How to wash a down jacket - proven tips and tricks

Posted by: 09.01.2018

Down jacket as clothing is very popular in many countries with a cold autumn and winter, including in Russia. Despite their versatility, practicality and reliability, down-padded coats have a disadvantage - it is rather difficult to take care of them without knowledge of the case. Many people are interested in how to wash a down jacket, receiving a response from the manufacturers with the advice to take the down jacket to dry cleaning. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of a professional dry-cleaner; therefore, the question of how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine becomes even more relevant. Is it possible to wash down jackets for down in the home? Yes, if you do it right. This is where this guide will help you in how to wash your down jacket.

Washing a down jacket - proper preparation for the upcoming procedure

Before you wash down clothes in a washing machine, you will probably have to visit a sports shop. Do not be surprised, everything is logical - you need to buy several large tennis balls. They will provide invaluable assistance in the process of washing downy products - more on that later. If you already have a tennis ball at 3-4, you can skip this preparatory step and immediately proceed to the following recommendations on how to wash your jacket in a washing machine with proper preparation:

  • If there is fur on the jacket, before washing the jacket down jacket, it is necessary to unfasten it. If this is not possible, it is better to think about how to do the washing with your hands without a washing machine.
  • Check all pockets on the jacket, remove foreign objects from them, fasten zippers and buttons, then turn the product on the wrong side, straighten it and put it in the washing machine.
  • Before you wash a down jacket in a typewriter, put a few prepared tennis balls in the washing machine drum. No need to put a lot - 3-4 pieces will be enough.
  • Add detergent. A special tool for washing down jackets can be found in a sports store. The fact is that initially, down-padded jackets were considered to be purely sportswear, therefore, it is in the outlets of the relevant subject matter that you can find the detergent necessary for washing.

Now, when the preparation is completed, you can understand how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine. There is nothing difficult in this - you can understand how to wash down in just a few minutes of free time.

Proper washing of fluff in a typewriter - what should be remembered?

Many people do not know whether it is possible to wash jackets for down in a washing machine, so they are slow to leave or spend money on expensive dry cleaning services. Here are some important tips on how to wash a down jacket in a typewriter so that the result of washing does not upset you, but only pleased you:

  • Before you wash your jacket on the down, make sure that there are no other things in the drum of the washing machine. Only one down jacket can be washed at a time, and no more so that the items do not deteriorate.
  • How to wash down coat in a washing machine, in order to prevent the appearance of stains and stains on the jacket? In order that after washing there were no soap stains on the surface of the down jacket, it is necessary to use only liquid detergents, preferably designed for washing fluff.
  • Set the water temperature to no more than 30 degrees before washing down jacket to down.
  • Is it possible to wash a jacket on a fluff in a delicate mode? Can and should be! If it is possible to set the manual wash mode, you must install it. It is impossible to wash down in other modes.
  • Before washing the down jacket to down, set the spin speed at the level of 600-800 revolutions.
  • Set several rinsing cycles in the washing machine machine - there should be at least two. The last rinse should be done in cold water. This amount of rinsing is necessary in order to wash the detergent from the fibers of the jacket, in order to avoid stains.

How to wash a jacket on the down

Following these tips on how to wash a downy jacket in a washing machine will allow you to reduce the risks and result in a jacket that can be worn further. However, this is not all that is necessary to know for success. So, it is not always possible to wash down products in a typewriter, so it’s important to know how hand wash down jacket. Do not worry ahead of time - this is absolutely nothing complicated.

Secrets of the correct washing of the down jacket by hand

You do not know how to wash a down-padded coat with your hands at home, and washing in a typewriter is prohibited by the manufacturer? Do not worry - the right hand wash is often more preferable than the machine wash. In order to do everything right, you should remember and apply the following guidelines for hand washing fluff:

  • Forget washing powder. Many try to clean the fabric with a powder, and at the same time make the most important mistake. The fact is that the jacket perfectly absorbs the detergent, and after that it will be very difficult to wash it. In addition, the surface of the fabric is covered with white stains. To prevent such negative effects, you should choose a special liquid means.
  • Do not rush to start washing. Before washing down products, carefully inspect the surface of the fabric. It may be possible to remove dirt by hand using a brush dipped in a liquid detergent. If the spots are fixed very firmly, use a good stain remover. Often you can do without washing at all - just brush your jacket with a brush.
  • Watch the temperature. Before you wash your jacket with your hands in peace, make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. Washing in hot water will make a sponge shapeless.
  • On forget about soaking. It is worth recalling that it is necessary to soak the product on 10-15 before washing the jacket from fluff. This will soften the pollution and make the washing process less expensive.

Is it possible to wash down jacket with air conditioning and other similar means? It is not recommended to do this, since as a result, there can be hardly removable white stains on the fabric surface.

How to dry a down jacket after washing with your hands or in a typewriter

So, now you know how to wash a feather down jacket in a washing machine, as well as how to wash down items without using appliances with your hands. But that's not all - the drying process is just as important as the wash itself. Moreover, improper drying can lead to the fact that the product finally deteriorates, and it will be impossible to wear it anymore. So, the jacket for fluff wash is over - how to dry? Here are some tips:

  • To dry the product must be strictly vertically. To do this, hang the jacket on the shoulders and straighten. Make sure that the down jacket dried in its original form, because after drying it will keep it.
  • Place the jacket outdoors or indoors with good natural or artificial ventilation. Blowing down jacket with air will allow it to dry more quickly and evenly.
  • Do not try to artificially speed up the drying process - do not place the product close to sources of fire and heat, and also don’t put a down jacket in direct sunlight. Pooh does not like high temperatures.
  • In the process of drying, you should regularly beat the down jacket and straighten the filler. If this is not done, the down will begin to stray, and as a result, the jacket will lose its volume and attractive appearance.

Only four tips will help you not to make the most common mistakes that lead to the sad result. Use the advice you received on how to wash a down jacket so that down does not get out to maximize the life of your products. Do not forget that washing down jackets should not be carried out too often - if possible, use clothes carefully and try to clean them more often. Share tips on how to wash your jacket down feather with loved ones, so they also know what to do!

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