Learning to properly wash the park - preparation and washing

Posted by: 23.12.2017

Parka is a comfortable winter jacket, which can be worn from late autumn to early spring thanks to the characteristics of these clothes, such as practicality, accessibility and attractiveness. It’s not for nothing that these jackets are considered youth, since on the streets you can often meet teenagers and young people in parks of various styles, colors and designs. To maintain the attractive appearance of your park, you need to properly care for it. Is it possible to wash the park in a typewriter? Yes, you can, but you need to be able to do it! Interested in how to wash a winter park in a washing machine? This detailed guide will be able to answer all your questions regarding the care of such clothing. Get ready to record and memorize!

How to wash the park in the washing machine

Proper preparation for washing

On the question of whether the machine can be used to wash the machine in a washing machine, we figured out - with a competent approach, you can avoid spending money on dry cleaning and wash clothes at home. Before you wash the park at home, you must prepare clothes for this procedure. Preparing for washing is not as difficult as it may seem, and consists of several important actions:

  • Detach all detachable pockets, collar, hood, and other items from your jacket.
  • Before as wash the jacket park in the washing machine, be sure to fasten all the zippers, pockets and buttons, tie the laces and connect the buttons - everything should be fastened.
  • If possible, before washing, put the clothes in a tight bag for washing clothes - this will reduce the likelihood of damage to the fabric from which the park is made, when washing.
  • The final step before washing the park in the washing machine - turn the jacket on the wrong side and carefully smooth it out, and after that put it in the drum of the machine.

Also, before washing the Alaska jacket, be sure to check the inner seams of the clothes for a label that indicates the manufacturer's recommendations for washing, drying and ironing the product. If the data on the label will be different from the information in the following guide, use it. It’s time to figure out how to wash the park properly, like in a washing machine, as well as manually.

Correct washing sequence

Is it possible to wash the park in a washing machine? Of course you can, which greatly facilitates the care of this product. The most important thing is to do it right. This will help you verified by many instructions:

  1. Prepare the park for the above manual and put it in the drum of the typewriter. The best option for washing such jackets is a front-loading washing machine. If this is not the case, you can reduce the aggressive impact with the help of tennis balls - just load four large green tennis balls into the washing machine drum and put your park there. Is it possible to wash parks without balls? It is not forbidden to do this; however, in this case, the risk of getting a flat jacket with spoiled filler at the exit of the drum will be greater. When the jacket is prepared for washing and the drum is filled with balls or balls, washable the park!
  2. Perform the first wash cycle in cold water on delicate or manual mode without spinning. After that, squeeze the jacket with your hands before washing the winter park again.
  3. The next stage of washing the product is washing in a washing machine. At what temperature wash the park? Try to set the temperature to no more than 30 degrees - at most 45, if the clothing tag has permission to do so. The park should be washed with the addition of one glass of liquid detergent, which is intended for washing products from down. The washing mode must be set manually or one of the delicate ones.
  4. Wait until the end of the washing process, carefully remove the park and start drying the jacket.

If during the second step after washing with dirty spinning, dirty water flows out of the jacket, it is necessary to repeat this step again so that during the subsequent spinning, the water from the parks flowed clean. Also try to turn off the spinning every time before washing the park. If this is not possible, set the minimum speed of rotation so that the jacket does not deform during the washing process.

You see, washing a washing machine in the park is easy! However, washing - not the most difficult stage, which is to be every owner. To consolidate the result and maintain the shape and appearance of a winter jacket, it is necessary to correctly approach the process of drying the product. Below you will find some useful tips on how to dry the product, as well as how to stroke the park.

How to wash the park with your hands?

Are you afraid to wash the park? What to do if you are not sure that the item will not lose its appearance after washing in a washing machine? Hand wash remains. Can I wash the winter park with my hands in a basin with water? Yes, if you follow the correct washing technology. Before you wash the park with your hands, remember a few tips, following which will help to cope with your jacket without bad consequences:

  • Water temperature for washing should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Before washing the park on the hands with your hands, stir in the water a little powder or detergent intended for washing down jackets. Do not use ordinary laundry detergent, as after it there can be stubborn white stains on clothes.
  • If there is fur on the jacket that cannot be unfastened, do not let it get wet - the moisture has a very negative effect on the natural fur, it can completely spoil its appearance. Before you wash the park on faux fur, inspect the clothes for fur items - often fur collars and hoods can be easily detached from the jacket.
  • In the process of washing with your hands, regularly beat the jacket to prevent caking of the down inside. At the same time try not to stretch the clothes, so that it does not deform after the procedure.

Proper drying of winter parks

We figured out that you can wash the park in the washing machine, if you approach it wisely. It is equally important to properly approach the drying of a winter jacket. Otherwise, you can get a shapeless something that can no longer be put on the way out. Remember a few important tips on how to properly dry your winter jacket in order to maintain its original shape and appearance:

  • It is desirable to dry the park in a horizontal position, ensuring free running off of water.
  • Do not lay out the jacket close to radiators and any heating devices.
  • Try to dry clothes in the open air, or indoors with good ventilation.
  • Periodically, manually beat each inch of the jacket, so that the fluff inside it is not caked

How to wash the park in the washing machine machine, to give it the original volume? There is a method: after the clothes are dry, put them in the washing machine drum along with tennis balls, then turn on the spin mode (only spin without washing). During the spinning process, the balls will fluff up the fluff inside the clothes, which will lead to the fact that he will finish and does not lose its volume.

Many are interested in the question of how to wash a parka with fur in a washing machine. The fact is that water acts on the fur is detrimental - it very quickly grows dull and drops out, disfiguring the jacket. If it is possible to unfasten the fur, it must be done before washing the park with fur. If there is no such option, you will have to wash the jacket by hand, while not allowing water to enter the fur. Yes, you will have to spend more time on hand washing, but you will be sure that you will not get into trouble with your jacket, after which you will have to throw it away. And do not forget to read the labels on clothes every time you are going to wash the winter park - now you know well how to do it!

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