How to beat the fluff after washing: tips on caring for a down jacket

Posted by: 28.11.2017

Jackets with a natural filling of down and feather - one of the most popular at the moment. They are versatile, practical and used for everyday wear and for outdoor activities. However, over time, any thing gets dirty, and winter clothing is no exception. And then there are other questions: how to clean the jacket and how after washing straighten fluff puff? In fact, everything is not so scary and complicated as it seems at first glance.

How to wash a jacket so that the down is not outta

Of course, you can include a down jacket in the dry cleaning. However, the continued use of this service will be very expensive. Yes, and the material of the upper part may be sensitive to such influences. Therefore, it is easier and cheaper to clean the jacket at home. However, you need to follow some rules, so that after washing a down jacket, the down does not get into lumps.

If the pollution is light or in a small area, then we can limit ourselves to local cleaning. For example, zastera only sleeves or collar. At the same time it is not necessary to wet the outer clothing. The cleaner also needs to be used in small quantities, otherwise there will be stains.

How to wash a jacket so that the down is not outta


If the time has come for the general cleaning of the thing, then you can wash the down jacket in the washing machine. This is the easiest and most convenient method. However, you need to follow a number of recommendations so that the fluff won't get off after washing and ugly divorces do not appear:

  • Proper selection of detergent is an important condition for successful cleaning. It is best to use a special powder (on the label it can be indicated: “for outerwear”, “for down-padded coats”, etc.). Liquid products also give a good result: gels, concentrates: they are easily rinsed out and do not leave stains. The usual powder remains in the filler, because of this, the fluff clumps together, collapses, lumps appear inside, and outside - stains;
  • for the down jacket use a smaller amount of powder or liquid concentrate. The rate must be reduced by a third;
  • Now you need to properly prepare a down jacket for washing: unfasten all fur elements (edges, collars, etc.), if possible, or simply close them with plastic bags;
  • it is desirable to fasten locks and buttons. Fragile elements of fittings can be taped;
  • If the wash of the jacket is alarming, you can pack it in a special bag for washing: it will save fabric and accessories from possible damage.

Preparation will reduce the risk that the down jacket will be knocked down after washing.

Wash machine

When the down jacket is prepared, you can proceed to the wash. Jackets can not be washed in hot water, because of this, the insulation falls into lumps, and the material of the top can shrink. Light items are recommended to be washed at a water temperature of 40-45 ° C, and colored and dark ones at 30 ° C.

Wash outerwear is recommended on a delicate or gentle mode.

In order not to think about how to straighten the down in a jacket after washing, you need to take preventive measures: put an 3 tennis ball in the drum. They will beat the fluff right during the wash, knead gathering lumps, will not allow the filler to compose.

Especially carefully you need to rinse down jacket. If the detergent remains, the down and feather stick together during drying, and stains will appear on the material on the outside and on the lining. If there is a large amount of powder or heavily soiled things, it is recommended to rinse them twice.

It is necessary to wring out carefully. With a large number of turns (over 800), the filler rolls into coarse lumps. In order not to think later about how to distribute the down in a down jacket after washing, you need to pre-set the appropriate number of turns.

Wash machine


Perhaps this is the most crucial stage. During drying, you can do something, if the down jacket got off after washing. But if you do nothing, the filler will simply stick together and lose its heat-shielding properties.

After washing, the down jacket is allowed to flow around, if the water still drips after pressing. Winter things need to be dried in straightened form. It is best to expand the jacket on the dryer and put it near the radiator. Do not hang clothes directly on the pipes or heater. This method of drying can adversely affect the condition and quality of the material of the top.

When drying it is necessary to provide good ventilation. However, direct sunlight must be avoided, as they may damage the product. You can put the jacket near the door or the vents or place in a shady place. Draft will be useful: thanks to the wind, the insulation will dry out evenly.

Often, down jackets are left in the bathroom. This is a big mistake. Here, high humidity, poor ventilation and a small amount of air. In addition, it is often not possible to position the product horizontally. It is impossible to dry the jacket on the hangers, since then it will be extremely difficult to break down the down in a down jacket after washing.

Every few hours (from 2 to 4) need to shake and turn the thing, try to shift it so that the filler was completely straightened.

