How to boil things - tips and tricks

Posted by: 06.11.2017

Boiling clothes for whitening is one of the most ancient and proven ways to make things white and also to disinfect clothes and underwear well. Previously, no one wondered how to boil clothes, because it was made from natural fabrics that are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures. The only problem was the boiling of colored things that could fade in the process. Now, synthetic fabrics have become widespread, in connection with which many housewives began to show interest in the question of how to boil clothes in a pan so as not to spoil their things and make them whiter and cleaner. If you are also interested in this topic, this detailed guide on how to boil clothes at home will answer all your questions and help you understand the right boiling technology.

How to boil white things

General recommendations for proper boiling

Before you boil things, be sure to study the labels on the clothes that you are going to expose to such effects. It is possible that the label indicates a ban on washing at high temperatures - in this case, you will have to find out how to boil the laundry, and choose alternative ways so as not to damage your things. If your clothes, in your opinion, will be able to withstand boiling, remember a few rules:

  • Before you boil white laundry in a saucepan, pick a suitable container. The pan should be made of stainless steel, enameled containers with a volume of 10 liters are welcome.
  • Wait until the detergent is completely dissolved in water before boiling the white stuff. If you load clothes before the solution is ready, the boiling efficiency may drop dramatically.
  • Boil can not only dirty laundrybut also clean clothes. As a rule, clean things boil in order to return them to the original whiteness, as well as get rid of yellow stains from chlorine.
  • Before you boil white dirty laundry, soak it in the same solution in which you boil.
  • Try not to immerse too dirty things in the boiling solution - dirt can brew, after which it is very firmly absorbed into the fabric fibers. In the end, it will be very difficult for you to wipe your clothes off dirt.
  • How to boil white things? The main rule - do not forget to regularly stir things with a solution. It is necessary for uniform digestion of clothes, which is what boiling is aimed at.
  • After the solution boils, be sure to turn down the heat. Otherwise, the contents of the container along with the foam will fall out, which can lead to damping of the flame and trouble.
  • Whitening by boiling is recommended not more than several times a year. Too frequent use of this procedure may adversely affect the things that you handle.

These are the most important tips on how to boil the laundry in a saucepan - these will be enough to prevent most of the common mistakes when boiling things. Now you should familiarize yourself with the most popular technologies, how to boil white underwear properly, and also to boil colored things.

6 proven boiling techniques

Many people are interested in how long to boil clothes, and this is a really important question. How long you need to boil the laundry will depend on how many things you boil in one set, as well as on the chosen technology of digestion. Also, in order to answer the question of how much laundry should be boiled, you need to know which fabric is undergoing digestion. Average boiling times range from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours, depending on many factors. Find out in detail how much to boil things, you can below, and now familiarize yourself with the most common ways how to boil things with your own hands:

  • For each liter of water used to boil, add 20 grams of laundry soap and the same amount of regular soda (you can take soda). Per kilogram of dry laundry will need about 6 liters of such a solution. Before you boil the bedding at home, thoroughly stir the prepared solution, then proceed to digestion. To do this, put a container with a solution on the fire, wait for boiling, immerse things in the container and reduce the fire. How much to boil clothes in this way? Enough 60-90 minutes on low heat to bleach clothes and make things cleaner and disinfected. After boiling, turn off the heat, let things cool, then rinse them in cold water and hang them in the open air for drying.
  • Is it possible to boil colored things, such as jeans? Yes, it is possible, and in the solution described above. How much to boil clothes color? No more than one hour - this must be strictly followed, as too long a digestion will lead to the fact that colored things will lose their color forever.
  • How to boil colored things so as not to cause them damage? In addition to the shortened time, you can use a special solution. Take as a basis the soap and soda solution described above, then add 2 spoons of liquid ammonia to it. In the same way, white things can be boiled if a little hydrogen peroxide is added to the solution. How much to boil clothes for bleaching? 40 minutes.
  • How to boil baby things to disinfect them? Dissolve a few tablespoons of bleach and soda in 10 liters of water (it is advisable to take soda), then boil things using the technology described above. Boiling time should not exceed 60 minutes so that things do not get damaged. Also for the safety of children's clothes in the solution, it is desirable to add a small amount of baby soap.

Now you know perfectly well how to boil white and colored underwear without a loss. Use the knowledge gained in practice to ensure that your laundry is always clean and disinfected, which is very important for children's clothes.

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