, but also to store them. Prepare a separate box for the baby and a shelf in the closet. This will ensure his safety and reduce the time to search for the right clothes.

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