Is it possible to wash cement from clothes

Posted by: 13.02.2018

How to wash cement from clothes: a review of effective ways, the sequence of actions when dealing with stains from a solution.

Stains from cement are considered one of the most difficult to remove. The liquid solution penetrates deep into the fibers of the fabric and quickly sets. After that, it becomes very difficult to remove it: it is tedious to otkovyryat fossils, and remove the remaining grayish stains from the fabric. However, there are proven methods of washing, without resorting to dry cleaners (although this is also an option, and quite working).

First aid

Cement is sold as a dry powder. By itself, it is not a problem, but after contact with water, it turns into a sticky mass, which holds together various blocks, bricks and not only. Often the solution sticks to clothes almost tightly. Even after removal, there are ugly stains. In general, clothing becomes ugly grayish-dirty color. Therefore, when working with cement is recommended to wear those things that are not sorry to mess. Even professionals cannot completely avoid falling drops of the solution onto clothes.

If the solution gets on the clothes, it is important not to delay the treatment, but to start it immediately, until the mortar has seized. Then it will be too late. The most important thing is not to let it freeze. Therefore, the stain must immediately begin to process. If there is no opportunity to do cleaning, then you need to keep the cement moist. It is best to soak soiled clothes in water. As a last resort - constantly water it or attach a wet rag.

However, immediately wash your pants or a jacket with a powder is not worth it. This is the worst idea, how to wash the solution from the clothes. The fact is that the cement is activated by water, and when rubbed, it can penetrate even deeper into the fabric. So washing is not suitable for the initial stain removal.

Vegetable oil to remove stains

The easiest and most reliable way is to use vegetable oils and fats. In severe cases, it may occur how to remove the oil stainbut it is not as difficult as the stain from the solution. Act as follows:

  • Vegetable oil is applied to the contaminated area without sparing. The solution should always be wet. To prevent the entry of air and the hardening of the cement, the thing or only the damaged area is wrapped with polyethylene (with plastic wrap or put in a bag), and is tied tightly on top. Leave for a short time to stain soaked with oil.
  • Before cleaning the stain is again dipped in vegetable oil and left for another 2 hour, so that the solution is softened completely. After that, the cement is removed, it will be quite easy to separate.
  • To get rid of the oil stain, you have to wash things in a warm soapy solution. You can also use dishwashing detergent.
  • Then the item is rinsed and washed again.

No oil stains

In order not to bother with greasy stains, you can prepare another cleaning mixture. It does not quickly and effectively remove the cement, but it can also come in handy. Prepare the solution as follows: in 500 ml of warm water stir 50 ml of dishwashing liquid and the same amount of glycerin. All carefully and slowly stir. The finished product is applied to clothing and rubbed in a circular motion. You can use a toothbrush. Most importantly, no pieces of cement should remain in the fabric. The procedure is repeated until the thing is clean. Then it is washed and rinsed. This is the least traumatic way for clothing.

If the cement has hardened

These traces of construction work are the hardest to remove. After hardening, the cement turns into concrete. The procedure is performed in the 2 stage:

  1. First, remove the concrete, its dried pieces, with the help of a sharp object. We must try to remove the cement from the fibers of the fabric.
  2. If at the first stage the result was unsatisfactory, then go to the 2 stage. Cotton pads or tampons moistened with a solvent and applied in a contaminated area. White spirit, acetone, etc. can be used as a solvent. However, they are quite hard on the fabric and can damage it. Clothes with cotton pads are put in a plastic bag and left for some time. The solution in this time is soaked, it becomes easier to remove. This is a good way to wash concrete from unpretentious fabrics. For delicate matters, this measure will not work.
  3. After removing the concrete, you need to wash the item in the washing machine. This procedure will refresh the thing and allow you to assess the quality of the work done.

In addition, you can use special tools and washes for concrete and cement. However, to begin with, they need to be checked on an inconspicuous area. And then only carry out cleaning according to all the rules specified in the instructions.

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