How to wash a ski suit without harm to the product

Posted by: 28.03.2018

Today, healthy lifestyle and skiing are actively promoted in the world - one of their most popular sports among people of all ages. In order for classes to take place with benefit and deliver maximum pleasure, you must have a special ski suit - it is a warmed jacket and pants. Today, by the type of insulation there are several types of such suits: membrane, downy and fleece.

Each of them requires special care, so we offer you useful information on how to wash a ski suit.

Tips on how to wash a ski suit with a membrane

Today, winter wear with a membrane is in great demand among consumers. It is light and very warm, and the special lining provides natural ventilation. In such a product, you will not freeze, even in severe frost, and you will not catch a cold. The membrane is a thin layer of tissue with a variety of micropores, so caring for it requires some knowledge:

  1. What you can not do:
  • When washing, use crumbly laundry detergent - it can clog pores;
  • Add bleach - it will damage the thin fabric, after which it will lose its warming properties;
  • Press in the washing machine - the lining will stretch greatly;
  • Iron even with a minimally heated iron. Since the fabric is completely synthetic, it is not resistant to high temperatures;
  • Wash at temperatures over 40 degrees;
  • Use dry cleaning services if it does not specialize in working with membrane things;
  • Press and unscrew even when hand washing, rub heavily soiled areas;
  • Use air conditioners for clothes;
  • Dry on battery or electric heater.

How to wash a ski suit

  1. How to properly wash a ski suit with a membrane:
  • Erase only in manual mode;
  • Allowable water temperature - 30-40 degrees;
  • Use liquid powders and gels. Today there is a wide range of special products that are designed for washing membrane things - this information is provided on the label. NIKWAX products are in high demand.
  • When you have collected water in the container, dilute in it the necessary part of the detergent and soak the suit for half an hour;
  • It is recommended to treat soiled areas with soap.
  • After washing, hold the things so that water escapes them;
  • Spread a clean dry towel on a flat surface, lay out the suit on it and leave to dry. If the house has a well-absorbed fabric, you can use it. Periodically turn over the suit, and change the towel.
  • When the product is completely dry, treat it with DWR impregnation.

Now you know how to wash a ski suit with a membrane.

Products from down: how to wash a ski suit in a washing machine

Despite the fact that downy ski suits are easier to wash than membrane ones, it would not be superfluous to find out:

  1. What not to do:
  • Keep damp - the down will simply rot, and the thing will not be suitable for use;
  • Compact fold - it will damage the insulation and its heat-saving properties;
  • Use loose powder, bleach and aggressive stain removers;
  • Dry on the battery or heater;
  • Wash more than 40 degrees in water temperature;
  • To iron, because the surface of the product may deteriorate.

How to wash a ski suit in the washing machine

  1. How to wash ski pants and a jacket with a down at home:
  • Handwash. In this case, it is recommended to use liquid powders, gels or ordinary liquid soap. Pour into a deep container of water, dilute the detergent and soak the product for 30-40 minutes. Then wash and rinse well;
  • How to wash a ski suit in the washing machine? To do this, set the temperature 40 degrees and thoroughly rinse. It is advisable to wash the costume without additional items;
  • Down product can be twisted in a centrifuge at medium speed;
  • To dry a suit you need to quickly because fluff can start to smell unpleasant. To do this, hang up your pants and jacket in a sunny, well-ventilated place. Otherwise, use a heat fan. You can put it on the meter distance.
  • Keep a downy ski suit should only be straightened on the shoulders. This will significantly prolong its service life and maintain a good appearance.

These recommendations can be used if you do not know how to wash a sports suit in a washing machine.

Washing of ski suits with fleece insulation

Unlike down and membrane items, fleece products are suitable for hand and automatic washing, however, there are several strict rules for their care:

  1. What you can not do:
  • Set the temperature of the washing over 40 degrees;
  • Twist at maximum speed of the centrifuge;
  • Use aggressive chemical detergents;
  • Dry in the washing machine, on the battery or heater;
  • Ironing.

How to wash a ski suit

  1. How to wash a fleece ski suit in a typewriter machine:
  • Temperature mode - 30-40 degrees;
  • Wash without extra items;
  • It is recommended to use a special mode for washing synthetic items;
  • Rinse at least twice;
  • Numerous reviews of housewives confirm that for washing fleece things it is better to buy products from Nikwax Tech Wash, for rinsing - Nikwax Polar Proof. These tools reliably retain the warming and water-repellent properties of clothing.
  • After washing the product is better to hang on the clothesline - so it dries faster and finishes after the centrifuge.

As a rule, all ski clothing is impregnated with a special impregnation, which repels moisture and dirt from the fabric. Therefore, it will be useful to learn how to wash a ski suit:

  • If the stain is insignificant, you can wipe it with a regular wet cloth. In the absence of napkins, you can use pure snow;
  • In case of severe contamination, it is recommended to use special membrane tissue cleaners. Apply a small amount to a sponge, treat it with a stain and wash the residue with a clean, damp cloth.
  • From the budget, an effective stain removal can be provided by a dishwasher, shampoo or soap.

General recommendations for washing and caring for a ski suit

  1. Wash the product only when necessary;
  2. If there are small spots, it is better to wipe and clean them immediately, and not to wash the entire costume;
  3. Wash the product at least 1 every three to four weeks;
  4. Be sure to treat the suit with water repellent;
  5. Spend some money and buy special laundry products;
  6. Thoroughly dry the suit;
  7. Wash the product after the end of the ski season;
  8. Store in a cellophane case, hanging by the hangers.

We tried to pick up only proven tips that will help keep your ski suit in perfect condition for many years. But still, try to wear the thing carefully and check its condition after each use.

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