How to safely wash the original Pavlopozad wool scarf

Posted by: 06.04.2018

Pavloposadsky scarf, as well as other similar products made from 100% natural wool, requires rather delicate care. Drawings on it are made using high quality paints. Therefore, an incorrect wash will quickly lead the product to an inappropriate appearance - the colors will darken, the wool will stretch. How to wash Pavloposadsky woolen scarf so that it does not deteriorate? The first thing you need to pay attention to the information that is on a special label from the manufacturer, and when caring for a thing strictly follow it.

Rules for the care of scarves from the manufacturer

Care is to comply with the following points:

  • the product is strictly forbidden to wash;
  • do not use any bleach;
  • It is not recommended to dry things in the washing machine drum;
  • ironing should occur only at a temperature of 150 degrees, not higher;
  • dry cleaning only;
  • drying to carry out in the straightened form and horizontally.

If you suddenly wet the product under the snow or rain, then the algorithm of actions for drying it will be in three simple steps. Blot the item with a towel, lay it flat and flatten it completely. Be wary of using artificial heat devices for drying.

It is best to keep these scarves in a ventilated area. When wrinkles appear on them, ironing occurs through a slightly damp gauze.

When self-washing should always remember about some of the nuances:

  • handkerchief can not be wet;
  • do not twist the product;
  • do not use powders and shampoos, only products for wool.

It is always worth remembering that the manufacturer has the right to refuse claims for damage to things if it was washed by you yourself, in violation of the rules located on the label. How to wash Pavloposadsky woolen shawl, what cleansers to use, and how to dry it safely - the next section will tell about it.

Rules for the care of scarves from the manufacturer

Method of Washing Pavloposadsky Shawls

In general, there are two types of material from which such products are made - silk and wool. Their washing methods are about the same.

To begin, prepare detergents. They act - baby soap or shampoo, gel "Weasel" for wool. Water with a temperature of about thirty degrees is poured into a small container; one of the three above components is diluted in it. How to wash Pavloposadsky scarf in this solution?

It is placed in a prepared container with a solution, and very gently rinsed. It can not be strongly wrung hands, twist, rub. If there are any dirty spots, they gently wrinkle their fingers.

For rinsing it is better to use warm water first, and then after each stage of rinsing gradually make it colder. Good effect can be achieved if you add a spoonful of vinegar - this will keep the softness of the scarf.

For spin after washing used terry towel, in which you need to wrap the product, and wait until the main part of the moisture is absorbed. For final drying, the item unfolds on a flat horizontal surface. You can use the floor for this procedure, first laying an oilcloth on it.

The fabric should not dry out. As soon as the shawl comes to a slightly wet state, iron it with a minimum level of heating.

The wet wash method should only be used in extreme cases if the product is very heavily soiled. How to wash the Pavloposad shawl, using a dry cleaning method, will tell the next section.

Method of Washing Pavloposadsky Shawls

Dry cleaning pavloposadskih scarves

What remedies will be most effective for dry cleansing? The market offers three of the most popular types - spray for removing all kinds of stains “K2r”, Dryel stain remover and Woolite gel.

The first means of aerosol type. Its composition allows penetrating deep into the structure of pollution and destroying it from within.

Dryel stain remover has a relatively low price, is easy to use and effective. The principle of its action is similar to other similar means.

Woolite Gel is a stain remover of gentle action. It can be used on white and colored things, as it does not spoil their paint at all.

When purchasing such tools you need to pay attention to the packaging - it should be spelled out that they are suitable for the care of things made of natural wool, and do not spoil their colors. When using, first apply a stain remover on the wrong side of the shawl to see if it will damage the fabric color and texture. And only then proceed to the processing of the entire product.

How to wash a woolen scarf is now clear. With drying, too, should not be questions. However, there is another very effective way of drying such things, which we inherited from the ancient masters. Consider it.

How to wash a wool scarf

Ancient method of drying Pavloposadsky shawls

It is necessary to build a wooden frame, which in its dimensions in length and width will correspond exactly to the dimensions of the product. Stainless steel nails are driven in along its edges. Their number must exactly match the number of teeth on the scarf. Immediately before washing, a thin thread is passed through their tips. Its length equals the perimeter of the constructed wooden frame. After the washing procedure, the product is hung out on it by hooking the thread with nails.

This method is effective in that the shawl is well stretched, and this favorably affects the preservation of its original shape. And since there is air access on both sides, the drying procedure is much faster than on a horizontal surface.

In conclusion, we summarize how to wash the Pavloposad woolen shawl. Ideally, you should use only a dry method of cleaning using special stain removers and cleaning spray. If wet washing is unavoidable, three things need to be remembered: low water temperature, using only cleansers suitable for wool and the absence of strong mechanical effects on the scarf.

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