Drying down jacket

In winter, it is possible to use the temperature difference, i.e., either make the product frost, then bring it into a warm room. At each change, you need to carefully disassemble and knead the filler. Due to these changes, the insulation will dry faster, the process of decay will slow down, and the down jacket will acquire a pleasant frosty scent.

The drying process should take no more than 48 hours. If the feather and down longer will be wet, it will negatively affect their condition and quality.

After complete drying, you will need to additionally beat the filler, because, even if everything was done correctly, small lumps can still form. How to break down in a jacket after washing? To do this, use a beater for carpets. A simple smooth stick, something like a cutting or a mop handle will also be very effective. Before processing the jacket you need to fasten all the zippers and buttons and hang it on the hanger. In order to straighten the down in a down jacket after washing, you will have to hit the product with a stick like a carpet when dust is knocked out of it. Especially often the insulation falls down in the lower part of the hemline and near the pockets and cuffs. Strikes should be applied in different directions to make the beating as efficient as possible. But you need not to overdo it, so as not to damage the product.

If there is no suitable tool, you can try to do it by hand. Of course, more forces will be needed, but, on the other hand, the down jacket will be constantly felt.

If everything is done correctly, the product will become even lighter and fluffier than it was before washing, and, therefore, warmer.

What to do if down got lost in a down jacket after washing

Not always everything goes smoothly. And it may happen that the filler is not distributed evenly. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance what to do if the down jacket after washing is outta lumpy. If this happens, then the whole product must be spread out on a horizontal surface, straightening the fluff. Especially in those places where he outta. Then you need a little tweak the jacket. Tingling need to be repeated periodically. You can combine them with turning over, i.e., they shift the thing differently and immediately pinch. So do until the jacket does not acquire a look close to the original. Not loosened lumps after drying break with a stick.

What else can be done with a down jacket after washing? You can beat the filler and using the washing machine. To do this, you need an already dried jacket and tennis. balls put in the washing machine and enable spinning. A dry down jacket will spin in the drum, and the balls will break up lumps of filler. After pressing the winter item, you will need to shake it a little and beat it up a little more. The number of revolutions needed to be reduced.

Often, the fluff is knocked loose in wringing out. This is due to the fact that it is still wet. To make the filler sufficiently dry and become more fluffy, you need to repeat the spin procedure once or twice. If the feathers are sufficiently dried, they will straighten themselves and be distributed more evenly. However, completely dry the product in a typewriter machine is not worth it, because the filler must be periodically manually redistributed.

What else can be done with a down jacket after washing?

There is a way to whip a down jacket after washing with a vacuum cleaner. If the fabric of the top is quite dense, then you can just go through the thing with a vacuum cleaner without attachments. You only need to act carefully: small, jerky movements, especially in the area of ​​lumps.

If you have any doubts, you can use a vacuum cleaner in another way: put the jacket in a tight bag, pump it out or squeeze the air out of it. Make or leave a small hole, put a vacuum cleaner on blowing. From the air pressure, the down will be evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the product and straightened.

After applying any of the following methods, how to break up lumps in a down jacket after washing, it is recommended to walk manually over the entire product to check the quality of straightening of the filler. All remaining and found, even very small, lumps will need to be removed: to pinch them with your fingers.

Basic Errors

If a few mistakes, because of which the thing may be hopelessly corrupted. They should be avoided:

  • you can not soak down jacket, otherwise the filler will quickly and efficiently stick together;
  • the use of bleach is forbidden: they are fatal to down;
  • Wash clothes can only be in warm water, room temperature;
  • drying should take no more than 48 hours, otherwise the insulation will start to rot;
  • to speed up the drying process, you can place things around the heaters, but not them! This creates a fire hazard situation, and the fluff from the intense heat coalesces and loses its shape;
  • the jacket should be spread, dry in a horizontal position, but not a towel, since it prevents the free circulation of air;
  • you can not leave the thing in wet areas, for example, in the bath, here they are suffocating;
  • drying on the shoulders is prohibited, since the filler rolls down;
  • do not dry clothes in compressed form.

Basic Errors

With proper preparation and washing, there should be no problems with how to remove the lumps in the down jacket after washing: the filler itself is more or less evenly distributed inside the product. The jacket will only need to tamp, so that the down and feather do not clot during drying. There are a lot of ways how to return the old look to a down jacket after washing, they are all quite effective. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose something suitable for themselves and for their things. It is possible that putting the jacket in order will require a combination of several methods.

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