Proven methods of bleaching clothes without the use of expensive tools

Posted by: 26.10.2017

In any wardrobe there are things from various materials of white color. For these products requires special care, because white clothes quickly get dirty, it can appear unpleasant yellow shade. Boiling at high temperatures is far from an ideal method of bleaching clothes, especially when the material is delicate. There are other proven methods of bleaching linen, which can safely clean not only thick fabrics, but also sensitive to processing.

Basic whitening rules: comments experienced housewives

Conventional washing and bleaching methods are unacceptable for synthetic materials from which a large number of products are made. Bleaching clothes with chlorine-containing products is not recommended, as well as washing at high temperatures and evaporation. The procedure for the safe cleaning of light clothes should be carried out taking into account the following recommendations:

  • White products should be washed separately from light bright or dark;
  • When washing, you can add oxalic acid to water (1 tbsp);
  • When soaking, use hydrogen peroxide;
  • You can save the white color of things by adding an oxygen bleach to the powder compartment in the washing mode;
  • When soaking dilute in water table salt.

With the help of these and other means you can permanently preserve the brightness of the white linen and its natural texture.


Bleaching agents for cleaning linen

It is recommended to wash products from delicate fabrics only by hand, before letting the water settle (with low quality of tap water). If you plan to use the purchased bleach, then you need to buy the product in full compliance with the material: for synthetic, silk, cotton products. After cleaning you can not dry things on the battery or heater. Bleaching of linen folk remedies - one of the safest ways to return your favorite things to their original appearance.

Using laundry soap and potassium permanganate for bleaching clothes

Bed linen or your favorite white pants can be washed using potassium permanganate and regular laundry soap. Whitening linen manganese is popular among experienced housewives. The recipe is as follows:

  1. Grate a third of the bar of soap.
  2. Add the resulting chips to a bowl with 2 l of water.
  3. Add a little potassium permanganate to get a light pink tint of water.
  4. Put things in the basin and leave overnight, covered with a towel or film.
  5. Wash products in any convenient way.

After this treatment, the yellowness disappears, and the material again looks like new. Whitening with potassium permanganate helps to remove yellow spots from the white thing.

How to whiten your favorite things: the use of soda

Effective whitening of linen with fresh stains is carried out using baking soda. It should be poured into the powder compartment in the “machine”. Due to the softening properties of this substance, the washing efficiency is increased several times. If necessary, soda is used every time you need to clean the white or light things in the washing machine.

A solution for bleaching linen from baking soda can be prepared if stains on clothing are old. The sequence is as follows:

  • 2, Art. liquid ammonia mixed with 130 g of soda;
  • Fill the mixture with water (approximately 4 L);
  • To mix everything;
  • Soak things in a solution for 3 h;
  • Wash in a typewriter.

The solution in question is ideal for the removal of complex and old contaminants.

Peroxide and ammonia - helpers in effective bleaching of linen

The best way to whiten clothes, along with soda and potassium permanganate, is ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The latter is used to remove small yellow spots. It is necessary to treat the place of contamination and leave the agent to soak for 20 min. after that, rinse is necessary.

A mixture of peroxide and ammonia (the ratio of 2 to 1) are processed grayed and yellowed products from synthetic or cotton.

The approximate volume of the composition to be made from the considered components is 30 ml. The mixture is dissolved in 2 l of water, clothes are immersed in the solution at 2 – 3 h. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to mix things periodically. Made bleach carefully rinsed from the linen after cleaning.

Effective ways to combat yellowness

Folk methods of bleaching linen from silk or wool imply the use of tools that are always at hand by any hostess. The following will be required for cleaning:

  • 20 ml of ammonia;
  • 9 Art. l salts;
  • 30 mL peroxide;
  • 70 g gentle washing powder;
  • 12 l of purified water (temperature - 40 degrees).

In the solution of these components it is necessary to soak the damaged items with 5 h (they must be washed beforehand).

Bleaching of underwear (silk, lace) should be done with extreme caution to avoid damage to sensitive material. Unacceptable: the choice of high temperature treatment, machine washable, the use of chlorine-containing compositions. The best way to maintain the attractive appearance of underwear and bright white color is table salt and baking soda. When washing manually, each component is added in the amount of 10. Many housewives use mustard diluted in water to bleach their favorite things (2 – 3 Art. Ls. Of the product). After soaking the laundry in a water-mustard solution, it is necessary to wash it.

Whitening whitening can be used only if you plan to clean products from strong and dense materials. This tool is well suited for returning bright white color to tablecloths, bed linen (not silk), towels or cloth napkins. Long soak things in white not recommended, maximum 20 min. When working with this tool be sure to use gloves.

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