Wash nylon tights in the washing machine and hands

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Today pantyhose is a wardrobe item without which no self-respecting woman can do. But capron is a material that requires delicate care, therefore, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity strive to provide proper care for products made of synthetic fabric. Secrets to how to wash tights, so that they retain the perfect look as long as possible, are ready to share experienced housewives. Manufacturers on the label accompany a couple of pantyhose care recommendations and strongly do not recommend washing in the car. But the modern woman lives in a frenzied rhythm, which has taught her to save time, so most are interested in how to wash tights correctly, after spending a minimum of effort and time. Carefully approach the detergents, which significantly affect the result, because faded stockings are unlikely to please the girl. On the product packaging marked requirements: temperature wash, acceptable detergents.

Manual washing rules

Buying products from nylon, the question arises, how often to wash tights? The first time it needs to be done immediately after purchase, because any new thing should be refreshed. To do this, rinse kolgotki in warm water with the addition of liquid soap. Ideally, it is necessary to continue to stretch each time after use. If you make yourself such a rule, then every woman will understand that this procedure does not take more than 2-3 minutes. Yes, and manufacturers strongly recommend hand washing. By trial and error, experienced housewives formed the rules for how to wash tights by hand, which will relieve a woman from unnecessary trouble and prevent damage to the delicate synthetic fabric.

It is necessary:

  1. Use only water at room temperature. Hot water has a detrimental effect on capron, which significantly shortens the period of wearing. Cool water will help avoid deformation of the product.
  2. It is necessary to remove jewelry from hands, so as not to damage the structure of the fabric and not to make puffs on the stockings.
  3. If a poor-quality manicure, you should use rubber gloves, because hooking the loops on tights with problematic nails is very easy. Using gloves for washing can protect not only the skin of hands from the effects of detergents, but also a delicate fabric.
  4. Stop the choice of better detergents for delicate fabrics. There should be no aggressive bleaching additives in the composition. It is necessary to give preference to liquid variants, because they are easier to flush out. Some housewives recommend regular shampoo, the effect of which is amazing.
  5. Rinse in cold water until complete removal of detergent from the fabric.
  6. You need to wring out the lump, you can not twist it, because it affects the overall look of the product. Young mothers are puzzled by how to wash children's tights, but there are no particular differences in the care, both for adults and for children's products. Here are just detergents should be taken carefully, so that when worn do not cause an allergic reaction on the skin of the child.

how to wash tights by hand

Can I wash tights in a washing machine

Despite the fact that manufacturers recommend manually washing hosiery nylon products, women are interested in the question, is it possible to wash nylon tights in a car? Considering the chronic employment of the modern woman and the laziness of the mother, which prevents you from following the instructions on the pantyhose packaging, most girls adhere to the principle: “If you can’t, but really want to, then you can!” A forbidden method with the right approach can give a positive result. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the main points in order to know exactly how to wash nylon tights in a washing machine. It is clear that for the sake of a pair of tights, no one will drive an automaton, so you need to strictly follow up with which products they are sent to the drum.

  1. Interested in how to wash tights in a washing machine correctly, you must divide the tights by color. Products of light shades can be washed together - they are white, solid or ivory colors. Black can be washed only with black things, in no case allowing them to join the company of either dark blue or chocolate wardrobe items, so as not to seek advice on how to save faded clothes.
  2. It is necessary to take care in advance of a garment bag in which nylon stockings or panty hoses are placed. It is better if there are several for white, black and colored things. The cost of such an accessory is insignificant, and the life of the hostess will make it easier, because it can wash other items made of delicate fabrics. In his absence, you can sew the bag itself from a piece of tulle. Is it possible to wash nylon tights in a typewriter without a bag? You can, if after the hostess is ready to get the elongated products, a solid snake entangling things in the drum into one.
  3. Before washing you need to choose the most gentle mode in the washing machine. Ensure that there is no function of push-ups and boiling.
  4. We need to take care of the soft powder for the machine. It is better if it is detergent for children's things, but chips from baby soap in the powder compartment will not work, but will harm the machine. Liquid remedy is the most suitable option for seekers how to wash nylon tights in a washing machine correctly.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to wash off contamination with the use of stain removers and bleaching agents. In no case can not get rid of spots on tights with the help of aggressive drugs that will destroy the product from capron. Relying on existing experience, carefully choosing how to wash nylon pantyhose, you can extend the socks of your favorite pantyhose. A diverse assortment of products that adorn women’s legs on the modern market puzzles girls, who prefer stockings with original designer jewelery. Women are often concerned about the question, is it possible to wash nylon tights in a washing machine if the product is decorated with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery? The answer is categorical - no! This is excluded even in the bag.

how to wash nylon tights in a washing machine

How to cope with traces of heavy pollution?

How to wash nylon tights when spotting tights on pantyhose? To do this, it is worth thoroughly soaping the problem area with soap and leaving it in warm water for a while. Depending on the degree of contamination, this will take from 20 minutes to 2 hours. After soaking, wash as usual. With fresh stains, this method works faster. But often from poor-quality shoes left a mark on the stocking. Therefore, a common question, how to wash off kapron tights from the traces of shoes, is relevant for both women and mothers whose daughters are returning from the sandbox. White claws can change the color of the shoe even when the foot has sweated in black or red shoes. White laundry soap will help to wash off any contamination in this case. First, you need to soap the painted area and diligently wash, wash out the initial contamination, soap the product again and leave for 2 hours in warm water. After soaking, you can wash it by hand or send it to the drum after plunging into a special bag.

how to wash nylon tights from the traces of shoes

How to dry pantyhose correctly?

If we managed to figure out the question of how to erase nylon pantyhose correctly, then subsequent manipulations are also important. It is forbidden to unscrew the product from caprone, so if you wring out a lump or when using a towel, you should straighten each stocking. Dry better on a blanket or towel. It is not forbidden to hang tights on a rope, but not in the sun. But a hairdryer can not be used for these purposes, as well as hanging tights on hot batteries. The attribute of femininity will always please the owner with her purity if she listens to the recommendations tested by experienced housewives.

How to dry pantyhose correctly

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