How to wash a fur collar - protect your fur!

Posted by: 20.12.2017

Most winter jackets and down-padded coats are completed with fur collars that warm the wearer's neck and adorn the clothing itself. Like the jacket itself, the fur collar should be regularly cleaned and washed, as it is also capable of collecting dust and dirt, losing its appearance. But how to wash the fur collar from the down jacket, so as not to spoil the product? This question asked many owners and hostess before washing the fur collar. If you follow the recommendations of this manual, you can protect the fur from damage and clean it as delicately as possible. How to wash the collar of a jacket if it is made of fur? Ready to wash?

How to wash a fur collar down jacket

Washable fur collar

Often, fur collars on jackets are easily and quickly removed for easy washing, so, before you wash your fur collar at home, check to see if you can remove it. If there is such an opportunity - do it so that the jacket does not disturb you in the process of cleaning the fur. Also, do not forget before washing the collar of the down jacket, look at the label - it is necessary in order to find out, natural fur or artificial. On this will depend on how to wash the fur from the jacket. So, artificial fur is erased in the following way:

  1. Disconnect the fur collar from the jacket and put it in the washing machine drum.
  2. Set the delicate wash mode, set the temperature control to 40 degrees.
  3. Pour the required amount of washing powder or gel into the machine compartment.
  4. Wait until the end of the wash, arrange the collar horizontally and dry.

Is it possible to wash the fur from the jacket by hand? Yes, only in the process of such washing it is necessary to ensure that the water was comfortable for the fur temperature, and the actions themselves - delicate.

Washing of natural fur

Many wonder whether it is possible to wash a natural fur collar in water. It is strictly forbidden to do this, as water will ruin the fur and lead to deformation of the thing. If you are interested in how to wash natural fur collar, refer to the methods of dry washing. The best way to wash a natural fur collar is to take it to a dry-cleaner, in which experienced workers know exactly how to handle fur products. If there is no possibility to apply for dry cleaning, resort to the following folk recipes:

  • Gather some potato starch before washing the fur on the collar. Pour a little starch on the product, and then spray it on the surface with a solution of shampoo in water. Do not wet the fur too much so as not to deteriorate! After the starch has the appearance of the dough, brush it off.
  • How to wash white fur from a down jacket? Use hydrogen peroxide - soak a cotton swab in it and wipe the surface of the fur with it in the direction of the pile. Walk around the product several times to completely clear the fur of black dirt and dust.
  • Heat a small amount of fine sand in the oven, then pour it onto the surface of natural fur, then remove it. If the result is not the first time, repeat the procedure until the fur is completely clean.

These are the most effective and proven methods in the people how to wash fur from a down jacket at home, if the nap is of natural nature. Use only dry methods of washing natural fur, and do not resort to using water - so you will make it worse!

We wash the fur on the fixed collar

How to wash a down jacket with fur, if the collar can not be separated from the clothes? In this case, everything is a little more complicated, however, washing is possible. The solution depends on the type of product with fur:

  • Down jacket. You can give a down jacket to the dry cleaning if you are afraid for the fate of the clothes. How can I wash the fur from the down jacket at home? Send it to the washing machine, before you set the delicate mode of washing. In order to prevent the down from washing during washing, add a few large tennis balls to the drum, which will not allow clothes to deteriorate.
  • Parka. How to wash a fur collar on the park? You can do this together with the jacket itself, both in the washing machine and manually. Before this, you need to look at the label on clothes to find out which mode and temperature should be set.
  • Leather Jacket. Can I wash a fur collar with a leather jacket? It is impossible - for this you will have to use only the manual method, while preventing water drops from falling on the leather surface. The best option - to pass the product in dry cleaning.

Now you know well how to wash the fur from the down jacket and other winter clothes, so as not to spoil the thing. Use only proven methods and always look at the tag on clothes before washing the artificial fur from the down jacket, and natural fur too.

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