What are laundry bags in a washing machine and what are they for?

Posted by: 14.04.2018

A laundry net is a useful invention that has already been appreciated and loved by millions of housewives. With them, the washing process has become easier, and the durability of things has increased significantly.


Before you begin to describe the benefits of this outstanding device, you should understand why it is, in general, necessary. The main purpose of the bags is to simplify the washing process and reduce the negative impact of the washing machine on clothes.

Laundry bags in a washing machine are definitely distinguished by these advantages:Laundry bags in the washing machine

  1. Saving the form of clothing. This quality is especially valuable for cleaning delicate things like wool and silk.
  2. Safety washing machine. Cufflinks, zippers, locks, buttons - all of these items can easily damage the inside of the equipment and disable it. When using grids, these elements do not have contact with the surfaces of the machine.
  3. Eliminates the loss of small items. Even by chance, the remaining items in the pockets will not fall out anywhere and will not clog the drain hole.
  4. Wash small items. Cleaning socks and bras with their help is much more convenient. These accessories do not mix with larger things and they do not have to, then look for a long time.
  5. Reduction in the percentage of wear of things. Packed in mesh clothing is less likely to deteriorate and longer preserve the appearance.
  6. A special bag for washing shoes allows you to gently clean textiles and avoid strong shocks during the spin cycle.

Saving family budget can not stay away. After washing is no longer leads to rapid deterioration of things, and, therefore, to buy clothes can be much less.


Manufacturers offer a large number of products that may differ:

  • shape (square, circle, cylinder, rectangle);
  • zipper (zipper, laces);
  • dimensions (50x70, 30x40, etc.);
  • materials (polyester, nylon).

An overview of the range allowed us to find that the most popular are laundry bags with the following parameters:

  • shape: cylinder, rectangle;
  • fastener: lightning;
  • material: polyester;
  • Size: 30x40 cm.

Also in the shops you can find special nets for specific items of clothing, such as bras, outerwear, shoes.


There is no special technology for washing in bags, but there are several simple rules, the observance of which will improve the cleaning result.

Tips on how to properly use a laundry bag:

  1. Proper filling. The most important condition. After loading things in the product should be enough space. This is necessary so that all clothes can be washed qualitatively. Ideally, fill the bag with ¾, and a quarter is left empty.
  2. Place in the car. If you plan to load several such bags into the drum, then in this case you should also leave enough space. The weight of the loaded items should be at 1 kg less than the maximum possible, set by the manufacturer. This will help not only to better clean clothes, but also will guarantee that all the cleaning agent will be able to fully rinse.
  3. Means for washing. It does not matter which view will be selected. Both liquid and powder are equally effective. The only rule is to fill the facility with only the places provided by the manufacturer. This can be a compartment for washing powder or directly a drum.
  4. Before use, be sure to check the integrity of the product. If there are gusts, it is better to eliminate them immediately, otherwise things will simply jump out into the drum during washing.
  5. Pick up a bag for washing in accordance with the size of those things that will be erased in it.

Do not forget, after each use the bag must be thoroughly dried. Before you send it to storage, you need to zip up.

Features of choice

To buy a convenient and practical bag, you should follow some recommendations:

  • bags that keep their shape are distinguished by higher washing rates. In them, clothes are better washed and rinsed;
  • choose models that are equipped with special lock clips. This will avoid accidental disclosure in the process of washing;
  • for bras with underwire, it is better to purchase special products with stiffeners;
  • for ease of use, it is better to purchase several bags of various sizes at once;

Thus, the laundry net should be a mandatory attribute for each hostess. After all, they will not only simplify washing, but also help keep your favorite things in the best possible way.

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