How to wash a coat: useful recommendations

Posted by: 10.03.2018

The coat is an autumn outerwear, which with intensive use can also get dirty. How to wash a coat at home, so as not to spoil its appearance? Can I wash my coat at home? The following are helpful tips that will allow you to give this elegant thing a neat and clean look.

Wash cashmere coat

How to wash a coat at home, if it is sewn of delicate material - cashmere? Please note: soft cashmere clothing should be wash only by hand (even the delicate mode in the washing machine is not allowed!). When washing in a car, a thing can change its size, be deformed, pellets can appear on the surface of the coat.

How to wash a coat at home in this case? The best option is to try to remove stains with ordinary cold water. If the contamination is not too substantial, this technique usually works. In order to eliminate more complex traces, you can use a special detergent.

However, it is not always necessary to clean the individual parts. Sometimes you can not do without a full wash. How to wash a white coat or a coat of a different color in this case? Fill the bath with warm or cool (not hot!) Water and carefully lower the thing there. Add a little detergent intended for cashmere (if one is not available, you can use regular shampoo). In order to clean the surface of the product it is allowed to rub it with light movements.

It is necessary to rinse a cashmere coat in cold water, if necessary it is done several times. What to do with the coat after washing? After all the manipulations it is required to spread out in a horizontal form on a solid surface. In order to better absorb water drops, you can put a soft towel under the coat.

how to wash a coat at home

How to wash a wool coat at home?

The coat of this material is also a rather delicate thing that requires special care. how to wash a wool coat at home? In most cases, this can be done in a conventional washing machine, but here you must follow certain rules, which are listed below:

  1. when washing, use only detergents specially designed for this material;
  2. select the appropriate mode specified in the instructions;
  3. maximum temperature during washing - thirty degrees;
  4. It is recommended to disable the spin function, otherwise you can spoil the thing;
  5. before you send the coat to the car, you must unscrew it and fasten all buttons;
  6. to dry products it is necessary in the straightened horizontal form;
  7. in order for the coat to take its original shape after washing, it can be ironed ironed through a cloth when wet.

How to wash a coat

How can I wash my coat at home? Many are afraid to load the product from natural wool in the washing machine. In this case, it can be carefully washed by hand, while the principles are the same as for the care of a thing from cashmere. In order to improve the appearance of the product, you can use a little secrets. For example, if you want the wool to always be soft, you can add a small amount of glycerin to the water during the rinsing process.

If the stains are insignificant, you can easily do without washing. In this case, wait until the dirt dries, then gently remove it with a soft, dry brush.

How to wash a white coat at home, if it is from a drape

Is it possible to wash a snow-white coat if it is sewn from drape? If the label does not indicate a ban on such manipulations, you can safely give it a neat look at home.

If the sleeves just got stuck, and you want to refresh the look of the product, you can use the following method: add a small amount of detergent intended for this material to the water, then apply the liquid with a soft brush on the cloth. If necessary, contamination can be rubbed, but without much effort. However, not always these manipulations are enough to completely wash the coat.

The drape coat is also erased in a typewriter on a delicate mode without any spin, followed by neat horizontal drying.

How to wash a white coat at home

Erase polyester item

It is also possible to wash a coat made of polyester at home. This can be done manually or in a washing machine, while it is better to use cold water (in hot water, the thing will simply decrease in size).

If you load a polyester coat in a washing machine, it is recommended to use a special mesh bag for washing, which will save such delicate clothes from damage. As for the powder, in this case any option is suitable, including for synthetic fabrics. The polyester item dries exclusively on wide shoulders in an upright position.

If the machine has the function of additional rinsing, be sure to use it (if the item is not rinsed properly, there may be stains on it). Air conditioning should not be neglected: the fact is that things made of synthetics have unpleasant properties to attract static electricity to themselves, and air conditioning will avoid this effect. If a down or a synthetic substance is used as a filler for a coat, the product can also be washed in a typewriter, but it should be kept so that the down does not fall down. To do this, purchase special balls that align the filler in the washing process, do not allow it to roll.

After the coat of their synthetics has dried, it is recommended to iron it through gauze in order for it to acquire the same neat appearance. In general, polyester products are distinguished by a simpler wash than their counterparts from other softer natural materials.

Useful Tips

Can I wash my coat at home? Definitely, it is possible, but in this case it is necessary to follow certain recommendations that will allow you to keep the thing as attractive and accurate as at the time of its acquisition. Here are the recommendations:

  1. When washing in the washing machine, be sure to choose the appropriate mode in accordance with the instructions indicated on the label.
  2. If you wash the thing manually, use special detergents designed for wool, cashmere and other materials, of which coats are most often sewn. In the absence of a professional tool, you can use regular soft hair shampoo.
  3. Not confident in your abilities? If you are afraid to spoil the expensive thing, it is recommended not to risk it and to give it to the dry-cleaner. Professionals quickly and efficiently remove all contamination, while the coat will retain its attractive appearance.
  4. Never squeeze delicate fabric! It is rather simple to dry the product on a flat surface. If you intensively squeeze a coat, it can be deformed and become hopelessly spoiled.
  5. You should not use various aggressive agents for removing stains on cashmere and other similar materials (we are talking about gasoline, acetone and other solutions). So you can damage the structure of the fabric. To remove stubborn stains, it is best to use professional stain removers, which can be purchased at almost any hardware store.
  6. Washing the coat at home with the help of professional stains should be carried out strictly according to the instructions attached to the stainer.

Thus, washing the winter or autumn coat at home is a very real task that everyone can do. It is best to do it in manual mode, however, if the label indicates the possibility of machine wash, you can safely load the item into the washing machine. If you still do not have time for self-washing, as well as if the coat was sewn of too delicate fabric, it is better to contact a professional dry cleaner.

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