How to wash jeans in a washing machine, and can this be done?

Posted by: 07.02.2018

Jeans - a piece of clothing that is in the wardrobe of every modern person. Some people love jeans so much that they sometimes forget that there are other things in the closet. Unfortunately, not many people know whether it is possible to wash jeans, including in a washing machine, and even if they know, do not understand, when what temperature to wash jeans and what other rules should be followed with this. Washing jeans has its own specifics, and it must always be taken into account in order not to spoil your favorite things. This guide will help you quickly understand what you can wash your jeans with and how to do it properly.

How to wash jeans

How to wash jeans by hand - a few tips

It is not always possible to wash things in a typewriter, so it will not be superfluous to first understand how to wash jeans properly with your hands. In this case, everything is as usual, it is only important to comply with these rules:

  • Before you wash your jeans with your hands, you must soak them for at least one hour. Water for soaking should be warm and with the content of high-quality soap.
  • Soaking and washing jeans in laundry detergent is not as good as with soap, but if you do decide to use powder, be sure to dissolve it with plenty of water. Remember - pouring detergent directly onto the surface of jeans can not, because they can deteriorate.
  • At what temperature do you need to wash your jeans by hand? Heat water to 30-40 degrees Celsius.
  • Washing jeans should be carried out in the straightened form, so for this purpose it is recommended not to take a wash, but to use a bath - in it you can straighten your pants to the full length, which is what you need.
  • Clean jeans should be a soft clothes brush, and soap should not soap the brush itself, and the fabric.

Washing black jeans, like blue ones, by hand, is a simple procedure. If you are afraid that your favorite things will sit down during the wash, try a method that was tested in the USSR. It consists of washing the jeans on yourself - you should put on your pants, drench with cold water and clean with a soft brush and soap, then wear wet clothes on yourself until it is completely dry. Before you wash black jeans in this way, make sure that you have good immunity, and the temperature in the room is comfortable so as not to get sick.

Preparing for washing jeans in a washing machine

Can I wash jeans in a washing machine? The answer is yes, but to achieve a result that will not disappoint you, you need to properly prepare for the process. Here are some important rules:

  • Before you wash your jeans in a typewriter machine, fasten all the zippers, buttons and buttons on your clothes so that they do not hang out and not come off during the washing process. Also turn the jeans on the wrong side - this rule is especially important to observe if there are rhinestones and embroidery on the clothes. For safety, you can put your pants in a bag before washing jeans in a typewriter.
  • Pour into the compartment a soft detergent intended for colored fabrics. In no case do not add bleach or powders that have bleach in its composition - at the exit you will get heavily faded jeans that are difficult to wear, except for housework.
  • Now we need to choose the right mode for washing jeans. What mode to wash jeans? Despite the fact that denim itself is very dense and durable, to wash it, you need to select only the mode of washing delicate fabrics. If there is a manual mode, you can select it. In some models of washing machines there is a mode for washing denim products.
  • Choose a temperature. What temperature to wash jeans so that they do not sit down after washing? As in the case of hand washing, it is desirable to choose a value from 30 to 40-45 degrees, but not more.

How to wash jeans in a washing machine

We already understood how to wash jeans in a washing machine, but this is not all that needs to be considered. In doubt remained spin. In what mode to wash jeans with spinning? There are two possible paths to choose from:

  • Wash with a minimum spin speed. After such a spin, the thing must be well straightened in all directions with his hands so that the jeans do not lose their shape and attractive appearance.
  • Wash without spinning. If you didn’t squeeze the jeans, after washing, hang them vertically, then stretch the legs slightly from top to bottom to squeeze out all the remaining water from the fabric of your clothes.

Now you know at what temperature you can wash your jeans and in which mode you wash your jeans correctly.

Competent washing of new jeans - what should be remembered?

Many people are interested in how to wash new jeans so that they do not lose color. To ensure that the first wash of your jeans does not become the last, follow the recommendations below:

  • Wash new jeans in cold water or in room temperature water - no higher than 30 degrees.
  • What can be washed with jeans bought recently? Nothing - the washing of new jeans should be carried out separately from other things, so that nothing faded and spoiled.
  • Turn off the spin completely, and even after washing, try not to squeeze out new jeans.
  • Use a soft detergent for washing delicate fabrics so that your things do not deteriorate.

Bought a new thing? How to wash jeans in a washing machine? Set the mode to manual or delicate, and do not forget about the above tips. This is the only way you can keep new clothes in perfect condition.

How to dry jeans after washing?

How to wash jeans in a washing machine machine, so as not to spoil the clothes, you already know. But there is one more stage to which we must approach no less responsibly - the drying of clothes. Remember these rules:

  • To dry, straighten jeans and hang them upright, give the desired shape.
  • Dry clothes in the open air or in a room with well-equipped ventilation.
  • Do not place your pants near heat sources or in direct sunlight.

Before you wash your jeans, remember these drying rules, so that immediately after the end of the program, do everything as it should - in a business like washing jeans, literally every minute counts.

What if jeans are out of shape and size?

How to wash jeans in the washing machine machine, we have already figured out. However, sometimes people who do not know the better way to wash jeans and how to do this are faced with a situation where jeans lose their shape and size, increase and begin to hang with a bag. There are several ways to solve this trouble:

  • Pour hot water into the container and soak jeans in it, hold until the water has cooled.
  • After washing without spinning, dry the jeans at a high temperature, then hang to dry.
  • Re-wash clothing at a temperature of 90 degrees. Caution - possible loss of color.

If all else fails, you can take a risk and boil clothes in an enamel saucepan. Be prepared for the fact that after such a procedure, jeans can seriously fade - you have to use paint. Now you are not afraid of such a problem, because you have learned how to wash jeans in a washing machine - you just have to follow these recommendations, so as never to face such a situation.

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