How to wash diapers: tips for a young mother

Posted by: 26.12.2017

With the birth of a baby, everyday washing is a constant ritual of a young mother. Despite the huge selection of diapers in pharmacies, not all parents trust them with their crumbs. In addition, feces can easily leak from the diaper and stain clothes. When this happens, women begin to look for a safe and effective way to wipe the diaper from yellow spots.

How to choose the right powder for washing

The skin of newborns is very sensitive, so the question of how to wash baby things from feces is very serious. For cleansing need high-quality hypoallergenic powder designed specifically for children. When buying, carefully review the composition of the funds. It should not be:

  • aggressive chemicals;
  • chlorine and other optical brighteners;
  • fragrances and dyes.

For the kid, suitable powder on a natural plant basis. It is desirable that it is well dissolved in water, quickly rinsed out and not spoil the fabric fibers. Most women appreciated "Ushasty Nyan" and "Aistenok." They fully meet these requirements.

How to wash diapers

In order not to wrestle with how to wash baby clothes from feces, try not to get powder on the market and other questionable points. It is better to do this in a supermarket, checking the certificate of quality and shelf life. This way you will save yourself from buying fake goods, which is now filled with the market.

Laundry soap

To eliminate the occurrence of allergic reactions on the skin of a baby, many mothers continue to use the old method of our grandmothers. Khoz. Soap - a great tool, how to wash diapers from feces.

  1. For washing with your hands, soak the clothes in hot water, soap it thoroughly and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then rub well and rinse in several waters.
  2. To clean the diapers in a typewriter, rub a third of the bar of soap on a fine grater, pour the chips into the powder compartment, load the laundry into the drum and turn on the wash cycle.

How to wash baby clothes from feces

Do not forget that you can use only natural soap, without adding bleach. On it must be engraved numbers 67 or 72.

Our experts advise another way to wash poop. This baby soap without additives. It should be used in the same way as economic. It will protect the newborn from irritation as much as possible.

General rules for washing children's clothes

Children's things must be stretched separately from adult clothing. It doesn’t matter what it is, romper, diaper or walking overalls. How to wash baby diapers and undershirts in a washing machine?

  1. The main condition - do not overload the drum. From this, the fabric is worse washed off, and stains remain on it.
  2. If the car has a “Baby Wash” function, run it. When it is absent, set the temperature of the water to 80-90 C, turn on intensive washing mode and extra rinse.
  3. Boiling water will destroy germs that are dangerous to newborns, and improve the quality of washing.

When washing by hand, rinse the recorded diapers in cool water, unscrew and then immerse in hot soapy water. Wait 15 minutes, rub and rinse several times.

Wash diapers from feces

How to wash stains from feces, if the baby is soiled diaper? Do not leave cleansing for later.

  1. Immediately remove the remnants of the chair from her, rinsing and rubbing his hands under a stream of ice water. Do not neglect this moment. If you do not do this, yellowness will be deeply absorbed into the fabric, and it will be very difficult to get rid of it.
  2. Prepare a soap solution in hot water, rub the diaper with soap and soak it for half an hour.
  3. Then wash in the usual way.

How to wash baby stuff from feces

When the laundry is dry, be sure to iron it on both sides, if your baby has not yet healed an umbilical wound. This will save the baby from infection. After healing of the navel, ironing is allowed on one side.

How to wash things with improvised means

If the yellow spots could not be washed off immediately, there is no need to worry than to wash the newborn's diapers from feces. Try a proven folk remedy.

  1. Pour into an enamel basin 10 l of heated water.
  2. Dissolve 1 Art. l ammonia and 2 Art. l hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Put there dirty diapers, stir several times and leave for half an hour. Then remove, rinse and wash households. soap
  4. Thus, it is easy to remove old stains.

How to wash diapers from feces

There is another way to wash baby poop without effort. You will need ammonia and ordinary alcohol. Pour the water for soaking into a basin and dissolve a large spoon of ammonia in it. Treat the stain on the diaper with alcohol and submerge it in a few minutes. Leave the laundry to soak for an hour and wash it with powder.

Soda and salt on guard of purity

The older the children become, the harder it is to clean their stools. Try a reliable way to wash baby rompers from yellow spots - soda solution.

  1. To cook it, pour 6 Art. l means in a five-liter basin with water and mix well.
  2. Add ammonia spoons to 2 and soak the soiled sliders on the 3 hour.
  3. After the must-wash in the washing machine.

This method does not spoil the structure of the fabric and is suitable for regular use.

Well copes with pollution table salt. How to use it to wash the yellow spots on diapers? You need to dissolve a spoonful of salt in a hot 3 bottle, add the same amount of peroxide and a spoon of ammonia. At the end, pour some washing powder into the water and soak the laundry. After a few hours to send things in the washing machine.

Potassium permanganate from stains

If you are interested in how to wash the feces, so that there is not a single spot after it, use potassium permanganate. Pour into a bowl of 200 g of vinegar, throw a few manganese granules into it and mix. Moisten a piece of cotton wool in the liquid and rub the dirt until it begins to fade and disappears.

Old marks from sweat or feces from the linen is not easy to remove. How to wash diapers from old stains without using chemical bleach? There is a proven recipe:

  • type in an iron bucket of very hot water;
  • put in there so much manganese that the liquid turns light pink;
  • rub grated soap and add 2 spoons to the solution;
  • put the diaper in the water and wait until it cools completely.

Things need to be washed. You just need to rinse them thoroughly and dry them.


Moms with modern washing machines do not need to be regularly boil things newborn. It is easy to kill germs by running the wash cycle at maximum temperature.

In rare cases, after such cleansing things are not completely washed off. Then you can return the clothes with crystal whiteness and freshness by boiling.

What is better to wash baby feces? Our mothers used a simple recipe.

  1. A five-liter pot filled with water and put it on the stove.
  2. Turley grated bar host. soap and covered it in a container.
  3. A spoon of baking soda was added to the liquid and waited for the water to boil.

To wash baby diapers in this way, lower them in turn into boiling water and leave them on for 1-2 minutes. If the stains are very persistent, repeat the procedure.

After boiling, be sure to rinse the linen 3-4 times and hang to dry in the sun.

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