Choosing powder for washing children's clothes

Posted by: 28.10.2017

The modern market offers a wide range of washing powders. However, not all of them can be used for washing children's clothes. Baby washing powder should not contain harmful synthetic additives and artificial components. The health and well-being of the child depends on their quality.

Choosing baby washing powder

What kind of washing powder to wash things newborn? Choosing a suitable brand, you should pay attention to the composition of the components that are included in its composition. It is unacceptable to use brands with phosphates and surfactants. It is these substances that contribute to the occurrence of skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, irritation.

Pay attention to the specified number of chemicals included in the detergent. If the description lists only a few components, then it is better to refuse the purchase. Detergents may not include 2-3 substances. The manufacturer simply hid a list of these components. And they can adversely affect the health of your baby. In addition, washing powder should meet the following requirements:

  1. Tight, sealed packaging. If the package is crushed, crushed, or has other damage, then this indicates that storage conditions are violated, which means that it is impossible to use powder for washing.
  2. The presence of plant components. Prefer brands containing herbal extracts. They not only clean children's things, but also care for delicate skin. These brands do not cause allergic reactions, because during washing they are completely washed out of the fabric.
  3. Lack of a bright, pronounced smell.
  4. Lack of strong foam during use.
  5. Hypoallergenicity. For babies up to one year, select brands marked “Hypoallergenic”.

How to wash clothes

When choosing a powder for newborns, you should not rely on reviews of friends or advertising. Be sure to focus on the individual characteristics of your baby. If after washing things on the skin of the child red spots, rashes, itching appear, immediately refuse to use the chosen brand.

What powder is better to wash things for newborns? Top Marks

  1. "Children's Tide". The brand contains chamomile extract, which gently cares for delicate baby skin. It can be used to care for things from any kind of fabric. However, it is better to refuse washing of things from wool and silk with this powder.
  2. "Karapuz". The basis of the tool is baby soap, so it can be safely used for washing diapers and clothes for newborns. The powder can be used even in cold water. "Karapuz" perfectly copes with any kinds of pollution.
  3. "Eared nanny." This brand can safely buy for washing children's things. You can use it from the first months. It is possible to wash things with “Eared nanny” not only in cold, but also warm water. With any pollution, it is in any case to cope perfectly. However, doctors often do not recommend using it for washing things, since there is a risk of allergic reactions.
  4. "Myth". The basis of the product is baby soap without the addition of fragrances. When using it, you can not worry about the occurrence of irritation. The structure also includes components that carefully care for the washing machine drum and prevent the occurrence of scale.
  5. "Aistenok." The brand is suitable for both hand washing and washing in a washing machine. The composition includes an extract of aloe. He carefully cares not only for the fabric, but also for children's skin.

How to wash clothes for newborns

How to better wash children's things: useful tips

It is important to decide not only on how to wash clothes of newborns with a powder, but also on how to wash them properly. Use the following tips:

  1. Sort things by type and color of fabric. For each type requires a different mode of washing. If you ignore this simple rule, you can not only spoil the clothes, but also harm the delicate skin of the baby.
  2. Wash diapers at maximum temperature, as this will get rid of germs and bacteria that have accumulated on the fabric.
  3. Things from thin fabric wash in the delicate mode.
  4. Be sure to use the Extra Rinse function.
  5. If you wash clothes manually, pre-soak them to simplify the process of getting rid of dirt.
  6. Apply clothes that have dried, additionally process a hot iron. Hot steam will provide additional disinfection.

What else can wash clothes for newborns?

Soap shavings. Washing powder did not always exist. Or existed, but had a harmful composition that adversely affects the skin of newborns. Therefore, pediatricians advised to use soap shavings. You can find it in stores today. It is made on the basis of whey, so it does not bear any harm to the baby. Soap shavings can only be used for hand washing.

Liquid cleaning products. Liquid products can be safely used for washing children's clothes, since they lack dyes with a strong odor, dust and other harmful substances.

Fabric softener. This tool can only be used to handle things from 3 years. This is due to the fact that they have a pronounced smell, which often becomes the cause of allergies. The tool has an important advantage - it softens the fibers of the fabric, which makes it soft and pleasant to the touch.

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