Why is it considered that you can not wash socks with underwear together?

Posted by: 19.01.2018

In many forums, you can find topics with the question: "Is it possible to wash socks with cowards?" And requests to justify this or that opinion. It is usually impractical to arrange washing separately for socks and for underwear because of their small amount. And putting them in a drum together seems unhygienic to many.

Why can not wash socks with shorts

Where did this belief come from?

Automatic washing machines became popular not so long ago. Previously, all manipulations were carried out manually. At the same time, socks and underwear were often soaked or washed for a while. Of course, with a hand wash, the water temperature is not as high as in a car (no one can wash it in boiling water). When zamylivanii - too. Consequently, there was no exposure to high temperatures, and some bacteria and microorganisms could remain on things. Therefore, this neighborhood was undesirable. Often, underwear before the sock is usually also ironed with a hot iron: when warming up, almost all harmful microorganisms die. Again, the general sanitary situation was much worse for a long time. Therefore, for hygienic reasons, it was believed that it was impossible to wash socks and underwear together.

Then came the activator-type washing machines without the function of water heating. Moreover, many of them were very tough on things: they tore, stretched, etc. They did not risk women underwear and continued to wash it by hand, and moved their socks into cars. So the idea of ​​the inadmissibility of joint washing was fixed.

What changed

And several decades ago, the main automatic washing machines appeared and very quickly became. And here the question of the expediency of such a separation has already begun to arise, since the standard load is calculated at least on 4-5 kg of linen. Panties and socks together rarely weigh more than 0,5-1 kg. To run a separate cycle is impractical because of the high consumption of water and electricity. Therefore, sometimes there are problems with what to erase socks.

In this case, the machine can heat the water to 90 degrees, which guarantees the death of almost all bacteria (most die already at 40 degrees). That is, the separation due to disinfection already loses its meaning. Also, when washing things are very actively rinsed and cleaned well, so that pre-soaking is practically not required.

Why can not wash socks and pants together

However, despite all of the above, many housewives still wash separately pants and socks. And there are a number of reasons:

  1. The difference in colors. Usually the socks are colored or patterned, men's - dark. Underwear, on the contrary, is much more often light or completely white. Color quality is always an open question. Hence, it is likely that when washing socks shed and stain clothes. Therefore, it is better not to wash them together.
  2. The difference is in what temperature wash pants and socks. The last most often is a knitted product. Consequently, they treat hot water badly: they may lose their shape, sit down, shed, etc. Therefore, it is common to wear socks at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Underwear should be washed at higher temperatures (from 60 to 90 degrees). This simple operation will get rid of intestinal bacteria that live on shorts.
  3. Different materials. Underwear and socks are made from different materials. The first can be made of silk, with lace, etc. The second is made of wool, wool and so on. Different products are required to wash various materials. With the wrong selection of powder things quickly become useless: they lose their appearance, become rough, brittle, etc.
  4. After washing the socks and the underpants together, the pellets often appear on the latter, which are almost impossible to remove. When wearing socks, they can deliver some discomfort.
  5. Much depends on the mode in which you need to wash socks and pants: delicate lace lingerie can easily “cripple” coarser wardrobe items at high speeds, wool requires a gentle washing mode, cotton is unpretentious, but it is usually washed at high temperatures, etc. e. That is, it is almost impossible to select a single program suitable for all types of linen.
  6. Personal disgust. It seems to many that socks are something very dirty and unworthy of joint washing with underwear. Therefore, they are washed together with pants or work clothes.

Thus, it turns out that there is no consensus and universal solution. Therefore, everyone decides for himself whether he can wash his socks with shorts or not. However, with a competent approach to washing somehow it turns out that pants and socks rarely appear in the same batch. And this question worries housewives rarely.

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