How can I wash the color and white swimsuit to look like new

Posted by: 04.03.2018

Of all the abundance of swimwear is very simple to choose the one that will appeal, but it is much more difficult to keep its original look. Wash the swimsuit, so that it does not fade, does not stretch out and lose saturated colors, you can at home, following certain recommendations and tips.

How can I wash swimsuits

Many people mistakenly believe that bathing suits often do not need to be washed, as it is often in the water and there is no pollution on it. Traces of cosmetics used on the beach, sweat and sand are always left on the fabric. In addition, far from pure water acts on the fabric: fresh river water is contaminated with the smallest algae and silt, sea water contains a large amount of salts. Even after swimming in the pool, there are traces and smell of disinfectant reagents on the bathing accessories. Therefore, you need to remember one thing - it is necessary to wash a swimsuit after use.

How to wash a swimsuit

What is the best way to wash a swimsuit? If you look at the labels on the product, you may find that manufacturers recommend only hand washing. This method of washing is best chosen for products "under the bones". Asking whether it is possible to wash a swimsuit in a washing machine, the main thing is to follow some rules, and then the thing will look like a new one, especially as modern models of household appliances provide for gentle washing modes for delicate fabrics. The main thing is to purchase a special high-quality tool suitable for the most "capricious" materials.

Faded swimsuit: how to restore colors

With frequent washing, exposure to polluted water, sunlight, the product may lose its original bright colors. How can I wash a faded swimsuit? It will help to cope with the problem of stain remover, which is designed for a specific type of fiber (you can see the composition on the product tag).

It is recommended to moisten a dense white fabric in the tool and attach to the place of the swimsuit, where the colors are mixed and faded. In the solution of the stain remover, you need to wash the product, and then rinse it in cool water mixed with vinegar (proportion of 1 to 2). A solution of vinegar can be used for prophylaxis, so that the colors do not fade, do not mix and do not lose intensity.

Washing a swimsuit: comments experienced housewives

Many are faced with the problem of how to wash a white swimsuit, if it shows fruit stains or traces of sunscreen. In this case, will help any detergent, supplemented with ammonia, in equal parts. The most fashionable swimsuit can also save ammonia and salt (proportion of 2 to 1). The mixture is applied to the contaminated area, dried, after which the product is carefully stretched by hand or machine.

In addition to taking into account what to wash a swimsuit, you need to follow a number of rules that will keep your favorite thing for a long time attractive. The main ones are:

  • You can not dry swimsuits in the open sun or on a warm battery;
  • Bathing accessories in white should not be washed with color;
  • It is not recommended to squeeze out an elastic fabric; the right method of drying is to hang it on a hanger;
  • Do not leave the swimsuit in a wet state in a bag of polyethylene.

It is best to buy a special bag in which you can wash the most delicate items. Water for washing should not be hot, the optimum temperature is about 35 degrees. For frequent washing, you can use any shampoo without dyes, if there is no special gentle agent at hand.

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