How to wash jeans, so they sat down, or, conversely, did not decrease in size

Posted by: 09.03.2018

If the jeans, which were bought strictly according to the size, began to hang out on the figure or vice versa - after washing it is difficult to get into your favorite trousers, then you do not need to spend money to buy a new thing. It is necessary to learn how to properly care for the product so that it does not lose its original appearance and corresponds to the desired size. How to wash jeans so that they fit? To do this, you should be familiar with the intricacies of the process of washing and drying.

Shrinking jeans: the basic rules of washing

Hot water is a great helper in how to wash jeans so that they sit down. There are several proven methods.

  1. Manual processing. Washing is carried out at the highest possible temperature. The positive effect of washing is fixed by rinsing in both hot and cold water.
  2. Washing in a typewriter with a maximum number of revolutions and temperatures around 80 degrees. This procedure should be carried out infrequently, as there is a risk to spoil the thing. In addition, in the question of how to wash jeans, so they sat down, you need to pay attention to the material. The powerful effects of intensive machine wash can withstand fabrics such as eikru or denim.
  3. Boiling products. For this you can use a large enamel container with water. The pants are placed in a pan and left to boil for about 30 minutes, during which time the product must be turned over using forceps.

It is important not only how to wash the jeans so that they become smaller, but also whether they will retain their original appearance and color after processing. If the product is erased in the "machine" in intensive mode, it is not recommended to add powder. It is for this reason that the trousers fade. The best option is to clean the thing of dirt before washing, using a gentle means.

Jeans shrinkage

Useful Tips for Shrinking Trousers

If the hostess wondered how to wash the jeans so that they sat down, it should be remembered that as the volume of the product decreases, its length also decreases. This should be taken into account when shortened model of trousers. In addition, the following information will be useful:

  • Do not wash products from blended fabrics in very hot water. If trousers consist mostly of synthetics, then the fibers of the fabric will lose their elasticity, as a result of which the jeans will become shapeless.
  • In the "machine" you can not wash jeans for shrinkage, with decorative inserts and elements: lace, beads, sequins, etc.
  • In the question of how to wash stretch jeans, you can not use any of the above methods of shrinkage, since the fibers of elastane (supporting material) in any case will stretch over time.

If none of the ways to wash your trousers so that they sat down would help, then the best option would be to contact the atelier for help. The specialist will remove unnecessary centimeters and adjust the pants on the figure.

Useful Tips for Shrinking Trousers

Dry jeans to not stretch out

To make your favorite pants fit, it is not only important how to wash your jeans so that they sit down, but also how to dry them. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Drying products in a horizontal position. It is best to use a soft towel for this, which will absorb all the excess liquid.
  2. Drying on a rope with a preliminary spin. You can not pull the thing and twist. Experienced housewives use machine-dried, and then hang out pants on the balcony or on the street.
  3. Drying hot type in the "machine". If the washing machine does not support this function, then you can try to hang jeans on the heater. To the color does not burn out, it is necessary to turn the product inside out.

Having chosen the last of the listed methods, it is necessary to put pure matter under the trousers so that unpleasant yellowish stains do not appear on the jeans fabric.

How to dry jeans

Recommendations for the care of jeans so that they do not sit down

Housewives often have another question - how to wash jeans so that they do not sit down. As a rule, fashionable denim tends to shrink after washing, and in order to preserve the attractive appearance of a thing for a long time, it is necessary to wash it less often. Cleaning the material is best done with a dry sponge or using a wet sponge.

If there is a need for deep cleansing, then it is worth considering all the nuances of machine and hand washing. If possible, it is better not to risk and clean the pants with your hands, as in the “machine” with an incorrectly chosen temperature, the jeans may decrease by more than one size. Do not put other clothes that are painted in white, black, red and other bright colors in the drum with jeans. The fabric will be colored and things can be thrown away.

Hand wash

If the question of how to wash the jeans so that they do not sit down, the hostess chose the manual method of washing, then it is best to use a bathroom for this purpose, and not a basin. Due to this, the product will not be deformed. The optimal water temperature is 20 degrees. As a cleansing agent, you can use ordinary laundry soap that can cope with soiling on denim material. You can replace the soap on the powder, dissolved in water.

Hand wash jeans

Before the main cleaning step, the item should be soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes. After this time, the product is wiped with a selected cleaning agent. To prevent the particles from remaining in the fibers of the fabric, the pants should be held under running cold water. It is not recommended to squeeze the thing, it is better to hang them over the bath, so that all the excess water in the glass, and then squeeze out the remnants with a palm, lightly patting the fabric without bending it.

Wash jeans in the "machine"

If you choose the machine method of how to wash jeans, so as not to sit down, you should consider the nuances of processing "capricious" material. The main ones are:

  • Before washing, be sure to check whether the zippers, buttons and rivets are fastened to the clothes.
  • If the product has embroidered ornaments, pastes or sequins are glued, then jeans must be turned inside out (if jeans are simple, without decorative elements, it is not necessary to turn them out).
  • It is best to use a mesh bag for washing in the “machine”.
  • After the preparatory steps, you can turn on the washing machine by selecting the appropriate program.

In some modern models of "machines" there is a program for washing denim items - "jeans" or "denim fabric." If there is no such mode, you can try wash the pants in delicate mode or in manual mode. So that the product does not decrease in size, the temperature of the water in the drum of the washing machine should not exceed 50 degrees. The recommended speed is 600 – 700.

Wash jeans in the "machine"

If there is no heavy dirt on the denim, then it is best not to risk it and use the hand wash. If you follow all the rules for cleaning your favorite thing will look like after purchase: the color will remain bright, and the size will remain the same. If you ignore the main nuances of washing, then you can hopelessly ruin your jeans, plus the financial costs of buying new trousers will be inevitable.

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