Efficient cleaning of sports shoes: washing shoes manually and in a washing machine

Posted by: 28.04.2018

Sneakers are considered the most practical shoes, ideal for walking, playing sports at any time of the year. However, they have to be cleaned more often from road dust, dirty splashes and stains. Therefore, in order to save their strength and save time, many hostesses are wondering whether it is possible to wash sneakers in the car, so as not to spoil their appearance? Especially this question is relevant if the thing is branded, for example, “Nike” or “Adidas”.

Why is it dangerous to wash sports shoes in the "machine"

Before you wash your Nike or Adidas sneakers, you need to carefully consider the product, as improper cleaning can lead to the saddest results. The upper part of the shoe can be made of various materials: fabric, leather substitute, natural leather. The lower part often has a foam base or rubberized. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of elements of plastic or metal. Washing shoes with metal inserts can lead to rust staining of the fabric.

How to wash nike

In response to the question of whether it is possible to wash Nike sneakers in the “automaton” drum, it is worth considering the possibility of deforming the product, as well as sticking it. In addition, the probability of a washing machine breakdown is not excluded, since a hard sole with strong vibration can damage the internal components of the equipment or knock out the hatch. Despite the prohibitions of manufacturers of "machines", many still prefer machine wash to clean sports shoes. Therefore, it is important to follow the proven methods of how to wash “nikes” in a washing machine in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Washing sneakers: the main nuances

Before washing Nike, you should carefully inspect the product for the presence of protruding foam or thread. If such defects are found, then in the process of machine cleaning the sole is likely to peel off, so it is better not to even try and wash them manually. In addition, you can wash your sneakers “Adidas” or “Nike” by following these rules:

  1. Thoroughly wash the sole from dirt with a conventional or toothbrush, small stones or other foreign objects can get stuck in the tread.
  2. Do not load more than two pairs of sneakers for adults into the drum.
  3. Do not wash the insoles with the shoes, they are washed separately using any detergent and brushes, laces can be sent to the drum.
  4. Washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, mode - for delicate things.
  5. In order not to damage the elements of the "machine", you need to wash sports shoes in special bags (in some models of equipment they are included in the package). Bags contribute to the protection from strong vibrations and noise, prevent the breakage of the drum and its mechanical damage.
  6. Replace a special bag can unnecessary towels or any other soft products that do not give color when washed. They need to be thrown into the drum along with sports shoes.

How to wash sneakers Nike

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to erase “naykas” in the machine is positive, however, it is not necessary to switch on the drying mode in the “automaton” as well as the spinning. The shoes do not dry out and the machine may become faulty. In addition, there is a possibility of deformation of the sneakers after scrolling in the drum.

Drying branded sneakers is recommended in a natural way, stuffing cotton material into the shoes so that it does not sit down. Also suitable are paper towels or plain toilet paper (it’s not worth stuffing with newspapers, as letters and images can be printed on the inside of the product). When drying, do not put sneakers near the heating devices.

Washing various types of sneakers in the "machine"

The firms Nike, Adidas and Ribock offer a wide range of sports shoes of various types and from different materials. This should pay special attention. Is it possible to wash “Adidas” sneakers in the “machine” if they are made with leather elements? In this case, the technique is not useful, since the material in question can simply be wiped with a damp cloth and treated with special compounds. Laces and insoles can be cleaned as you like. Products made from leather substitutes are allowed to be sent to the “automaton” drum. If the product has light reflectors, it is not worth the risk to wash the shoes in a machine-like way to avoid peeling them off.

When asked whether it is possible to wash Nike sneakers made of composite materials in a typewriter, you should only set the correct mode (delicate) and low temperature. Modern models of washing equipment include a shoe cleaning mode and appropriate fasteners.

The Nike shoes of the popular Air Max model are best hand-washed using room-temperature water, a clean, non-colored rag, and a quality detergent (cleans laundry soap safely and safely). You can not run the wash in the car, if the sneakers have a coating that repels moisture, as in the process of scrolling it will be erased. If this trouble still happened, then you can buy a special shoe spray. It is also possible to wash white “Nikes” using the delicate mode, but with the addition of a chlorine-free stain remover to the powder ditch. For effective stain removal, it is recommended to add a water softener.

Usually cleaning in the “machine” helps to get rid not only of dirty spots, but also an unpleasant smell. If the shoes still smell, you can try to process it with vinegar. With proper care, any sneakers will last as long as possible, the main thing is to follow useful tips and recommendations, not to forget about the elementary rules of cleaning.

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