Mistress note: how to wash a jacket from Columbia in a typewriter

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Known worldwide the American brand Columbia has been popular for several decades, because its clothes help to maintain comfort during any bad weather. Also, the secret of this success lies in the reliability and practicality of the style of the created clothes. In jackets from Columbia, you can play sports and use them for everyday life. During long socks, any clothes get dirty and take on an unattractive look, so many housewives have a logical question: how to wash Columbia?

The most basic way to get rid of stains is to send the product to dry cleaning. But most people do not like this perspective, because it is not affordable for everyone and does not always give the expected result.

If you decide to do the laundry yourself, read it carefully. The main source of information on washing the product is the tag on its back side. It contains all the basic care instructions to eliminate material deterioration. A particular difficulty lies in washing the outerwear with the downy component. But in the modern choice of jackets are increasingly common models that are not necessary to wash. The only item of care for the product can only be a wipe with a damp cloth contaminated area. The remaining representatives of the American brand should be washed by hand or in an automatic washing machine.

How to wash columbia jackets correctly?

Как to wash a columbia jacket in a washing machine? So, look closely at the label on the back of the jacket and look for the image of a triangle with intersecting lines. If such an image is not available, this means that the product can be washed in an automated machine. Before starting to wash, remove all auxiliary fur components. These elements include the collar and the base of the hood. The main danger, which pursues the jacket-down jackets - is dumping the down component. An additional problem with the washing of such products may be the appearance of stains and unsightly stains. To prevent these problems, you should follow certain rules:

  • Water selection should be based on the product tag. Usually, the optimal mode in which the American brand of jackets Columbia retains its shape and does not contribute to the occurrence of molting is 30-40 ºС;
  • We release the pocket space from all sorts of small elements and fasten the zipper. We turn the sleeves on the trigger to the wrong side;
  • To secure you can use a special bag. Before washing, we pack a jacket into it and add a couple of tennis balls so that the fluff cannot fall;
  • On the washer we set the mode of additional rinsing so that it does not work out the stains;
  • For washing it is recommended to use special detergents, are intended only for down-padded coats. Such agents have two excellent factors: improved rinsing and antistatic effect;
  • In the absence of a product care label that prevents spinning, machine spinning can be used. But the best option would be to spin in the manual way, and drying is carried out only by hanging the jacket over the bath, so that the water gradually flows down;
  • It is much easier to wash the jackets with synthetic fillers, as they quickly restore their original shape and dry out quickly.

How to wash a columbia jacket in a typewriter

How to Wash Columbia Jackets with a Membrane

Many mistresses are wondering how to wash a Columbia jacket with a membrane? Everyone knows that washing membrane things is a little different from ordinary products. After all, the use of conventional washing powder contributes to the rapid clogging of the pores of the membranes, that is, such things are washed only with liquid powders, without the content of various kinds of bleach and air conditioners.

What not to do when washing membrane things:

  • You cannot use automatic spinning machines, as the membrane deteriorates;
  • The use of aggressive substances is contraindicated, including ordinary laundry detergent;
  • It is not recommended to use dry cleaning and bleach;
  • The jacket of the membranes is contraindicated to iron. Synthetics under the influence of high temperatures melts, and the structure of membrane pores is damaged;
  • Do not pre-soak the product;
  • It is contraindicated to dry the jacket in direct sunlight and on products that delay the circulation of air masses;
  • It is contraindicated to dry Columbia jacket for more than two days. If necessary, you can leave the jacket to dry near the heat source, but not near the heating devices.

What to do when washing membrane things:

  • You can wash the jacket with membranes manually. For example, in a bathroom or a basin, but only with special preparations;
  • Drying of membrane things can be carried out in a suspended state on a rope;
  • On a dried and clean jacket it is possible to apply a special sprayer from a cartridge, such as DWR;
  • When choosing special detergents, you should carefully read the instructions. It should indicate that the agent is permitted for membrane tissues. Among the well-proven care products for such products are “Weasel” and “Eared Nannies”.
  • But, of course, the most elementary way among owners of Columbia jackets is considered the “old-fashioned” method of washing. It consists of using laundry soap and washing by hand. This wash is effective, but only for the outer clothing of the spring and autumn period.

Now you know how to wash a Columbia jacket. If you follow these simple rules, the product will serve you for a long time and will retain all the functionality provided by the manufacturer.

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