We erase a coat of drape at home

Posted by: 03.11.2017

What could be better than a warm drape coat? It will save from the cold, cover from blizzards, and will also be useful in the offseason. At the same time, such material as drape requires special care after each winter. In this article we will explain in detail how you can clean the drape, how to wash it by hand and in a washing machine so that the product from it is pleasing to the eye and serves you faithfully.

How to wash a coat of drape at home, so that it retains its original appearance, let's talk a little later, and now tell you a little about the material itself. To the touch drape seems dense and able to endure any bad weather. But not many people know that this fabric has a multi-layered structure, which consists of various wool threads, and sometimes linen and cotton are added to them. The latter provide the product with a long sock and the ability not to be creased.

Wash the coat in a typewriter

If you decide to wash your drape coat after the winter season and want to do it in a washing machine, then first of all examine the label carefully. It usually indicates which way is best to clean the product. If the typewriter icon on it is not crossed out, then it is possible to wash a drape coat in it.

For washing any woolen things, you should use a special tool for delicate fabrics, it is usually sold in liquid form, but there are powders. Regular washing powder is not recommended, as its particles are poorly rinsed out.

Is it possible to wash a coat of drape

We will understand the process of how to wash a coat of drape:

  1. Check all the pockets, they should not be anything forgotten things and debris. Open all cuffs and collar, if any.
  2. Zip up the coat on all buttons, and then turn it to the inside.
  3. Put it in the drum of the car and turn on the delicate wash mode. Please note that the coat can be wrung out at a maximum of 600 revolutions per minute and the water temperature, if the permissible value on the product label is not indicated, should be 30-40 degrees.

Wash the drape coat by hand

Above, we talked about whether it is possible to wash a coat of drapes in a washing machine, but if you do not want to risk it, we will describe the procedure for manually cleaning your outerwear.

  1. Carefully check the pockets, unfasten all the overhead details.
  2. It is best to wash your coat in the bathroom or large basin. To do this, we fill it with cool water, in which we dissolve the detergent, if it is not there, you can take regular liquid soap or shampoo.
  3. If the product is heavily soiled, then we drop it into the water and let 30-40 lie for a few minutes, then use the brush to go through all the dirt.
  4. If you just need to freshen the coat after winter before putting it in the closet, it is enough to dip it into the water with well-dissolved laundry detergent, wet it well, then use your hands or a brush to walk on the cuffs, collar or pockets. Soaking in this case is not necessary.
  5. Rinse the coat should be several times, until such time as the water becomes completely transparent.
  6. It is not necessary to squeeze the coat, it must be hung on a hanger and left until the water is completely drained.
  7. It can also be wrapped in a dense, well-absorbing fabric, for example, in a terry sheet, so that it takes all the excess moisture, and then the coat should be spread out on a horizontal surface, adjusting the collar and pockets, and leave to dry completely.

Another rule that will help to properly dry your outer clothing: do not hang the product immediately after washing on the hanger, as under the weight of your weight, the drape can stretch or deform. Observe the above conditions and your coat is nothing scary.

Dry method for cleaning woolen, drape and cashmere coats

We figured out how to wash a coat from a drape, but not many housewives know that outerwear is specially impregnated with water-repellent compounds. Also, the joints of the seams are glued so that they do not diverge socks and look more neat. To wet such things is impossible. For them you need to use dry cleaning. How to know you can or can not wash your drape coat, for this you should carefully study the label.

The process of dry cleaning your drape coat is completely uncomplicated. It will require a special tool that can be purchased at the store, ordinary talc, or, finally, starch. Consider the stages of home cleaning:

  1. We are preparing a coat; for this, we will remove dust from it with a vacuum cleaner or a “beater” for carpets, and also estimate the scale of the disaster.
  2. Apply talc to all dirty places. Let's leave it on the product on the 5-6 watch, so that grease and dirt get into the cleaning agent.
  3. Use a brush or abrasive sponge to clean the fabric.
  4. We put a sheet of paper on top of the "dirty" places and pass over it with a hot iron. The remains of talc are absorbed into the paper along with the melted skin fat.

So, we have disassembled in detail how to wash a drape coat, use our advice and let your things always delight you with a neat and attractive look.

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