Hostess for a note: washing a cashmere coat in a typewriter machine

Posted by: 06.12.2017

Cashmere products are very delicate and capricious, so spoiling them is very simple, but this does not affect their great popularity among the population. Some believe that cashmere means skilfully dressed wool, which has a high value. But in reality, the fabric is structured from the down of a mountain goat species. The process of collecting and processing the down process is cultivated only by hand. This is done because it is under these conditions that the effect of a quality thread is achieved. The result is pleasant to the touch cashmere, which does not cause irritation and does not leave a nap. Therefore, when cleaning the material, you must be careful not to damage the delicate structure.

Many people ask themselves a certain question: how to care for such a product at home?

How can I wash a cashmere coat?

A cashmere coat is not recommended to be machine washed, since there is a certain risk that the fabric is deformed, or it will completely lose its shape and attractiveness. The most rational way to care for the product:

  • Dry clean;
  • To give dry cleaning;
  • Wash by hand.

A dry cleaning method involves the use of a soft brush. Cashmere coat hung on the hangers. Carefully fasten the buttons and start brushing the dust and other external rubbish with light movements of the brush. Today, there are special tools in the form of powder, which are designed to clean these products. To apply them is elementary: a small amount of the product is applied to the brush, and they begin to clean the material. After such manipulations, a cashmere coat is left on the balcony and gives fresh air. A few hours will be enough to refresh the product.

Cleaning the coat of dirt

In the absence of finance for dry cleaning, you can handle on your own. The first thing to do is to carefully inspect the product for contamination. To get rid of them will help almost any cleaning agent that is available in the house. For example, if fatty spots are found on a coat, then a solution of detergent and glycerin comes to the rescue, in proportion: one hundred grams of not cold water and a teaspoon of the elements mentioned. Next, we wet the swab in the liquid and begin to process the pollution. It is important to remember that the removal of stains should be carried out from the edge to the center.

With the help of glycerin and ammonia (two spoons - one spoon, respectively), you can freely get rid of coffee stains, and hydrogen peroxide will help with a beer drink.

After removing all stains, you can safely proceed to washing. What you need for this:

  1. We collect in the capacity of cool water (up to thirty degrees);
  2. Dissolve detergent, which is intended for delicate items;
  3. Drop the cashmere coat into the solution and soak for a few minutes;
  4. Gently wipe the coat with the hands, then rinse in cold water;
  5. Straighten the coat and put on cotton fabric. Give the drain of excess water;
  6. We put the wet coat on the shoulders and let it dry completely.

Drying cashmere coat

It is worth noting that, while observing all the recommendations for the coat, ironing is not required.

How to wash a cashmere coat in a typewriter?

If you do not really want to wash it manually or simply too lazy to do this procedure, then in certain conditions you can wash it in an automatic machine. But there are always clear rules, compliance with which will preserve the primary attractiveness of the product. As a result of this, many housewives now know how to wash a cashmere coat in a typewriter machine:

  • Products that contain a significant amount of synthetic or wool element are suitable for automatic washing. Absolutely pure cashmere is not recommended to be washed even in the most modern machine;
  • At home, the temperature indicator in the typewriter is set no higher than 30 ºС. The basis of the washing component are mild detergents. Pre-rubbing of stains on the coat is not necessary. Spin can be carried out with 800 drum speed. Drying the product is done in the same way as for manual washing.

Washing a coat in a washing machine

Now you know that with washable cashmere coat really cope on their own at home, which will significantly save money. It is only necessary to remember that this fabric is extremely delicate and requires very careful handling. If you comply with all the requirements for washing the product and do not rush, the result will exceed all expectations. An updated coat of cashmere will get the original appearance, as if it had just been bought.

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