How to wash reusable diapers?

Posted by: 16.03.2018

But if our grandmothers swaddled newborns in gauze triangles, today the reusable diaper is a comfortable velcro panties, in which removable liners are inserted. These diapers are made only from natural materials, and this original and eco-friendly clothes for baby pop can be washed. For example, many mothers are interested in how to wash Gloryes reusable diapers?

A disposable diaper is able to withstand several urinations, and accumulate moisture so that the baby's bottom does not break. But it is still made of oilcloth, so that the skin will not breathe - dermatitis, diaper rash and other irritations may appear on delicate baby skin. Therefore, before you think about how to wash a disposable diaper, take a closer look at reusable products that are much more durable and safe. Non-disposable diapers can be washed.


Reusable shorts are made only from natural fabrics. This means that diaper rash and allergies to your baby will not be scared. The size of the panty is regulated by velcro, so that the product purchased in the 2 of the month can be suitable for a child even in a year. And most importantly - the baby in reusable shorts feels like he is urinating or walking in a big way. The sensations of urination and defecation in reusable diapers make it easier for the crumbs to get used to the pot.

Pediatricians in one voice in favor of reusable diapers. But for moms there are difficulties - after all, reusable shorts often have to be washed or replaced in them. There are questions - how to wash reusable diapers and whether reusable diapers can be washed after a bowel movement.

how to wash reusable diapers

How to wash?

The most important advantage for moms of reusable shorts is the possibility of washing them in an automatic machine. Panties can be washed many times, and they will not lose shape and will not sit down. But, before loading the diapers into the tank, it is necessary to wash urine and feces under them with a tap.

It is not necessary to postpone the washing of reusable panties "in the long box". Simply, the faster you remove all the pollution, especially feces, the longer the diapers will last. In addition, if you do not tighten with the wash, the panties will wash much better.

When washing in the machine, the temperature should be around + 40-60 degrees. At lower temperatures, the panties are not well washed. A higher temperature may damage the product. When washing it is better to choose the mode for delicate items or hand wash. When washing diapers, an extra rinse should be used.

How to wash reusable diapers

Preparing for the wash

Usually, mothers do the main washing after collecting all the diapers, so as not to start the car almost idle. It is necessary to sort the baby's underwear. For example, diapers, cleared of "content" can be easily washed along with sliders. Some mothers, until the washing is done, soak the used diapers in a bucket of water, to which a couple of tablespoons of baking soda are added, so the fabric of the panties is better washed, and the stools are easier to clean.

Powder selection

Is it possible to wash diapers with powder? Of course, but only granular, childish. In principle, for washing children's clothes, you can use all the means intended for the prostration of baby clothes. It can be both children's powders, and special, very gentle gels.

Dosing means should be according to the instructions. In no case should you exceed the dosage of the powder in the hope that diapers will be better washed off. The fact is that excess powder can settle on the fabric, which, in turn, can cause irritation to the delicate skin of the child.

It is not recommended to wash baby diapers with soap, even special ones, for babies. Soap can only wash up fecal masses, but it is better to wash in powder or gel. The fact is that soap covers fabric fibers with a thin film that prevents moisture absorption. If you use soap often, it will damage the diapers.

Is it possible to wash diapers with powder

What should not be used for washing?

In no case do not use for washing such panties bleaching powders and products with chlorine. Not only that such funds will spoil the special fabric of the panties, they can cause harm to the child.

Do not also use air conditioners, as they leave a raid on the fabric. If you use air conditioning, it will lead to deterioration of the panties and can cause the appearance of allergies and the baby. In addition, baby clothes will eventually smell unpleasant.

Drying and ironing

It is advisable not to dry the panties for constant wear in the car, and not to use heating devices for drying. Inside the diaper is a fabric that absorbs moisture, and it is somewhat similar to silicone. This fabric is very capricious, and heating it can spoil. Inserts for panties are not afraid of drying in the car or on the battery.

Ironing such panties can not be at all. Including it is impossible to iron inserts from microfiber and microfleece. Inserts made of bamboo, cotton and hemp are not afraid of ironing.

Drying diapers

Choosing a reusable, environmentally friendly panties for the baby instead of a synthetic disposable diaper, the mother does very correctly. Each mother takes care of her baby, and tries to create the most comfortable conditions for him to sleep and wake.

How to wash reusable diapers or panties each mother decides in her own way. You will use baby powder or you will prefer gels, you will wash it by hand or in a machine, it's up to you. The main thing is for your baby to be healthy and cheerful, and to be comfortable and dry day and night.

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