Is it possible to wash rugs of various materials using a washing machine

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When asked whether it is possible to erase the mats in the washing machine, it is worth considering that the process itself consists in the complete washing of not only its bases, but also the nap. Carpets are washed in special washing machines or industrial-type installations in production. However, some products can be cleaned at home.

Housekeeping Tips for Washing Carpets

If the hostess wondered whether it is possible to wash carpets in a washing machine, you need to consider the material from which the product is made. Without damage to the ornament and dimensional stability, it is possible to wash almost all carpets on synthetic and wool basis with the use of benign products. There are carpets that can be washed in a washing machine, and there are products for which this procedure is unsafe: viscose, silk, linen, handmade. These carpets need special cleaning conditions and the use of special tools.

Before you wash the bath mat or any other room, you need to choose a suitable product - laundry detergent, special washing composition or shampoo. The choice depends on the product itself, or rather, on the fibers from which it is made (natural or artificial). Carpet tags usually contain information about the authorized cleaning method, the use of chemicals and the method of drying. Any carpet products should not be treated with aggressive agents that contain chlorine. In the opposite case, the thing will be unusable.

Is it possible to erase carpets? This method is not suitable for all products, but only for those that have small overall dimensions and are made of certain materials. In addition, choosing the “machine” way, you must always soften the water with a special tool, since hard water can spoil the product.

Is it possible to wash rugs in a washing machine

Washing PVC and Microfiber Bath Mats

Wash PVC bath mat is possible, but without the use of washing powder. You can not squeeze and dry the product in a typewriter: the rug is hung on the crossbar, for example, for curtains, and turns over to the other side every 5 hours. To speed up the procedure, you can roll the product into a roll with a large towel laid in it, which quickly absorbs moisture.

What is the best mode for washing bathroom rugs? You need to select only the delicate / careful mode. If this is not the case, then it is recommended to clean the product manually using a cloth or a brush with a soap solution. For routine cleaning of a carpet product, it is best to always choose a hand wash (once a month), if there is an unpleasant smell or a stain has formed, then you need to wash the thing right in the machine.

Microfiber mats can also be cleaned in a washing machine, but separate from other things. Do not add to the drum softening conditioners, various stain removers and bleaches, as well as aggressive detergents. The optimum water temperature is from 40 to 60 degrees. Higher temperatures will damage the fibers, and a few drops of essential oils can be added to achieve maximum disinfection. It is also not recommended to use the powder for washing, it is better to opt for soft scrubbing capsules or special shampoos that help to cope with even the strongest pollution.

How to wash a bath mat

How to wash a bath mat

Any rugs made of synthetic material, including anti-slip, can be washed in the machine in normal mode. Before throwing the product into the drum, it is recommended to soak it in warm water with the addition of the following means:

  • Washing powder without bleaching effect and flavors;
  • Laundry soap or any other dyes;
  • Antiseptic, for example, "Dettola".

Important! The appearance of the product may be hopelessly damaged if you add a mixture, which is composed of chlorine. To avoid any kind of scuffs on the coating, it is better to use special covers or nets. You can not press in the machine mats, only natural drying. Like synthetic carpets, cotton products can also be machine-cleaned. In the drum you just need to add a few unwanted towels.

Washing of a rug with a rubber basis

Rubber bath mats can be washed in a special bag once a month, no more often, and at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Mode - "Delicate" or "Manual" wash. With frequent processing in a washing machine, the base may be deformed and disintegrate. Therefore, if the product needs to be cleaned urgently, then it is better to wash it manually:

  1. Prepare a soap solution that needs to be moistened with a soft bristle brush, for example, to clean clothes.
  2. Treat contaminated surface.
  3. Rinse with water from the shower.
  4. Gently squeeze and dry.

Attention! It is best to dry in a room where there are no heaters nearby and windows are open. Rubber with good ventilation will not dry out and will not further exfoliate. When machine washing mode "spin" should be avoided.

Recommended Carpet Treatment

Summing up, we can conclude: the rugs in the machine can be washed, but with preliminary processing to remove debris and dirt particles and following certain rules. Primary processing can be carried out by vacuuming or soaking. A special vibrator is convenient for this, the principle of action of which is to "squeeze out" dust microparticles. If there is a stain on the rug, it is advisable to treat the product with a soft stain remover.

The washing is carried out with the use of materials suitable for the type of fiber. At the end of the process, the carpet can be rinsed with a special finish. Since carpets are often susceptible to specific contamination, for example, from pets, it is recommended to use preparations that neutralize unpleasant odors and prevent their subsequent absorption during cleaning.

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