How to wash the tulle at home

Posted by: 18.01.2018

Curtains and tulle - it's not just the main decoration of the room. It is also the main obstacle in the path of dust and exhaust gases. Being such a serious element of the decor of the room, tulle requires a careful attitude, because the nylon, silk curtains, organza are very delicate. How to wash curtains in a washing machine so that they keep the brilliance of novelty for as long as possible?

Key recommendations

First of all it is necessary to remove the curtains from the eaves with a good shake of dust. You can do this on the balcony or on the street. Knocking out dust is a very important stage of preparing curtains for dust, because the remnants of street dirt can stretch a grayish shade to the time of prostration. How to wash curtains and whether it can be done in the machine-automatic?

Washing the tulle in a typewriter

  • First, the curtains should be soaked in a basin or in a bathroom with cold water. You can add a little powder with bleaching ingredients to the water. If the water becomes dirty from dust residues, it needs to be changed.
  • Before you wash the nylon curtains or from any other fabric in the machine, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the manufacturer. But an important condition - tulle from different materials together can not be washed.
  • Before washing the nylon curtains in the washing machine, they need to be straightened. Laying in a tulle tank in one lump is not recommended.
  • If there are several curtains, it is impossible to fill the tank with them, as this will worsen the quality of washing. Also, tulle worse rinse.
  • In the use of powder it is better to be restrained, rather than pour too much money. The fact is that an excess of powder can cause ugly divorces.
  • Wash tulle in hot water is not worth it, especially color, so as not to spoil the paint. At what temperature to wash nylon curtains? The optimum temperature is 40 degrees.
  • After washing, rinse the curtains again in cold water.
  • To dry the tulle should be well straightened on the rope, away from heating devices and in any case not in the sun.

How to wash the nylon curtains in the washing machine

Select the washing mode

  • If the curtains are sewn of organza or velvet, then they should be washed only in delicate mode. Such material will not tolerate coarse washing, and you completely ruin the curtains.
  • How to wash nylon curtains in a washing machine? Kapron can be easily washed in any mode, but it is necessary to turn off the spin cycle, otherwise curtains will very strongly curl.
  • If you need to wash hard lambrequins, then it is better to dry clean them, as in the washer they simply lose their shape.
  • Curtains with glass beads should only be hand washed.
  • How to wash the veil in a typewriter and which mode to choose? For this thin material, only manual mode without spinning is suitable. Before you wash the curtains from the veil, they should be soaked. Best temperature for washing 30 degrees.

Difficult pollution

How to wash a veil or nylon, if there are complex stains on the curtains? Especially difficult pollution appear in the kitchen. To curtains better washed, they need to soak overnight in cold water with the addition of baking soda. After that, the curtain is washed in a suitable way for it in a detergent.

Fat stains from tulle are removed by starch, simply by dusting the dirt. To return the whiteness of the kitchen curtain, it should be soaked in saline for several hours.

But if the tulle has become gray or very yellow, then it will be very difficult to return to him the brilliance of the novelty. Many housewives decide to part with the once very beautiful curtains, and buy new ones. Although there are some tricks that can breathe a second life into the curtains.

We wash the tulle to white

Over time, curtains lose their whiteness, they appear small specks, various spots. Of course, if you don’t even remember how many years you have with the curtains, then the matter is completely hopeless - you have to buy new ones. But if the yellowness is not so strong, then something can be done.

Quick cleaning method

If the yellowness on the curtains is not so strong, then try before washing the veil in a washing machine or other tulle, soak it in a warm soda solution for the whole night. After that, the curtains are thoroughly rinsed and sent to the washer for the main wash.

We remove a little yellowness

Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a liter of cold water. In the solution should be soaked curtains for a couple of hours. If the effect is not noticeable, then you can leave the tulle in the solution for the whole night. Then the curtains are rinsed in cold water and washed with detergent. Tulle should be noticeably whiter.

Remove fat traces

Such pollution is often on kitchen curtains. To remove the fat trail, sprinkle the stain with potato starch. Then the starch is lightly rubbed into the fabric, and after 15 minutes removed. Then the stain should be stuck with a bleaching agent, such as soap for stains. Everything, it will be necessary only to wash tulle in the typewriter.

The second life of the old curtains

One trouble-free method will help to return the former whiteness - the tulle should be rinsed after the main wash in the blue solution. The material should become whiter after the first time. Replace blue can be brilliant green. A very weak solution is prepared from green stuff. And rinse in it washed up tulle.

You can also use ammonia. 1 Art. spoon diluted in a basin of hot water. Add 2 Art. peroxide spoons. The solution will be aggressive, so you need to immerse the tulle in it only with gloves on. The curtains should lie in the 15 solution for minutes, after which they rinse thoroughly. But this option is not suitable for curtains with a picture.


Great if you have oxygen powder or high-quality bleach. Use means according to the instructions. But note that chlorine bleach is not suitable for curtains, as they aggressively act on delicate material and easily damage it after prolonged contact.

How to stroke the tulle?

The easiest option is not to iron the tulle at all. You can stretch curtains in non-pressed mode, and then lightly press them manually. Then the curtains simply return to the eaves in a wet state, where they sag and straighten themselves.

  • Nylon curtains do not need to be ironed at all, as the water from them quickly drains, and the tulle under its own weight smoothes out on the eaves.
  • Cotton material can also not iron. But if you decide iron cotton curtains, it should be done from the inside and at the minimum temperature.
  • All synthetics need to be ironed only through the fabric, otherwise you risk completely spoiling the material. In addition, yellow stains quickly appear on synthetics from the iron. Do not use the spray gun when ironing synthetics, as the water drops will leave traces.
  • Viscose can be ironed with a moistening iron. You can even include steam. But stroking viscose only from the inside.
  • Silk and polyester can only be ironed using natural fabric or white paper.
  • Tulle with embossed pattern can be ironed, but only from the inside out and without steaming.

In general, any tulle can be smoothed with a steam cleaner after you hang it on the cornice.

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