How to wash a jacket at home, so as not to spoil

Posted by: 26.12.2017

Jacket - this is official clothing, which should be in any wardrobe (both in women's and men's). She is often put on for special occasions, banquets and other events. What if the jacket gets dirty? How to wash a jacket at home? Below are helpful tips that will allow you to return things with an attractive and neat appearance.

How to wash a jacket at home

How to wash a jacket: features of wet cleaning

How to wash a jacket that can not be washed? Not all models of these things can even be hand-washed. What to do in this case? Wet cleaning will come to the rescue. How to wash a jacket in this way? Cleaning is carried out in several stages:

  1. hang the item on the hanger and carefully inspect it in a well-lit part of the apartment.
  2. If there is a salinity on the jacket, add a small amount of ammonia-type alcohol to the water and clean the surface of the clothes with a brush.
  3. How to wash a men's suit with stains? Stains can be removed with modern stain removers. It is only important to choose the right agent on a chemical basis for a particular fabric.

How to wash a jacket at home: use vinegar

How to wash the jacket in the home, if there was no ammonia at hand? In this case, you will help the usual vinegar, which is available in the house of each hostess. How to wash a polyester jacket with vinegar?

The product from this fabric can be wiped with a brush or with a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of vinegar. After that, the jacket should be thoroughly dried, preferably in fresh air, in order to get rid of the specific smell. How to wash a wool jacket? It is desirable to clean the product from expensive woolen fabrics in the same way: their washing is not allowed.

How to wash a men's suit at home: cleaning under the shower

Is it possible to wash a jacket? This is allowed if it is made of soft and sufficiently elastic fabrics that do not lose shape after contact with water.

If contamination spreads to the lining, it is enough just to walk on it with a wet brush. After you get rid of stains, you can wash your jacket with a shower. How to wash a jacket from a suit in this way? Follow the tips below:

  1. Carefully remove dust from the product and inspect it for highly polluted places.
  2. How to wash a jacket by hand? Place the product carefully under the shower.
  3. Use a liquid detergent and a soft brush to remove stains and other contaminants.
  4. Wash the soap solution in the shower and let the drops drip off the jacket.

Please note: in no case should you squeeze the thing! Inaccurate washing of a jacket can completely spoil this delicate clothing. After the product dries out a little, steam it with an iron through a damp cloth (you can use modern non-contact irons-steamers). A dried jacket will have an attractive clean look again.

How to wash a school jacket at home with taped parts (we are talking about the lapels or shoulder hangers)? In this case, only washing with the help of a shower is permissible, while the jacket should hang on the hangers. How to wash a jacket? Please note that the water should not be too hot, because in this case the fabric can stretch or, on the contrary, sit down.

How to wash a men's suit in a washing machine?

Some models of jackets (made of synthetic fabrics that are easily stretched) can be washed in a washing machine. How to wash a jacket from a suit in the car? In this case, you need to turn on the equipment in delicate mode.

If the jacket is sewn from heavily creased fabric, it is better to remove the spin function. How to wash a men's jacket? In order for washing to go as efficiently as possible, it is advisable to use a liquid-based detergent. Modern tools are able to evenly act on each piece of fabric and quickly rinsed with clean water.

Is it possible to wash a jacket from a suit with ordinary powder? It is possible, but in this case it is better to apply the re-rinse mode, which will remove the pieces of the product from this item. Otherwise, I can remain unaesthetic white traces.

How to wash a jacket at home in a typewriter? In order for the fabric after washing to remain soft, it is desirable to use air conditioning. Especially it concerns those things at which production natural cotton was applied. How to wash a men's suit? Pants are erased by the same rules as the jacket, if possible, it is better to load them together in a washing machine (of course, if they are of the same color).

How to wash a suit without a machine

How to wash a jacket at home by hand? When hand washing it is necessary to pre-soak it in soapy water. After that, it can be gently rinsed by hand, paying attention to stains, if any. Please note: the water should be changed several times in order to properly wash the clothes off the clothes.

How to wash a men's jacket if there is no typewriter? After hand washing, place the item in the basin and wait half an hour: the water should drain out of the jacket as much as possible. After that, you need to carefully hang the clothes on the hanger and wait until it dries.

Now you know how to wash a suit at home. For different fabrics has its own mode of washing, it must be considered when caring for the product. It is advisable to purchase special soft brushes that will effectively remove dirt from the surface of fabrics. When removing stains, it is desirable to use special stain removers. Do not scrub the product intensively in an attempt to clean it: this may damage the delicate fabric.

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