How to wash children's toys in a washing machine without risks?

Posted by: 23.01.2018

A child, wherever he goes, almost always takes with him his favorite soft toy, or several such at a time. It is for this reason that toys very quickly get dirty, pick up germs on themselves, lose their attractive appearance and begin to carry a potential threat to a child’s weak body. For this reason, the care of toys should be given special attention. Many parents are interested in the answer to the question of how to clean a soft toy that can not be washed. Do not throw away the same product, right? There are many ways to wash soft toys in the washing machine and with your hands, even if the manufacturer does not really recommend it. It's time to figure out how to wash soft toys in a washing machine and what you can not do.

Proper preparation of toys before washing - what should be remembered?

In order to choose the most appropriate way and mode of washing, before washing soft toys, they must be carefully examined. In particular, special attention should be paid to the factors listed below:

  • The size. Problems usually start with big toys. Many people are interested in how to wash large-sized soft toys in a washing machine and do not find the answer - often the drum is too small to accept huge teddy bears and other products. In this case, you should not be interested in how to properly wash toys, but in which dry cleaning is better to include them - there are no other cleaning options.
  • Additional details. Many toys are equipped with buttons, zippers, plastic eyes and other accessories, which should be taken care of before washing children's toys in the washing machine. It is best to remove or unpick protruding parts so that they do not come off in the process of washing.
  • Type of filler. Most often, toys are filled with padding polyester, but sometimes various other materials are used. Before washing children's toys, it is necessary to find out what material the filler is made of, and to set the mode and temperature of the machine wash strictly individually.
  • The presence of mechanisms. If toys can move or imitate voices and reproduce sounds, then there are electronic mechanisms inside them, and therefore they must be removed each time before washing the plush toys of an advanced configuration. In no case should not forget about the batteries.
  • External material. As in the case of the filler, the material from which the toy's plating is made reacts to washing differently depending on its own properties. Do not be lazy to find out what exactly the product is made before washing the toy in the washing machine so as not to be mistaken.

A close inspection of toys will allow you not to make numerous mistakes and choose the right mode, temperature and other washing parameters. Now you need to understand how to wash a soft doll or toy with your hands and a machine in the washing machine - this guide on how to wash a plush toy will help you with this!

Hand washing rules for non-washable children's toys

Hand washing is a great way to wash children's soft toys, the filler of which is very undesirable to expose to moisture. Manual wiping is easy - just follow the simple instructions:

  1. Before you properly wash soft toys, they must be thoroughly rid of dust. This is best done with a powerful vacuum cleaner and a few nozzles - you need to knock out absolutely all the dust.
  2. Dissolve a small amount of a mild shampoo in a container with water and mix thoroughly to a foam.
  3. Scoop the required amount of foam with a sponge and apply the product to a soft toy.
  4. After rubbing the toy, gently rinse the foam off its surface with a wet washcloth.

How to clean a soft toy that can not be washed

How to wash toys that can not be washed? Often it is not possible to wash the inner filler, which may deteriorate due to water. If you do not allow a strong wetting of the product during hand washing, nothing will be terrible. How to clean a toy that can not be washed with hands and a water tank you already know, but it would not be superfluous to figure out how to wash soft toys at home using a washing machine?

How to wash soft children's toys in the washing machine - the necessary tips

Is it possible to wash soft toys in the car? Yes, if you approach this case with skill. Do not be afraid of washing toys filled with foam rubber and similar materials, as it perfectly withstands the influence of water and does not deteriorate under its influence. Toys from downy fillers on the contrary, add unnecessary trouble.

So, how to wash a fur toy at home in a washing machine, and how to do it at all? Easy:

  1. Before you wash the soft toys in the washing machine, remove the electronic parts from them, if available, and also unclip all exterior parts and decorations, especially those made of metal.
  2. To preserve the product, put the toy in the bag for washing delicate items before washing a large soft toy at home - this procedure will save the product during washing.
  3. Add in the container of the machine the required amount of powder for washing children's clothes. Do not use any additional detergents anymore - you can get a negative result of washing.
  4. At what temperature to wash soft toys? Set the value to no more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  5. What mode to wash soft toys? It is necessary to choose the most gentle of all available for use modes - manual or one of the delicate ones, or the mode of washing children's clothes.

How to wash soft toys in the washing machine

Immediately the question arises of how to wash soft toys during quarantine, if they are very large and do not fit into the drum of the washing machine. There is a way out - to disassemble a large toy into several parts, or remove the filler from it and wash it in the bag separately from the shell. We have already figured out how to wash soft toys by hand and in a washing machine. The final stage is to learn how to dry products so that they do not deteriorate.

Proper drying of soft toys - how to save the results of washing?

It is not enough to know how to wash large soft toys by hand - you need to understand how to dry them. There are several important rules, following which will allow you to save the results of washing and do not spoil anything:

  • Drying toys should be outdoors or in a room that is well ventilated.
  • Do not place washed toys near heat sources or open flame, as well as under the sun.
  • You should not manually speed up the drying process, trying to blow the toys with a hair dryer - it will not lead to good.

How to wash soft toys

Now you will not have questions about how to clean soft toys without washing and whether you can wash soft toys in the washing machine. Just follow the above recommendations and then everything will work out!

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